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* Use custom Prelude to avoid compiler warnings.John MacFarlane2015-10-14
* Removed unneeded import.John MacFarlane2015-10-10
* Move the variable pandocVersion from `src/Text/Pandoc.hs` toAlex Vong2015-10-01
* Update KaTeX JS and CSS versions.Emily Eisenberg2015-09-26
* Added `--bash-completion` option.John MacFarlane2015-08-13
* Added odt readerMarLinn2015-07-23
* Better error messages for filters:John MacFarlane2015-07-02
* New method for building man pages.John MacFarlane2015-07-01
* New method for producing man pages.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
* replace old url with pandoc.orgPablo Rodríguez2015-06-09
* Amends last commit: don't use https for google charts.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Use https: for mathjax/katex/google-charts CDNs.John MacFarlane2015-06-09
* Only make implicit `-F pandoc-citeproc` when `--bibliography` option used.John MacFarlane2015-05-11
* Removed references to `biblio-files` in pandoc.hs and README.John MacFarlane2015-05-11
* Revert "EPUB writer: stylesheet changes. Closes #2040."John MacFarlane2015-05-09
* EPUB writer: stylesheet changes. Closes #2040.John MacFarlane2015-05-08
* Updated copyright notices to -2015. Closes #2111.John MacFarlane2015-04-26
* Merge branch 'errortype' of into mpicker...John MacFarlane2015-03-28
| * Update executable fileMatthew Pickering2015-02-18
* | Merge pull request #1976 from wcaleb/json-help-messageJohn MacFarlane2015-03-07
|\ \
| * | Clarify JSON input and output in usage messageCaleb McDaniel2015-02-27
| |/
* | Fix issue #969, #1779 by providing --latex-engine-optSumit Sahrawat2015-03-04
* Better warning when trying to read multiple binary filesMatthew Pickering2015-01-19
* Added `--verbose` flag for debugging output in PDF production.John MacFarlane2014-12-26
* Recognize .icml extension and use icml writer. See #1707.John MacFarlane2014-10-20
* Give better error messages when someone tries to convert pdf, doc, odt.John MacFarlane2014-10-19
* Add support for KaTeX HTML mathmpickering2014-09-25
* Use protocol-relative URL for mathjax.John MacFarlane2014-08-31
* Removed extra blank line after version.John MacFarlane2014-08-30
* Removed check for PATH variable in running filters.John MacFarlane2014-08-17
* pandoc: Don't strip path off of sourceURL.John MacFarlane2014-08-06
* Merge pull request #1486 from Aelve/minorJohn MacFarlane2014-08-04
| * Slightly fix readability of main program file.Artyom Kazak2014-08-04
* | Merge branch 'epubend' of into mpickerin...John MacFarlane2014-08-04
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * EPUB Reader: Integrated into programMatthew Pickering2014-07-31
* | Text.Pandoc.SelfContained changes.John MacFarlane2014-08-02
* | pandoc.hs: More code reorganization.John MacFarlane2014-07-31
* pandoc.hs: Rewrote some of the logic for clarity.John MacFarlane2014-07-31
* New module, Text.Pandoc.MediaBag.John MacFarlane2014-07-31
* Made MediaBag a newtype, and added mime type information to media.John MacFarlane2014-07-31
* getT2TMeta: Take list of source files instead of single.John MacFarlane2014-07-30
* Allow --self-contained to get content from MediaBag.John MacFarlane2014-07-30
* PDF, Docx, EPUB, and ODT writers now automatically use MediaBag.John MacFarlane2014-07-30
* pandoc: Thread media bag into WriterOptions.John MacFarlane2014-07-30
* Added --extract-media option.John MacFarlane2014-07-30
* Make toplevel pandoc bin make use of mediabag.Jesse Rosenthal2014-07-30
* Txt2Tags Reader: Added recognition of macrosMatthew Pickering2014-07-27
* Txt2Tags Reader: Integrated into pandocMatthew Pickering2014-07-27
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// into dokuwikiClare Macrae2014-07-01
| * Filters: respect shebang if filter is executable.John MacFarlane2014-06-30