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* Update copyright notices to include 2018Albert Krewinkel2018-01-05
* improve formatting of formulas in OpenDocumentoltolm2017-12-28
* hlintAlexander Krotov2017-11-01
* hlint suggestions.John MacFarlane2017-10-29
* Automatic reformating by stylish-haskell.John MacFarlane2017-10-27
* Removed writerSourceURL, add source URL to common state.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Added support for translations (localization) (see #3559).John MacFarlane2017-08-11
* Removed datadir param from readDataFile and getDefaultTemplate.John MacFarlane2017-08-10
* BCP47: split toLang from getLang, rearranged types.John MacFarlane2017-06-25
* Moved BCP47 specific functions from Writers.Shared to new module.John MacFarlane2017-06-25
* Writers.Shared: improve type of Lang and bcp47 parser.John MacFarlane2017-06-25
* Writers.Shared: refactored getLang, splitLang...John MacFarlane2017-06-25
* Support `lang` attribute in OpenDocument and ODT writers.John MacFarlane2017-06-25
* Use Control.Monad.State.Strict throughout.John MacFarlane2017-06-17
* Switched Writer types to use Text.John MacFarlane2017-06-11
* Update dates in copyright noticesAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-13
* Added PandocResourceNotFound error.John MacFarlane2017-05-02
* Stylish-haskell automatic formatting changes.John MacFarlane2017-03-04
* ODT writer: calculate aspect ratio for percentage-sized images (#3478)Mauro Bieg2017-03-01
* Use catchError instead of runExceptT.John MacFarlane2017-02-24
* imageSize interface changemb212017-02-22
* Use new warnings throughout the code base.John MacFarlane2017-02-11
* Text.Pandoc.Shared: Removed fetchItem, fetchItem'.John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Class: Removed getDefaultReferenceDocx/ODT from PandocMonad.John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Simplified reference-docx/reference-odt to reference-doc.John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Class: rename addWarning[WithPos] to warning[WithPos].John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Class: Renamed 'warn' to 'addWarning' and consolidated RTF writer.John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Convert all writers to use PandocMonad.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* Convert writers to use PandocMonad typeclass.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* ODT Writer: fix compiler complaint.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* Implement runTest functions.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* Remove IORef from ODT writer.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* Introduce pure versions of IO Writers.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* ODT/OpenDocument writer: improved image attributesmb212015-12-13
* Restore no wrapping of XML in Docx, ODT.John MacFarlane2015-12-12
* Implemented SoftBreak and new `--wrap` option.John MacFarlane2015-12-11
* Merge branch 'new-image-attributes' of into mb...John MacFarlane2015-11-19
| * Updated readers and writers for new image attribute parameter.John MacFarlane2015-08-07
* | Revert "Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly."John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* | Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly.John MacFarlane2015-11-08
* | Use custom Prelude to avoid compiler warnings.John MacFarlane2015-10-14
* Removed unneeded import.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
* Let reference.docx/odt behave as if they are virtual data files.John MacFarlane2015-06-28
* Better fix for #2187.John MacFarlane2015-05-28
* Improved warnings when image size can't be determined.John MacFarlane2015-05-09
* ImageSize: make imageSize return an Either, not a Maybe.John MacFarlane2015-05-09
* Updated copyright notices to -2015. Closes #2111.John MacFarlane2015-04-26
* ODT Writer: Figure captionsNikolay Yakimov2015-04-12
* ODT writer: Correctly handle images without extensions.John MacFarlane2014-10-30
* Strip querystring in ODT writeTodd Sifleet2014-10-28