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* SelfContained: handle src in embed, audio, source, input tags.John MacFarlane2013-03-26
* SelfContained: strip off fragment, query of relative URLJohn MacFarlane2013-03-25
* Refactoring:John MacFarlane2013-01-11
* Move getItem from SelfContained to Share; export getItem.John MacFarlane2013-01-11
* Data files changes.John MacFarlane2012-12-29
* Removed need for utf8-string package.John MacFarlane2012-09-25
* Moved renderTags' from HTML reader & SelfContained to Shared.John MacFarlane2012-08-15
* Fixed whitespace errors.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* SelfContained: Fix handling of absolute URLs in css imports.John MacFarlane2012-06-28
* Don't escape `<` in `<style>` tags with `--self-contained`.John MacFarlane2012-02-17
* SelfContained: Use getMimeType from Text.Pandoc.MIME.John MacFarlane2012-01-14
* SelfContained: Get mime type from HTTP request if possible.John MacFarlane2011-12-04
* SelfContained: Convert all url()s in css to data: uris.John MacFarlane2011-12-04
* --self-contained now works with `<video>` as well as `<img>`.John MacFarlane2011-11-24
* Changed Offline module to SelfContained, offline to makeSelfContained.John MacFarlane2011-11-21