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* Docx reader: Make use of track-changes option.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-25
* Docx reader: Add rudimentary track changes support.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-25
* Docx reader: Ignore zero (or negative) indentJesse Rosenthal2014-06-24
* Docx reader: remove T.P.Generic import.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-24
* Docx reader: pass definition test.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-24
* Docx reader: pass code tests.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-24
* Use Reducible in docx reader.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-23
* Docx reader: Fix spacing in formatting.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-22
* Implement new normalization.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-22
* Make strNormalize go bottomUp.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: Add a comment explaining strNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx Reader: Normalize DefinitionListsJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: simplify blockNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: Fix hdr handling in block normJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Introduce blockNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-19
* Have Docx reader properly interpret tabs.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-19
* Fixed compiler warning.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* Naming: Use Docx instead of DocX.John MacFarlane2014-06-16