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* Muse writer: join strings during inline normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-03-02
* Muse writer: change verse markupAlexander Krotov2018-02-28
* Muse writer: remove empty strings during inline normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-02-28
* Powerpoint writer: use `trim` from SharedJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
* Powerpoint writer: add test for table and list syntaxJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
* Powerpoint writer: Remove empty slidesJesse Rosenthal2018-02-27
* Muse writer: don't indent nested definition listsAlexander Krotov2018-02-23
* Powerpoint writer tests: Test everything with template as wellJesse Rosenthal2018-02-19
* Powerpoint writer: Add tests for speaker notes.Jesse Rosenthal2018-02-18
* Muse writer: use unicode quotes for quoted textAlexander Krotov2018-02-15
* Muse writer: write image width specified in percent in Text::Amuse modeAlexander Krotov2018-02-03
* Muse writer: don't wrap displayMath into <verse>Alexander Krotov2018-01-30
* Muse writer: escape nonbreaking space ("~~")Alexander Krotov2018-01-29
* Docx writer tests: correct test name.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-27
* Docx writer tests: Add tests for custom stylesJesse Rosenthal2018-01-27
* Docx writer tests: Use new golden frameworkJesse Rosenthal2018-01-27
* Tests: Abstract powerpoint tests out to OOXML tests.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-25
* ConTeXt writer: new section syntax and --section-divs (#4295)Henri Menke2018-01-25
* Powerpoint writer tests: hlint cleanups.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-23
* ConTeXt writer: xtables: correct wrong usage of captionHenri Menke2018-01-23
* Powerpoint writer tests: add tests for two-column layout and imagesJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer: Add further testsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer tests: simplify updating functionJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint tests: Convert to golden testsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Muse writer: join code with different attributes during normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-01-22
* Muse writer: indent lists inside DivAlexander Krotov2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer tests: New test framework for pptx.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-21
* hlint code improvements.John MacFarlane2018-01-19
* in RST writer insert comment between lists and quotes, closes #4248danse2018-01-19
* Muse writer: support definitions with multiple descriptionsAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* ConTeXt writer: Use xtables instead of Tables (#4223)Henri Menke2018-01-15
* Powerpoint writer: Set default slidelevel correctly.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-03
* Powerpoint Writer tests: Add quickcheck tests for content types.Jesse Rosenthal2017-12-29
* Powerpoint writer test: more slide number testsJesse Rosenthal2017-12-29
* Powerpoint writer tests: use IO.John MacFarlane2017-12-28
* Use insertInFileTree in powerpoint test.John MacFarlane2017-12-28
* Fixed warning in powerpoint writer test.John MacFarlane2017-12-28
* PowerPoint writer: Introduce beginning of testsJesse Rosenthal2017-12-28
* Merge pull request #4177 from stencila/jats-xml-readerJohn MacFarlane2017-12-21
| * Improve support for code language in JATSHamish Mackenzie2017-12-22
* | Muse reader: parse anchors immediately after headings as IDsAlexander Krotov2017-12-21
* fig, table-wrap & caption Divs for JATS writerHamish Mackenzie2017-12-13
* Muse writer: test that inline math conversion result is normalizedAlexander Krotov2017-11-24
* Muse: move inline list normalization to writerAlexander Krotov2017-11-24
* Muse writer: escape hash symbolAlexander Krotov2017-11-22
* Muse writer: escape "----" to avoid accidental horizontal rulesAlexander Krotov2017-11-22
* Muse writer: escape only </code> inside code tagAlexander Krotov2017-11-22
* Replace "emacs" extension with "amuse" extensionAlexander Krotov2017-11-13
* FB2 writer: Add "unrecognised" genre to <title-info>Alexander Krotov2017-11-01
* FB2 writer: remove <annotation> from <body>Alexander Krotov2017-11-01