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+<title>pcre_fullinfo specification</title>
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+<h1>pcre_fullinfo man page</h1>
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+This page is part of the PCRE HTML documentation. It was generated automatically
+from the original man page. If there is any nonsense in it, please consult the
+man page, in case the conversion went wrong.
+<b>#include &#60;pcre.h&#62;</b>
+<b>int pcre_fullinfo(const pcre *<i>code</i>, const pcre_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
+<b> int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
+<b>int pcre16_fullinfo(const pcre16 *<i>code</i>, const pcre16_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
+<b> int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
+<b>int pcre32_fullinfo(const pcre32 *<i>code</i>, const pcre32_extra *<i>extra</i>,</b>
+<b> int <i>what</i>, void *<i>where</i>);</b>
+This function returns information about a compiled pattern. Its arguments are:
+ <i>code</i> Compiled regular expression
+ <i>extra</i> Result of <b>pcre[16|32]_study()</b> or NULL
+ <i>what</i> What information is required
+ <i>where</i> Where to put the information
+The following information is available:
+ PCRE_INFO_BACKREFMAX Number of highest back reference
+ PCRE_INFO_CAPTURECOUNT Number of capturing subpatterns
+ PCRE_INFO_DEFAULT_TABLES Pointer to default tables
+ PCRE_INFO_FIRSTBYTE Fixed first data unit for a match, or
+ -1 for start of string
+ or after newline, or
+ -2 otherwise
+ PCRE_INFO_FIRSTTABLE Table of first data units (after studying)
+ PCRE_INFO_HASCRORLF Return 1 if explicit CR or LF matches exist
+ PCRE_INFO_JCHANGED Return 1 if (?J) or (?-J) was used
+ PCRE_INFO_JIT Return 1 after successful JIT compilation
+ PCRE_INFO_JITSIZE Size of JIT compiled code
+ PCRE_INFO_LASTLITERAL Literal last data unit required
+ PCRE_INFO_MINLENGTH Lower bound length of matching strings
+ PCRE_INFO_MATCHEMPTY Return 1 if the pattern can match an empty string,
+ 0 otherwise
+ PCRE_INFO_MATCHLIMIT Match limit if set, otherwise PCRE_RROR_UNSET
+ PCRE_INFO_MAXLOOKBEHIND Length (in characters) of the longest lookbehind assertion
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMECOUNT Number of named subpatterns
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMEENTRYSIZE Size of name table entry
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE Pointer to name table
+ PCRE_INFO_OKPARTIAL Return 1 if partial matching can be tried
+ (always returns 1 after release 8.00)
+ PCRE_INFO_OPTIONS Option bits used for compilation
+ PCRE_INFO_SIZE Size of compiled pattern
+ PCRE_INFO_STUDYSIZE Size of study data
+ PCRE_INFO_FIRSTCHARACTER Fixed first data unit for a match
+ 1 if there is a first data character set, which can
+ then be retrieved using PCRE_INFO_FIRSTCHARACTER,
+ 2 if the first character is at the start of the data
+ string or after a newline, and
+ 0 otherwise
+ PCRE_INFO_RECURSIONLIMIT Recursion limit if set, otherwise PCRE_ERROR_UNSET
+ PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHAR Literal last data unit required
+ PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHARFLAGS Returns 1 if the last data character is set (which can then
+ be retrieved using PCRE_INFO_REQUIREDCHAR); 0 otherwise
+The <i>where</i> argument must point to an integer variable, except for the
+following <i>what</i> values:
+ PCRE_INFO_DEFAULT_TABLES const uint8_t *
+ PCRE_INFO_FIRSTTABLE const uint8_t *
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE PCRE_SPTR16 (16-bit library)
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE PCRE_SPTR32 (32-bit library)
+ PCRE_INFO_NAMETABLE const unsigned char * (8-bit library)
+ PCRE_INFO_OPTIONS unsigned long int
+The yield of the function is zero on success or:
+ PCRE_ERROR_NULL the argument <i>code</i> was NULL
+ the argument <i>where</i> was NULL
+ PCRE_ERROR_BADMAGIC the "magic number" was not found
+ PCRE_ERROR_BADOPTION the value of <i>what</i> was invalid
+ PCRE_ERROR_UNSET the option was not set
+There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
+<a href="pcreapi.html"><b>pcreapi</b></a>
+page and a description of the POSIX API in the
+<a href="pcreposix.html"><b>pcreposix</b></a>
+Return to the <a href="index.html">PCRE index page</a>.