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* Major change in the way ordered lists are handled:fiddlosopher2007-08-08
* Removed examplep from LaTeX header.fiddlosopher2007-07-28
* Use 11pt font by default in ConTeXt header.fiddlosopher2007-07-28
* Changed LaTeX writer to use the examplep package insteadfiddlosopher2007-07-28
* Removed lines from LaTeXHeader that will be supplied dynamicallyfiddlosopher2007-07-22
* ConTeXt writer changes:fiddlosopher2007-07-15
* Merged branches/context: addition of a ConTeXt writerfiddlosopher2007-07-15
* Modified HTML writer to use the Text.XHtml library. This resultsfiddlosopher2007-02-26
* Added support for tables in markdown reader and in LaTeX,fiddlosopher2007-01-15
* Added [breaklinks=true] to hyperref package in LaTeX header.fiddlosopher2007-01-07
* Merged changes from docbook branch since r363.fiddlosopher2007-01-01
* Merged changes to footnotes branch r219-r240.fiddlosopher2006-12-19
* Changes to build process relating to r234.fiddlosopher2006-12-19
* initial importfiddlosopher2006-10-17