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* Muse reader: embed parseBlocks into parseMuseAlexander Krotov2018-01-21
* Muse reader: make listItem genericAlexander Krotov2018-01-21
* Markdown reader: Fix parsing bug with nested fenced divs.John MacFarlane2018-01-20
* Muse reader: simplify paragraph parsingAlexander Krotov2018-01-21
* RST reader: fix parsing of headers with trailing space.John MacFarlane2018-01-20
* Docx reader: Use already imported operatorJesse Rosenthal2018-01-20
* Docx reader: small change to Fields hyperlink parserJesse Rosenthal2018-01-20
* Conditional import to avoid warning.John MacFarlane2018-01-19
* hlint code improvements.John MacFarlane2018-01-19
* Merge pull request #4259 from italia/4248John MacFarlane2018-01-19
| * remove `blockToRST'` moving its logic into `fixBlocks`danse2018-01-19
| * in RST writer insert comment between lists and quotes, closes #4248danse2018-01-19
* | Muse reader: fix parsing of nested definition listsAlexander Krotov2018-01-20
* | LaTeX reader: fixed parsing of tabular* environment.John MacFarlane2018-01-19
* | Muse reader: remove duplicate variable in definitionListItemAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse writer: support definitions with multiple descriptionsAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: require only one space for nested definition list indentationAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: parse verse without parseFromStringAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: remove commented out codeAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: parse Emacs Muse directives without parseFromStringAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: parse link text without parseFromStringAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: simplify tableParseCaptionAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: parse definition list terms without parseFromStringAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: do not remove trailing whitespace from <code>Alexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Powerpoint writer: Implement syntax highlightingJesse Rosenthal2018-01-18
* Clean up T.P.W.OOXML file, and add copyright.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-18
* Powerpoint writer: Make our own docProps/core.xml file.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-18
* Powerpoint writer: Add docProps to Presentation datatype.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-18
* Muse reader: fix parsing of code at the beginning of paragraphAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: refactor definition list parsingAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: parse "~~" as non-breaking space in Text::Amuse modeAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: refactor list parsingAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: code cleanupAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Powerpoint writer: Link notes to endnotes slide.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Powerpoint writer: Use more specific slide id names.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Powerpoint writer: Use slideids to simplify code.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Powerpoint writer: Revamp slide typeJesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Markdown reader: don't coalesce adjacent raw LaTeX blocks...John MacFarlane2018-01-17
* Powerpoint writer: Change reference to notesSlide to endNotesSlideJesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Powerpoint writer: Move image sizing into picProps.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* ImageSize: add derived Eq instance to DimensionJesse Rosenthal2018-01-17
* Markdown writer: fix cell width calculation.John MacFarlane2018-01-16
* Merge pull request #4271 from dotlambda/lstinline-ampersandJohn MacFarlane2018-01-16
| * LaTeX writer: escape & in lstinlineRobert Sch├╝tz2018-01-16
* | Docx reader: Parse hyperlinks in instrText tagsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-16
* | Docx reader: Parse instrText info in fldChar tags.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-16
* | Docx reader: Parse fldChar tagsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-16
* HTML reader: Fix col width parsing for percentages < 10% (#4262)n3fariox2018-01-15
* ConTeXt writer: Use xtables instead of Tables (#4223)Henri Menke2018-01-15
* Powerpoint writer: Improve table placement.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-15