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* Docx writer tests: Use new golden frameworkJesse Rosenthal2018-01-27
* Tests: Abstract powerpoint tests out to OOXML tests.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-25
* ConTeXt writer: new section syntax and --section-divs (#4295)Henri Menke2018-01-25
* Muse reader: fix matching of closing inline tagsAlexander Krotov2018-01-24
* Powerpoint writer tests: hlint cleanups.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-23
* ConTeXt writer: xtables: correct wrong usage of captionHenri Menke2018-01-23
* Powerpoint writer tests: add tests for two-column layout and imagesJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer: Add further testsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer tests: simplify updating functionJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Powerpoint tests: Convert to golden testsJesse Rosenthal2018-01-22
* Muse writer: join code with different attributes during normalizationAlexander Krotov2018-01-22
* Muse writer: indent lists inside DivAlexander Krotov2018-01-22
* Powerpoint writer tests: New test framework for pptx.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-21
* Markdown reader: Fix parsing bug with nested fenced divs.John MacFarlane2018-01-20
* RST reader: fix parsing of headers with trailing space.John MacFarlane2018-01-20
* Muse reader: remove multiple descriptions during round-trip testsAlexander Krotov2018-01-20
* Muse reader: enable definition lists in round-trip testAlexander Krotov2018-01-20
* hlint code improvements.John MacFarlane2018-01-19
* Merge pull request #4259 from italia/4248John MacFarlane2018-01-19
| * in RST writer insert comment between lists and quotes, closes #4248danse2018-01-19
* | Muse reader: fix parsing of nested definition listsAlexander Krotov2018-01-20
* Muse writer: support definitions with multiple descriptionsAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: require only one space for nested definition list indentationAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: parse definition list terms without parseFromStringAlexander Krotov2018-01-19
* Muse reader: fix parsing of code at the beginning of paragraphAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: refactor definition list parsingAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: parse "~~" as non-breaking space in Text::Amuse modeAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Muse reader: refactor list parsingAlexander Krotov2018-01-18
* Markdown reader: don't coalesce adjacent raw LaTeX blocks...John MacFarlane2018-01-17
* Markdown writer: fix cell width calculation.John MacFarlane2018-01-16
* Docx reader: Add test for hyperlinks in instrText tagJesse Rosenthal2018-01-16
* ConTeXt writer: Use xtables instead of Tables (#4223)Henri Menke2018-01-15
* RST reader: add aligned environment when needed in math.John MacFarlane2018-01-14
* Markdown reader: Improved inlinesInBalancedBrackets.John MacFarlane2018-01-14
* Shorten unbalanced brackets test.John MacFarlane2018-01-14
* LaTeX reader: pass through macro defs in rawLaTeXBlock...John MacFarlane2018-01-13
* data/pandoc.lua: add attr, listAttributes accessorsAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-13
* data/pandoc.lua: accept single block as singleton listAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-13
* LaTeX reader: allow macro definitions inside macros.John MacFarlane2018-01-13
* data/pandoc.lua: accept singleton inline as a listAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-13
* Lua filters: improve error messagesAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-12
* Lua filters: make PANDOC_READER_OPTIONS availableAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-12
* RST reader: better handling for headers with an anchor.John MacFarlane2018-01-10
* Fixed a test case so it works on windows too.John MacFarlane2018-01-09
* HTML writer: Fixed footnote backlinks with --id-prefix.John MacFarlane2018-01-09
* data/pandoc.lua: cleanup code, remove cruftAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-08
* Lua: make pandoc-types version available as PANDOC_API_VERSIONAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-07
* Lua: make pandoc version available as PANDOC_VERSIONAlbert Krewinkel2018-01-07
* Powerpoint writer: Set default slidelevel correctly.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-03
* Docx reader: Add tests for paragraph insertion/deletion.Jesse Rosenthal2018-01-02