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* RST Reader: parse list table directive (#3688)keiichiro shikano2017-05-23
* Improve SVG image size code.Marc Schreiber2017-05-20
* RST writer: add empty comments when needed...John MacFarlane2017-05-19
* Org reader: fix smart parsing behaviorAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-18
* Test updates for latex template changes.John MacFarlane2017-05-18
* Markdown: allow attributes in reference links to start on next line.John MacFarlane2017-05-18
* Markdown writer: Fixed duplicated reference linksJohn MacFarlane2017-05-17
* Org reader: add basic file inclusion mechanismAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-14
* Merge pull request #3671 from WUUUGI/horizont-spacingJohn MacFarlane2017-05-16
| * Added support for horizontal spacing in LaTeX: parse \, to \8198 (six-per-em ...Henri Werth2017-05-15
* | Textile reader: fix bug for certain links in table cells.John MacFarlane2017-05-15
* Replace `repeat' and `take' with `replicate'Alexander Krotov2017-05-12
* Combine grid table parsersAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-11
* LaTeX: Load `parskip` before `hyperref`. (#3654)Václav Haisman2017-05-09
* Muse writer: Indent tables with one space (#3649)Alexander Krotov2017-05-07
* Use fewer quickcheck tests for lua tests, to speed things up.John MacFarlane2017-05-07
* Markdown reader: improved parsing of indented raw HTML blocks.John MacFarlane2017-05-06
* LaTeX reader: Better handling of comments inside math environments.John MacFarlane2017-05-06
* Fix keyval funtion: pandoc did not parse options in braces correctly.… (#3642)schrieveslaach2017-05-06
* ConTeXt template: improved font handling.John MacFarlane2017-05-06
* Org reader: support macrosAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-06
* Muse writer: omit automatic header identifiers (#3633)Alexander Krotov2017-05-04
* Org reader: support table.el tablesAlbert Krewinkel2017-05-03
* Markdown writer: better escaping for links (#3628)David A Roberts2017-05-03
* LaTeX reader: Add support for tabularx environment (#3632)schrieveslaach2017-05-03
* Markdown Writer: put space before reference link definitionsMauro Bieg2017-05-03
* Markdown writer: Case-insensitive reference links. (#3616)David A Roberts2017-05-02
* Lua filter: fall-back to global filters when none is returnedAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-30
* LaTeX writer: Fix problem with escaping in lstinline.John MacFarlane2017-04-29
* LaTeX writer: don't use lstinline it \item[..].John MacFarlane2017-04-28
* Lua module: provide simple `read` format parserAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-26
* Lua filter: allow filtering of meta data onlyAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-26
* LaTeX reader: Add basic support for hyphenat package (#3603)schrieveslaach2017-04-26
* LaTeX reader: Add support for \vdots (#3607)schrieveslaach2017-04-26
* HTML line block: Use class instead of style attribute.John MacFarlane2017-04-25
* LaTeX writer: fix error with line breaks after empty content.John MacFarlane2017-04-25
* LaTeX reader: better support for subfigure package.John MacFarlane2017-04-24
* Org reader: allow multi-word arguments to src block paramsAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-23
* Org reader: stop adding rundoc prefix to src paramsAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-23
* Org reader: handle line numbering switch for src blocksAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-23
* HTML reader: Revise treatment of li with id attribute.John MacFarlane2017-04-23
* Add siunitx Support (#3588)schrieveslaach2017-04-22
* Org reader: allow emphasized text to be followed by `[`Albert Krewinkel2017-04-16
* Org reader: convert markup at beginning of footnotesAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-16
* Lua filter: revert to non-destructuring filtersAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-15
* Avoid parsing "Notes:**" as a bare URI.John MacFarlane2017-04-15
* Lua filter: allow shorthand functions for math and quotedAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Lua filter: use destructured functions for block filtersAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-14
* Use lua constructors to push meta valuesAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-13
* Lua filter: use destructured functions for inline filtersAlbert Krewinkel2017-04-12