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* Options: Removed writerStandalone, made writerTemplate a Maybe.John MacFarlane2016-11-30
* Revert "Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly."John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly.John MacFarlane2015-11-08
* Use new flexible metadata type.John MacFarlane2013-06-24
* Eliminated use of TH in test suite.John MacFarlane2013-01-23
* Get rid of compiler warnings in Tests.Helpers.John MacFarlane2013-01-19
* Fixed/simplified diff output for tests.John MacFarlane2013-01-12
* Updated tests for tight/loose lists.John MacFarlane2013-01-07
* Fixed test suite to use Diff 0.2 API.John MacFarlane2013-01-02
* Renamed removedLeadingTrailingSpace to trim.John MacFarlane2012-09-29
* Moved WriterOptions and associated types Shared -> Options.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Moved tests to tests/, modified cabal file so lib isn't recompiled.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Moved tests to src.John MacFarlane2011-01-29
* Updates for compiling with ghc 7.John MacFarlane2011-01-26
* Use ANSI color to point to diffs in test output.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Tests.Helpers: Added file quasiquoter.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Added 'property' in Tests.Helpers & some quickcheck tests.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* Improved test framework.John MacFarlane2011-01-22
* More informative output on writer test failure.John MacFarlane2011-01-21
* Added Tests.Writers.ConTeXt and helpers for writer tests.John MacFarlane2011-01-21
* Show Haskell-readable version of input string in test failure.John MacFarlane2011-01-19
* Unit tests: On failure, print the input string.John MacFarlane2011-01-19
* Revamped tests with new =: and =?> operators + builder.John MacFarlane2011-01-18
* Minor code cleanup.John MacFarlane2011-01-14
* Adjusted source to 80-column limit.John MacFarlane2011-01-13
* Moved Tests.Shared -> Tests.Helpers.John MacFarlane2011-01-13