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* Moved Pandoc prettyprinting code from Shared to new Native writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* Moved parsing functions from Text.Pandoc.Shared to new module.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* Added an EPUB writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* Made a proper ODT writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* Updated copyright notices.John MacFarlane2010-03-23
* Added plain writer.fiddlosopher2010-03-18
* Use System.IO.UTF8 only if ghc < 6.12.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Use Text.Pandoc.Templates instead of Text.Pandoc.DefaultTemplates.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Renamed headers -> templates.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Added haddock comments warning that readers assume \n line endings.fiddlosopher2009-10-04
* Export HTMLMathMethod in Text.Pandoc.fiddlosopher2009-05-03
* Use Paths_pandoc to get version number.fiddlosopher2009-04-18
* Version bump to 1.2.fiddlosopher2009-02-14
* Moved all haskell source to src subdirectory.fiddlosopher2009-01-24
* Moved everything from src into the top-level directory.fiddlosopher2007-11-29
* Reverted back to state as of r1062. The template haskell changesfiddlosopher2007-11-03
* Use template haskell to avoid the need for templates:fiddlosopher2007-11-03
* Removed 'version' constant from Main.hs; added 'pandocVersion' to Text.Pandoc.fiddlosopher2007-10-15
* Major code cleanup in all modules. (Removed unneeded imports,fiddlosopher2007-08-15
* Merged branches/context: addition of a ConTeXt writerfiddlosopher2007-07-15
* Changed encodeUTF8 to toUTF8, decodeUTF8 to fromUTF8,fiddlosopher2007-07-13
* Cleaned up Text.Pandoc. Added lots of documentation,fiddlosopher2007-07-12
* Pandoc.hs:fiddlosopher2007-07-12
* Adjusted copyright notices to 2006-7; usefiddlosopher2007-07-07
* Pandoc.hs: Export all definitions in Text.Pandoc.Definition,fiddlosopher2007-07-06
* Added Text.Pandoc module that exports basic readers, writers,fiddlosopher2007-04-11