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+.TH PCRE_UTF16_TO_HOST_BYTE_ORDER 3 "21 January 2012" "PCRE 8.30"
+PCRE - Perl-compatible regular expressions
+.B #include <pcre.h>
+.B int pcre16_utf16_to_host_byte_order(PCRE_UCHAR16 *\fIoutput\fP,
+.B " PCRE_SPTR16 \fIinput\fP, int \fIlength\fP, int *\fIhost_byte_order\fP,"
+.B " int \fIkeep_boms\fP);"
+This function, which exists only in the 16-bit library, converts a UTF-16
+string to the correct order for the current host, taking account of any byte
+order marks (BOMs) within the string. Its arguments are:
+ \fIoutput\fP pointer to output buffer, may be the same as \fIinput\fP
+ \fIinput\fP pointer to input buffer
+ \fIlength\fP number of 16-bit units in the input, or negative for
+ a zero-terminated string
+ \fIhost_byte_order\fP a NULL value or a non-zero value pointed to means
+ start in host byte order
+ \fIkeep_boms\fP if non-zero, BOMs are copied to the output string
+The result of the function is the number of 16-bit units placed into the output
+buffer, including the zero terminator if the string was zero-terminated.
+If \fIhost_byte_order\fP is not NULL, it is set to indicate the byte order that
+is current at the end of the string.
+There is a complete description of the PCRE native API in the
+.\" HREF
+page and a description of the POSIX API in the
+.\" HREF