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* Added slidy data files to windows installer.John MacFarlane2010-07-24
* Updated windows setup file.John MacFarlane2010-07-20
* Updated version in windows setup file.John MacFarlane2010-03-29
* Version bump to 1.5.1.John MacFarlane2010-03-23
* Bump version in windows setup file.John MacFarlane2010-03-21
* Changes to Windows installer.fiddlosopher2010-03-19
* New batch file to make-windows-installer.fiddlosopher2010-01-17
* Windows installer - fixed bug in data file locations.fiddlosopher2010-01-09
* Include markdown2pdf and hsmarkdown in windows binary package.fiddlosopher2010-01-02
* Windows installer: install data files.fiddlosopher2010-01-01
* Added windows package build intsructions in windows makefile.fiddlosopher2009-12-31
* Bumped version to 1.3 in inno setup script.fiddlosopher2009-12-01
* Install pcre3 dll in windows setup.fiddlosopher2009-12-01
* Added pcre3.dll and license to windows directory.fiddlosopher2009-12-01
* Bump version in pandoc-setup.iss and make license path relative.fiddlosopher2009-07-15
* Added makefile for Inno Setup prep work.fiddlosopher2009-07-15
* Bumped version in windows installer to 1.1.fiddlosopher2008-11-02
* pandoc-setup.iss: Don't require admin privileges to run installer.fiddlosopher2008-10-18
* Modified modpath.iss to modify HKCU path if user lacks admin privileges.fiddlosopher2008-10-18
* Added scripts for Windows Inno Setup installer in windows/.fiddlosopher2008-09-12