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* Added Zim Wiki writer, template and tests.Alex Ivkin2016-06-30
* Add docbook5 writer supportIvo Clarysse2016-04-29
* Markdown reader: Fix pandoc title blocks with lines ending in 2 spaces.John MacFarlane2016-04-10
* Added old-style tests for TEI writer (tests/tables.tei, tests/writer.tei).John MacFarlane2016-01-21
* Fixed tests.John MacFarlane2015-12-12
* Revert "Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly."John MacFarlane2015-11-09
* Use -XNoImplicitPrelude and 'import Prelude' explicitly.John MacFarlane2015-11-08
* Merge pull request #2458 from mb21/lang-inlinesJohn MacFarlane2015-10-19
| * Added writers-lang-and-dir test, fixed ConTeXt writer testmb212015-10-18
* | Tests: Unset `pandoc-version` so we don't get the comment...John MacFarlane2015-10-18
* Added proper support for DocBook 'xref' elementsFrerich Raabe2015-09-24
* Update testsMatthew Pickering2015-02-18
* DokuWiki writer: add external_images testTimothy Humphries2014-11-09
* TWiki Reader: add basic syntax testAlexander Sulfrian2014-10-30
* Dokuwiki writer: Add a test for multiblock table cells.Jesse Rosenthal2014-08-30
* Txt2Tags reader: Header is now parsed only if standalone flag is setmpickering2014-08-20
* Old tests: better path for test program.John MacFarlane2014-08-13
* Revised tests directory.John MacFarlane2014-08-13
* Removed special testHook from Setup.John MacFarlane2014-08-13
* EPUB Tests: Added wasteland testMatthew Pickering2014-08-13
* EPUB test renaming.John MacFarlane2014-08-07
* EPUB Reader: Added testsMatthew Pickering2014-07-31
* Txt2Tags Reader: Added testsMatthew Pickering2014-07-27
* DokuWiki writer: Add new test showing that span swallows content.Clare Macrae2014-07-02
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'jgm/master' into dokuwikiClare Macrae2014-06-29
| * Added haddock writer tests.John MacFarlane2014-06-18
| * InDesign ICML Writermb212014-02-28
| * Pass the buildDir as first argument to test suite.John MacFarlane2013-10-20
| * Added markdown citation parsing test.John MacFarlane2013-08-26
| * Removed dependency on citeproc-hs.John MacFarlane2013-08-24
| * Create Cite element even if no matching reference in the biblio.John MacFarlane2013-08-20
* | Add extra pair of test files for dokuwiki writer (#386)claremacrae2013-08-17
* | Initial work to create dokuwiki writer (#386)Clare Macrae2013-07-14
* Added stubs for haddock reader tests.John MacFarlane2013-03-28
* Added OPML template, tests.John MacFarlane2013-03-20
* Added Text.Pandoc.Readers.OPML, exporting readOPML.John MacFarlane2013-03-19
* Markdown writer: New approach for citations.John MacFarlane2013-03-17
* Revert "LaTeX reader: citation handling changes."John MacFarlane2013-03-17
* LaTeX reader: citation handling changes.John MacFarlane2013-03-09
* Markdown writer: Render citations as pandoc-markdown citations.John MacFarlane2013-03-07
* Added Attr field to Header.John MacFarlane2013-01-09
* Updated test runner for changes in pandoc.John MacFarlane2013-01-03
* Removed need for utf8-string package.John MacFarlane2012-09-25
* Tests.Old: Set TMP to ".".John MacFarlane2012-09-21
* Added basic mediawiki reader.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* Moved WriterOptions and associated types Shared -> Options.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Moved tests to tests/, modified cabal file so lib isn't recompiled.John MacFarlane2012-07-26
* Moved tests to src.John MacFarlane2011-01-29
* Added biblatex citation tests to Tests.Readers.LaTeX.John MacFarlane2011-01-29
* Added natbib citation tests to Tests.Readers.LaTeX.John MacFarlane2011-01-29