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* Update latex writer test for template change.John MacFarlane2017-01-24
* OpenDocument writer: don't profilerate text styles unnecessarily.John MacFarlane2017-01-23
* Org reader: allow short hand for single-line raw blocksAlbert Krewinkel2017-01-19
* LaTeX template: Add hyphen option to url package.John MacFarlane2017-01-10
* Org reader: accept org-ref citations followed by commasAlbert Krewinkel2017-01-06
* Org reader: ensure emphasis markup can be nestedAlbert Krewinkel2017-01-05
* LaTeX template: allow passing `microtypeoptions` to microtype.John MacFarlane2017-01-03
* Updated docbook5 writer test for new template.John MacFarlane2016-12-30
* DocBook5 writer: make id attribute xml:id, fixes #3329 (#3330)Mauro Bieg2016-12-30
* markdown reader: disallow space between inline code and attributes (#3326)Mauro Bieg2016-12-24
* Updates to use skylighting rather than highlighting-kate.John MacFarlane2016-12-23
* Org writer: prefix footnote numbers with `fn:`Albert Krewinkel2016-12-21
* Test case for issue #3223 (#3308)hubertp-lshift2016-12-13
* Test case for bug 2752 (#3306)hubertp-lshift2016-12-13
* Docx reader: Empty header should be list of lists.Jesse Rosenthal2016-12-13
* Docx reader: Ensure one-row tables don't have header.Jesse Rosenthal2016-12-08
* Fixed tests with dynamic linking.John MacFarlane2016-12-07
* RST reader: fix hyperlink aliases.John MacFarlane2016-12-07
* LaTeX writer: Fix unnumbered headers when used with `--top-level`Albert Krewinkel2016-12-04
* Markdown writer: Fixed incorrect word wrapping.John MacFarlane2016-12-04
* Options: Removed writerStandalone, made writerTemplate a Maybe.John MacFarlane2016-11-30
* Use new module from texmath to lookup MS font codepoints.John MacFarlane2016-11-30
* Refactor top-level division selection (#3261)Albert Krewinkel2016-11-27
* [odt] Infer table's caption from the paragraph (#3224)hubertp-lshift2016-11-26
* Allow to overwrite top-level division type heuristics (#3258)Albert Krewinkel2016-11-26
* Fixed xref lookup in DocBook reader. Closes #3243.John MacFarlane2016-11-19
* Org reader: Ensure images in paragraphs are not parsed as figuresAlbert Krewinkel2016-11-19
* Allow alignments to be specified in Markdown grid tables.John MacFarlane2016-11-15
* Markdown writer: fixed inconsistent spacing issue.John MacFarlane2016-11-15
* HTML reader: only treat "a" element as link if it has href.John MacFarlane2016-11-13
* Org reader: allow HTML attribs on non-figure imagesAlbert Krewinkel2016-11-09
* Inline code when text has a special styleHubert Plociniczak2016-11-08
* Docx reader/writer: Update tests for img title and altJesse Rosenthal2016-11-02
* [odt] Infer tables' header props from rows (#3199)hubertp-lshift2016-11-01
* Added a test case with a complex raw latex environment in Markdown.John MacFarlane2016-10-31
* Org reader: support `ATTR_HTML` for special blocksAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-30
* Org reader: support the `todo` export optionAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-30
* Org reader: add support for todo-markersAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-30
* Markdown Reader: add attributes for autolink (#3183)Daniele D'Orazio2016-10-26
* Export Text.Pandoc.Error in Text.Pandoc.John MacFarlane2016-10-24
* Tighten up parsing of raw email addresses.John MacFarlane2016-10-23
* Merge pull request #3108 from tarleb/partJohn MacFarlane2016-10-19
| * Add option for top-level division typeAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-19
* | Image with a caption needs special formattingHubert Plociniczak2016-10-19
* Merge pull request #3166 from hubertp-lshift/bug/3134John MacFarlane2016-10-18
| * Issue 3143: Don't duplicate text for anchorsHubert Plociniczak2016-10-18
* | Merge pull request #3165 from hubertp-lshift/feature/odt-imageJohn MacFarlane2016-10-18
|\ \
| * | Infer caption from the text following the imgHubert Plociniczak2016-10-17
| |/
* | Org writer: drop space before footnote markersAlbert Krewinkel2016-10-17
* | RST reader: Add test for space-before-note.Jesse Rosenthal2016-10-17