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* Moved tests/ -> test/.John MacFarlane2017-02-04
* Fixed tests for new ConTeXt writer behavior.John MacFarlane2013-11-30
* ConTeXt writer: Properly handle tables without captions.John MacFarlane2013-06-28
* pandoc: Add newline to output unless standalone.John MacFarlane2011-01-06
* ConTeXt writer: Updated to use Text.Pandoc.Pretty.John MacFarlane2010-12-20
* Updated context tests.fiddlosopher2010-03-07
* Better looking simple tables. Resolves Issue #180.fiddlosopher2009-11-28
* Use wrappers around Doc elements to ensure proper spacing in ConTeXt writer.fiddlosopher2007-12-29
* Updated tests for changes in LaTeX and ConTeXt writers.fiddlosopher2007-11-15
* Brought test suite up to date.fiddlosopher2007-07-28
* Merged branches/context: addition of a ConTeXt writerfiddlosopher2007-07-15