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* Textile reader: Fixed bug with list items containing line breaks.John MacFarlane2012-10-13
* LaTeX reader: Better support for citation commands.John MacFarlane2012-10-10
* Textile reader: Implemented comment blocks.John MacFarlane2012-10-05
* Updated mediawiki writer test for `<br />` change.John MacFarlane2012-10-04
* RST reader: Consolidate super/subscript, math into interpretedRole.John MacFarlane2012-09-30
* RST reader: Consolidated rawBlock into directive.John MacFarlane2012-09-30
* Renamed removedLeadingTrailingSpace to trim.John MacFarlane2012-09-29
* RST reader: Consolidated math block parsers into directive.John MacFarlane2012-09-29
* RST reader: Use Text.Pandoc.Builder.John MacFarlane2012-09-27
* RST reader: Support :target: on image substitutions.John MacFarlane2012-09-27
* RST reader: Support :target: on .. image:: blocks.John MacFarlane2012-09-26
* Removed need for utf8-string package.John MacFarlane2012-09-25
* Texinfo writer: Fixed internal cross-references.John MacFarlane2012-09-24
* Markdown reader: Fixed link parser to avoid exponential slowdowns.John MacFarlane2012-09-22
* LaTeX reader: Added a 'try' in rawLaTeXBlock.John MacFarlane2012-09-22
* Tests.Old: Set TMP to ".".John MacFarlane2012-09-21
* LaTeX writer: Don't rely on the enumerate package.John MacFarlane2012-09-16
* LaTeX writer: Properly escape strings inside \url{}.John MacFarlane2012-09-16
* Merge pull request #596 from dlax/rst-fieldlistsJohn MacFarlane2012-09-16
| * Fix RST reader for field lists items with body beginning after a new lineDenis Laxalde2012-08-29
* | MediaWiki reader: Allow table in table cell.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | LaTeX writer: don't escape _ in url.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | LaTeX writer: Don't use \endhead with longtable.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | Revised latex writer tests to use longtable.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Added test case for templates in list item.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Added test for ref.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Interpret width attribute on table columns.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Got alignments working.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Misc fixes, put category links at end.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Parse styles after '{|' table start.John MacFarlane2012-09-15
* | MediaWiki reader: Added test for multi-paragraph cells.John MacFarlane2012-09-14
* | MediaWiki reader: Table improvements, added simple table tests.John MacFarlane2012-09-14
* | MediaWiki reader: Images.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: internal links.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: Implemented basic internal links.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: Added tests for external mailto link.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: Implemented numbered external links.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: Support HTML lists.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: Handle templates, variables as raw mediawiki.John MacFarlane2012-09-13
* | MediaWiki reader: preformatted blocks and tests.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | MediaWiki reader: Support `<math>` tag.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | Added tests for mediawiki lists.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | More mediawiki reader tests.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | Added some tests for mediawiki reader.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | Added basic mediawiki reader.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | HTML writer: Improve line breaks with `<dd>` tags.John MacFarlane2012-09-12
* | Fixed spacing in context writer test.John MacFarlane2012-09-08
* | LaTeX reader: Support obeylines environment.John MacFarlane2012-09-06
* | LaTeX reader: Use curly quotes for bare straight quotes.John MacFarlane2012-09-06
* | Fixed footnotes bug in textile.John MacFarlane2012-09-06