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* Added Cite to Arbitrary instance.John MacFarlane2014-04-29
* ADded SmallCaps to Arbitrary instance.John MacFarlane2014-04-29
* Adjustments for new Format newtype.John MacFarlane2013-08-10
* Use new flexible metadata type.John MacFarlane2013-06-24
* Added Attr field to Header.John MacFarlane2013-01-09
* Moved tests to tests/, modified cabal file so lib isn't recompiled.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Moved tests to src.John MacFarlane2011-01-29
* Tests.Arbitrary: don't allow empty list items.John MacFarlane2011-01-29
* Add support for attributes in inline Code.John MacFarlane2011-01-26
* Bumped version to 1.8; depend on pandoc-types 1.8.John MacFarlane2011-01-26
* Tests.Arbitrary: Let strings include any character.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Added native writer tests.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Tests.Arbitrary: Added instances for Inlines, Blocks.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Added Tests/Arbitrary.hs, with Arbitrary instances.John MacFarlane2011-01-13