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* Leaner reference.odt.John MacFarlane2011-07-17
* OpenDocument: Use special style for 1st para after heading.John MacFarlane2011-03-12
| | | | | | | | | "First paragraph" as opposed to "Text body." This allows users to specify e.g. that only paragraphs after the first paragraph of a section are to be indented. Thanks to Andrea Rossato for the patch. Closes github Issue #20.
* Added --reference-odt option.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
This allows the user to customized the styles used in pandoc-generated ODTs. The user may also put a default reference.odt in the ~/.pandoc directory. We have removed the old data/odt directory and replaced it with a reference.odt. git-svn-id: 788f1e2b-df1e-0410-8736-df70ead52e1b