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* Docx reader: Fix spacing in formatting.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-22
* Implement new normalization.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-22
* Markdown reader: Support smallcaps through span.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* MediaWiki reader: Tightened up template parsing.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* MediaWiki reader: Support --trace.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* LaTeX writer: Correctly handle figures in notes.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* Markdown reader: Prevent spurious line breaks after list items.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* ImageSize: Use default instead of failing if image size not foundJohn MacFarlane2014-06-20
* HTML reader: Fix performance issue with malformed HTML tables.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* Support --trace in HTML reader.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* LaTeX writer: Fixed strikeout + highlighted code. Closes #1294.John MacFarlane2014-06-20
* Make strNormalize go bottomUp.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: Add a comment explaining strNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx Reader: Normalize DefinitionListsJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: simplify blockNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx reader: Fix hdr handling in block normJesse Rosenthal2014-06-20
* Docx writer: Use Compact style for empty table cells.John MacFarlane2014-06-19
* HTML reader: Allow space between `<col>` and `</col>`.John MacFarlane2014-06-19
* Merge pull request #1354 from jkr/literalTabJohn MacFarlane2014-06-19
| * Introduce blockNormalizeJesse Rosenthal2014-06-19
| * Have Docx reader properly interpret tabs.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-19
| * Add literal tabs to parser.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-19
* | ImageSize: ignore unknown exif header tag rather than crashing.John MacFarlane2014-06-19
* Haddock writer: Use _____ for hrule.John MacFarlane2014-06-19
* Haddock writer: Only use Decimal list style.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* Small fix to haddock "tables".John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* More polish on Haddock reader/writer.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* Finished first draft of Haddock writer.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* Rewrote haddock reader to use haddock-library.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* Removed old haddock reader code. Add dependency on haddock-library.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
* Highlighting: Let .numberLines work even if no language given.John MacFarlane2014-06-17
* DocBook reader: Support <?asciidoc-br?>.John MacFarlane2014-06-17
* LaTeX reader: Correctly handle table rows with too few cells.John MacFarlane2014-06-17
* Fixed compiler warning.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* Naming: Use Docx instead of DocX.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* Merge branch 'docx' of into jkr-docxJohn MacFarlane2014-06-16
| * Add DocX files to tree.Jesse Rosenthal2014-06-16
* | Org reader: make tildes create inline code.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | Small improvement to fix to #1333.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | Markdown reader: fixed #1333 (table parsing bug).John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | LaTeX reader: handle leading/trailing spaces in emph better.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | LaTeX reader: don't assume preamble doesn't contain environments.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | HTML reader: Fixed major parsing problem with HTML tables.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* | Merge pull request #1344 from mpickering/masterJohn MacFarlane2014-06-16
|\ \
| * | Moved extractSpaces to Shared.hsmpickering2014-06-16
| |/
* | Org reader: fixed #1342.John MacFarlane2014-06-16
* allow (and discard) optional argument for \captionJames Aspnes2014-06-12
* LaTeX reader: Handle comments at the end of tables.John MacFarlane2014-06-03
* Markdown writer: Prettier pipe tables.John MacFarlane2014-06-03
* Docx writer: Section numbering carries over from reference.docx.John MacFarlane2014-06-03