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* Org writer: fix a typo s/prettyfy/prettify/Alexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Update copyright notices to include 2018Albert Krewinkel2018-01-05
* Org writer: do not wrap "-" to avoid accidental bullet listsAlexander Krotov2017-12-21
* Fix for #4171 fix: don't wrap note references after SoftBreakAlexander Krotov2017-12-19
* Org writer: don't allow fn refs to wrap to beginning of line.John MacFarlane2017-12-18
* Revert "Better indentation under headers in org mode output."John MacFarlane2017-11-04
* Better indentation under headers in org mode output.John MacFarlane2017-11-04
* Automatic reformating by stylish-haskell.John MacFarlane2017-10-27
* Org writer: stop using raw HTML to wrap divsAlbert Krewinkel2017-09-01
* Writers: adjusted for renderTemplate' changes.John MacFarlane2017-06-20
* Use Control.Monad.State.Strict throughout.John MacFarlane2017-06-17
* Switched Writer types to use Text.John MacFarlane2017-06-11
* Improve code style in lua and org modulesAlbert Krewinkel2017-06-03
* Update dates in copyright noticesAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-13
* Change maintainer line in Org writer moduleAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-13
* Fix compiler warning.John MacFarlane2017-03-30
* Org writer: move everything into PandocMonad.John MacFarlane2017-03-30
* Stylish-haskell automatic formatting changes.John MacFarlane2017-03-04
* Writers: Use gets to access MonadState where possible (#3480)Alexander Krotov2017-03-01
* Do not strip # from Org anchor linksAlexander Krotov2017-02-12
* Org writer: reduce to two spaces after bulletsAlbert Krewinkel2017-02-04
* Org.hs: remove misleading commentAlexander Krotov2017-02-02
* Reduce state in Org writer (#3404)Alexander Krotov2017-02-01
* Revert "Added page breaks into Pandoc."John MacFarlane2017-01-25
* Convert all writers to use PandocMonad.Jesse Rosenthal2017-01-25
* Adds support for pagebreaks (when it makes sense)Hubert Plociniczak2017-01-25
* Org writer: prefix footnote numbers with `fn:`Albert Krewinkel2016-12-21
* Options: Removed writerStandalone, made writerTemplate a Maybe.John MacFarlane2016-11-30
* Org writer: drop space before footnote markersAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-17
* Add support for the LineBlock element to writersAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-13
* Org writer: translate language identifiersAlbert Krewinkel2016-08-20
* Org writer: ensure link targets are paths or URLsAlbert Krewinkel2016-08-18
* Org writer: ensure blank line after figureAlbert Krewinkel2016-08-18
* Org writer: remove blank line after figure captionAlbert Krewinkel2016-08-18
* Org writer: improve Div handlingAlbert Krewinkel2016-07-05
* Org writer: support arbitrary raw inlinesAlbert Krewinkel2016-06-13
* Org writer: add drawer capabilityCarlos Sosa2016-05-23
* Org reader/writer: use CUSTOM_ID in propertiesAlbert Krewinkel2016-05-22
* Org writer: add :PROPERTIES: drawer supportAlbert Krewinkel2016-05-20
* Org writer: print empty table rowsAlbert Krewinkel2016-05-09
* Org writer - pass through RawInline with format "org".John MacFarlane2016-01-13
* Implemented SoftBreak and new `--wrap` option.John MacFarlane2015-12-11
* Merge branch 'new-image-attributes' of into mb...John MacFarlane2015-11-19
| * Updated readers, writers and README for link attributemb212015-08-07
| * Updated readers and writers for new image attribute parameter.John MacFarlane2015-08-07
* | Revert "Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly."John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* | Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly.John MacFarlane2015-11-08
* | Use custom Prelude to avoid compiler warnings.John MacFarlane2015-10-14
* Updated copyright notices to -2015. Closes #2111.John MacFarlane2015-04-26
* Org Writer: Write anchor elementsMatthew Pickering2014-08-08