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* more quilt faffdebian/2%8.35-5Matthew Vernon2015-05-26
* Commit Debian 3.0 (quilt) metadataMatthew Vernon2015-05-26
* quilt changes re removal of no_jit_ppc64el.patchMatthew Vernon2015-05-26
* changes to file patched by no_jit_ppc64-el.patchMatthew Vernon2015-05-26
* Changelog for 2:8.35-5Matthew Vernon2015-05-26
* enable jit again on ppc64el (#786530)Matthew Vernon2015-05-26
* Patch from Frederic Bonnard to fix watch file (#785726)Matthew Vernon2015-05-26
* Changelog for 2:8.35-4debian/2%8.35-4Matthew Vernon2015-03-07
* Make myself maintainer (Closes: #772994)Matthew Vernon2015-03-07
* Patches from Mattia Rizzolo <> to build pcre{16,32}Matthew Vernon2015-03-07
* pcre3 (2:8.35-3.3) unstable; urgency=mediumIvo De Decker2014-12-06