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* SelfContained: handle data-background attribute on section.John MacFarlane2017-10-16
* HTML writer: don't add data- prefix to unknown attributes beginning with data-.John MacFarlane2017-10-16
* Improved handling of include files in LaTeX reader.John MacFarlane2017-10-16
* RST writer: correctly handle inline code containing backticks.John MacFarlane2017-10-16
* RST writer: don't backslash-escape word-internal punctuation.John MacFarlane2017-10-16
* App: added --request-header option.John MacFarlane2017-10-15
* Remove openURL from Shared (API change).John MacFarlane2017-10-15
* Class: add stRequestHeaders to CommonState, and setRequestHeader.John MacFarlane2017-10-15
* Handle unknown options in form `--latex-engine=foo`.John MacFarlane2017-10-15
* Merge pull request #3970 from d-dorazio/masterJohn MacFarlane2017-10-13
| * markdown writer: always write bracketed_spans' attributesd-dorazio2017-10-13
* | CommonMark writer: omit "fig:" prefix in image titles.John MacFarlane2017-10-13
* ConTeXt writer: Use identifiers for chapters.John MacFarlane2017-10-11
* FB2 Writer: format LineBlock as poemAlexander Krotov2017-10-11
* docx writer - activate evenAndOddHeaders from reference docAgustín Martín Barbero2017-10-10
* FB2 writer: replace concatMap with cMapAlexander Krotov2017-10-09
* hlint FB2 writerAlexander Krotov2017-10-09
* Shared.stringify, removeFormatting: handle Quoted better.John MacFarlane2017-10-08
* LaTeX reader: don't treat "..." as Quoted.John MacFarlane2017-10-08
* Small logic fix.John MacFarlane2017-10-08
* Org reader: end footnotes after two blank linesAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-08
* Use mathjax 2.7.2 by default.John MacFarlane2017-10-06
* Removed redundant importJohn MacFarlane2017-10-06
* LaTeX reader: read polyglossia/babel \text($LANG){...}.bucklereed2017-10-06
* KaTeX fixes:John MacFarlane2017-10-05
* pandoc.lua: throw better error when pipe command failsAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-05
* Use hslua v0.9.0Albert Krewinkel2017-10-05
* pandoc.lua: use wrapper funciton for pipe commandAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-03
* Lua.PandocModule: promote addFunction to top levelAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-03
* Markdown reader: Fixed bug with indented code following raw LaTeX.John MacFarlane2017-10-02
* Org reader: support `\n` export optionAlbert Krewinkel2017-10-02
* Lua: added 'pipe', which encapsulates Text.Pandoc.Process.pipeProcess.John MacFarlane2017-10-01
* Lua: move sha1 from pandoc.mediabag to pandoc.John MacFarlane2017-10-01
* Lua: use sha1 instead of hashname.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Lua: make fetch return mime type first and then content.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Lua: simply mediabag module.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Lua: make lua.mediabag.fetch return filename and mime type.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Lua filters: make sure whole CommonState is passed through...John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* EPUB writer: simplified some functions.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Removed unneeded import.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Removed Verbosity and MediaBag params from makePDF.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Text.Pandoc.Class - add getVerbosity.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Removed writerSourceURL, add source URL to common state.John MacFarlane2017-09-30
* Run Lua filters before extracting mediaAlbert Krewinkel2017-09-30
* Text.Pandoc.Lua: add mediabag submoduleAlbert Krewinkel2017-09-30
* Support R filters #3940 (#3941)Andrie de Vries2017-09-28
* Muse reader: parse anchorsAlexander Krotov2017-09-28
* RST writer: add header anchors when header has non-standard id.John MacFarlane2017-09-27
* Lua filters: set global FORMAT instead of args.John MacFarlane2017-09-26
* Lua: set "arg" instead of "PandocParameters".John MacFarlane2017-09-26