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* _online_latexmathml_defaultDebian Haskell Group2018-04-24
| | | Gbp-Pq: Name 1001_online_latexmathml_default.patch
* Revert "Commonmark reader: parse HTML as plain text if `-raw_html`."John MacFarlane2018-03-02
| | | | This reverts commit 6dd21250288b51f10056b15a83130f76c788d904.
* Commonmark reader: parse HTML as plain text if `-raw_html`.John MacFarlane2018-03-02
* Muse reader: fix indentation requirements for footnote continuationsAlexander Krotov2018-03-03
* Make `Ext_raw_html` default for commonmark format.John MacFarlane2018-03-02
* LaTeX reader: Fix regression in package options including underscore.John MacFarlane2018-03-02
| | | | Closes #4424.
* hlint Muse reader and writerAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Muse reader: enable <literal> tags even if amuse extension is enabledAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
| | | | | | Amusewiki disables <literal> tags for security reasons. If user wants similar behavior in pandoc, RawBlocks and RawInlines can be removed or replaced with filters.
* Muse reader: remove space prefix from <literal> tag contentsAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Muse writer: join strings during inline normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Muse reader: do not consume whitespace while looking for closing end tagAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
| | | | Fix for a bug caught by round-trip test.
* Org writer: fix a typo s/prettyfy/prettify/Alexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Docx reader: Handle nested sdt tags.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-28
| | | | | | | Previously we had only unwrapped one level of sdt tags. Now we recurse if we find them. Closes: #4415
* Muse writer: change verse markupAlexander Krotov2018-02-28
| | | | Use "> " instead of <verse> tag
* Muse writer: remove empty strings during inline normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-02-28
* Muse reader: allow <quote> and other tags to be indentedAlexander Krotov2018-02-28
* Powerpoint writer: use `trim` from SharedJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
| | | | Instead of writing my own.
* Powerpoint writer: Use table stylesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
| | | | | | This will use the default table style in the reference-doc file. As a result they will be easier when using in a template, and match the color scheme.
* Powerpoint writer: Remove empty slidesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
| | | | | | | | | | | | Make sure there are no empty slides in the pptx output. Because of the way that slides were split, these could be accidentally produced by comments after images. When animations are added, there will be a way to add an empty slide with either incremental lists or pauses. Test outputs checked with MS PowerPoint (Office 2013, Windows 10, VBox). Both files have expected output and are not corrupted.
* LaTeX reader: make --trace work.John MacFarlane2018-02-26
* Lua: register script name in global variableAlbert Krewinkel2018-02-24
| | | | | | | | The name of the Lua script which is executed is made available in the global Lua variable `PANDOC_SCRIPT_FILE`, both for Lua filters and custom writers. Closes: #4393
* Muse reader: allow single colon in definition list termAlexander Krotov2018-02-24
* Docx reader: code cleanup.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-23
| | | | Make the code in `runStyleToTransform` a bit more consistent.
* Docx reader: simplify custom-style reading code.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-23
* Docx reader: Don't look up dependant run styles if +styles is enabled.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-23
| | | | | | It makes more sense not to interpret -- otherwise using the original document as the reference-doc would produce two of everything: the interpreted version and the uninterpreted style version.
* Muse writer: don't indent nested definition listsAlexander Krotov2018-02-23
* Docx writer: trim trailing whitespace.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-23
* Docx writer: fix #3930laptop1\Andrew2018-02-23
| | | | | | Fixes an issuue regarding image sizing if the same image is included more than once. Previously, a record was kept, indexed by image source, which would include the XML for that image. For every image element in the document, this record was checked, and if the image was the same as previous examples, the same XML would be included twice. The information in this XML incudes the image description, title text, and size on the page, thus all images from the same source would always be sized the same, and have the same description. This commit fixes this by generating unique XML every time, but keeping the image ID and path if it is the same image.
* Muse reader: improve verse parsingAlexander Krotov2018-02-23
| | | | | Now verse marked up with ">" (in contrast to <verse> tag) can be placed inside lists.
* Export improved sepBy1 from Text.Pandoc.ParsingAlexander Krotov2018-02-23
* Presentations: Use divs to set incremental/non-incrementalJesse Rosenthal2018-02-22
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Currently, html and beamer presentations use a list-inside-blockquote convention for setting incremental and all-at-once presentation of lists (or reversing the command-line default). This allows the user to set this on a per-case basis with divs, named `incremental` and `nonincremental` respectively, as in: ::: incremental - snap - crackle - pop ::: Note that the former list-inside-blockquote convention still works so as not to break any existing presentations. Closes: #4381
* Docx reader: Move pandoc inline styling inside custom-style spanJesse Rosenthal2018-02-22
| | | | | | | | Previously Emph, Strong, etc were outside the custom-style span. This moves them inside in order to make it easier to write filters that act on the formatting in these contents. Tests and MANUAL example are changed to match.
* Docx reader: Avoid repeated spans in custom styles.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-22
| | | | | | The previous commit had a bug where custom-style spans would be read with every recurrsion. This fixes that, and changes the example given in the manual.
