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* Moved man page creation out of Setup.hs.John MacFarlane2012-10-15
* Have windows installer make man page first.John MacFarlane2012-06-03
* windows installer: use blaze html 0.5.John MacFarlane2012-05-12
* Fixed template name in windows installer.John MacFarlane2012-02-05
* make-windows-installer: We no longer need wrappers, highlighting flags.John MacFarlane2012-02-04
* Removed markdown2pdf and documentation.John MacFarlane2012-01-20
* Modified windows installer generater to use cabal-dev.John MacFarlane2011-10-24
* Changes to Windows installer.fiddlosopher2010-03-19
* New batch file to make-windows-installer.fiddlosopher2010-01-17