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* Added --webtex option for HTML math.John MacFarlane2010-07-15
* Improved handling of code in man writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-14
* HTML reader: code cleanup + parse <tt> as Code.John MacFarlane2010-07-14
* Code cleanup, S5 writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-14
* Improved Slidy writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-13
* Added a slidy writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-13
* Made latex \section, \chapter parsers more forgiving of whitespace.John MacFarlane2010-07-13
* Parse \chapter{} in latex.John MacFarlane2010-07-13
* Modified example refs so they can occur before or after target.John MacFarlane2010-07-12
* Merge branch 'atlists'. Added auto-numbered example lists.John MacFarlane2010-07-11
| * Implemented @ for sequentially numbered examples.John MacFarlane2010-03-27
* | Moved headerShift from pandoc.hs to Shared.John MacFarlane2010-07-11
* | Slight code cleanup on substitute function.John MacFarlane2010-07-11
* | Cleaned up EPUB writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-09
* | EPUB writer: don't put multiple copies of same image in epub.John MacFarlane2010-07-08
* | Get default stylesheet in EPUB writer, rather than pandoc.hs.John MacFarlane2010-07-08
* | Added writerUserDataDir to WriterOptions.John MacFarlane2010-07-08
* | Added writerSourceDirectory to WriterOptions.John MacFarlane2010-07-08
* | Addendum to the fix to issue #242.John MacFarlane2010-07-07
* | Changed order of functions in Shared.John MacFarlane2010-07-06
* | Minor comment change.John MacFarlane2010-07-06
* | Allow language-neutral table captions.John MacFarlane2010-07-06
* | More refactoring of grid table code.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Minor reformatting.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Moved generic grid table functions from RST reader -> Parsing.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Comment change in Templates (thanks to Alexander Hirzel).John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Don't allow colon in autogenerated HTML identifiers.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Made -Wall clean.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Removed links (internal and external).John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Process user-supplied EPUB metadata.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Added writerEPUBMetadata field and --epub-metadata option.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Removed writerInclude{Before,After} from WriterOptions.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Moved Pandoc prettyprinting code from Shared to new Native writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Moved parsing functions from Text.Pandoc.Shared to new module.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Added an EPUB writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Made a proper ODT writer.John MacFarlane2010-07-05
* | Use unicode for smart punctuation in plain, markdown, rst formats.John MacFarlane2010-06-30
* | Add birdtracks to lhs in HTML when compiled wo -fhighlighting.John MacFarlane2010-06-28
* | Made KeyTable a map instead of an association list.John MacFarlane2010-05-08
* | Use explicit imports from Data.Generics.John MacFarlane2010-05-07
* | UTF8: Modified readFile and getContents to strip BOM if present.John MacFarlane2010-05-06
* | Use new UTF8 module in Shared, ODT, and the executables.John MacFarlane2010-05-06
* | Added Text.Pandoc.UTF8 for portable UTF8 string IO.John MacFarlane2010-05-06
* | Changed rawLaTeXInline to accept '\section', '\begin', etc.John MacFarlane2010-04-26
* | Man writer: convert math to unicode when possible.John MacFarlane2010-04-26
* | Use texmath's parser in TexMath module.John MacFarlane2010-04-25
* | In parsing smart quotes, leave unicode curly quotes alone.John MacFarlane2010-04-10
* | Give LaTeX images a maximum width using the prelude onlyMax Bolingbroke2010-04-10
* | Shared: Fixed uniqueIdent so it behaves as described in README.John MacFarlane2010-03-28
* Markdown, RST writers: unescape URI in links, to make them readable.John MacFarlane2010-03-23