* Docx reader: read custom stylesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-22
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | This will read all paragraph and character classes as divs and spans, respectively. Dependent styles will still be resolved, but will be wrapped with appropriate style tags. It is controlled by the `+styles` extension (`-f docx+styles`). This can be used in conjunction with the `custom-style` feature in the docx writer for a pandoc-docx editing workflow. Users can convert from an input docx, reading the custom-styles, and then use that same input docx file as a reference-doc for producing an output docx file. Styles will be maintained across the conversion, even if pandoc doesn't understand them. Without the extension: $ pandoc test/docx/custom-style-reference.docx -f docx -t markdown This is some text. This is text with an *emphasized* text style. And this is text with a **strengthened** text style. > Here is a styled paragraph that inherits from Block Text. With the extension: $ pandoc test/docx/custom-style-reference.docx -f docx+styles -t markdown ::: {custom-style="FirstParagraph"} This is some text. ::: ::: {custom-style="BodyText"} This is text with an *[[emphasized]{custom-style="Emphatic"}]{custom-style="Emphatic"}* text style. And this is text with a **[[strengthened]{custom-style="Strengthened"}]{custom-style="Strengthened"}** text style. ::: ::: {custom-style="MyBlockStyle"} Closes: #1843
* Extensions: Add Ext_stylesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-22
| | | | | | This will be used in the docx reader (defaulting to off) to read pargraph and character styles not understood by pandoc (as divs and spans, respectively).
* LaTeX writer: Put hypertarget inside figure environment.John MacFarlane2018-02-21
| | | | | | | | | Previously it surrounded the figure. This works around a problem with the endfloat package and makes pandoc's output compatible with it. Closes #4388.
* LaTeX writer: Fix image height with percentage.John MacFarlane2018-02-21
| | | | | | | This previously caused the image to be resized to a percentage of textwidth, rather than textheight. Closes #4389.
* Org reader: allow changing emphasis syntaxAlbert Krewinkel2018-02-21
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | The characters allowed before and after emphasis can be configured via `#+pandoc-emphasis-pre` and `#+pandoc-emphasis-post`, respectively. This allows to change which strings are recognized as emphasized text on a per-document or even per-paragraph basis. The allowed characters must be given as (Haskell) string. #+pandoc-emphasis-pre: "-\t ('\"{" #+pandoc-emphasis-post: "-\t\n .,:!?;'\")}[" If the argument cannot be read as a string, the default value is restored. Closes: #4378
* Muse reader: replace setState with updateState where possibleAlexander Krotov2018-02-21
* Muse reader: fix compiler warningJesse Rosenthal2018-02-20
| | | | lambda variable `st` shadowed an existing variable.
* Powerpoint writer: Use ph name and idx for getting layout shapesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-20
| | | | | | | | | | Internal change: when we take shapes from the layout for title, content, etc, we should use the attributes of the "ph" (placeholder) tag -- idx and name. This is what powerpoint uses internally, and therefore seems more dependable across reference-docs than using the shape names, as we had previously done. There should be no output changes as a result of this commit.
* Muse reader: use updateState instead of setState to restore museInLinkAlexander Krotov2018-02-20
* Powerpoint writer: Add notesMaster to presentation.xml if necessaryJesse Rosenthal2018-02-19
| | | | | | | | | | In previous version, we only modified the notesMaster entry in the presentation.xml file, and removed it if necessary. But if using a template, it might not be available. So we always delete it, and then add it back in if necessary. We also have to make sure that we add it appropriately the .rels file associated with presentation.xml.
* Move manyUntil to Text.Pandoc.Parsing and use it in Txt2Tags readerAlexander Krotov2018-02-19
* Powerpoint writer: Another attempt at avoiding compiler warnings.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
* Powerpoint writer: fix compiler complaints.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
* Powerpoint writer: separate SpeakerNotes paragraphs with empy parJesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
| | | | | This will add a space between notes paragraphs, which seems more like what most users would do by hand (press "enter" twice).
* Powerpoint writer: Ignore links and (end)notes in speaker notes.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
| | | | | | | | | | | | MS PowerPoint does not offer a way to insert links into speaker notes text, so we match that behavior, and make our lives easier. As for (end)notes, there is no clear solution to the question of wat that would *mean*. The default behavior would be to add it to the endnote slide, but that would put speaker note content into the public presentation. The best solution would be to put the content at the bottom of the notes page, but that would take some doing, and can be added to the speaker notes feature later.
* Powerpoint writer: Output speaker notes.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
| | | | | | | | There are a number of interlocking parts here. The main thing to note is that, to match the MSPowerPoint-generated pptx files, we only include the notesMaster and notesSlide files if there are notes. This means we have to be careful with the rIds, and build a number of files conditionally.
* Powerpoint writer: modify speaker notes in presentation.xmlJesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
| | | | | We remove the `notesMasterIdLst` entry in `presentation.xml` if there no speaker notes in the presentation.