BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate changelog timestamp and set distribution.Peter Michael Green7 months
archive/debian/1.68-3commit d099063f00...Peter Michael Green7 months
debian/1.68-3commit d099063f00...Peter Michael Green7 months
archive/debian/1.68-2commit 8a8450ec20...Peter Michael Green7 months
debian/1.68-2commit 8a8450ec20...Peter Michael Green7 months
archive/debian/1.68-1commit 7e2507e4df...Peter Michael Green7 months
debian/1.68-1commit 7e2507e4df...Peter Michael Green7 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-01-24Update changelog timestamp and set distribution.HEADdebian/1.68-3archive/debian/1.68-3masterPeter Michael Green
2019-01-24Enable parallel builds.Peter Michael Green
2019-01-17Add patch to quilt series for changes merged from plugwash/masterPeter Michael Green
2019-01-17Update changelogPeter Michael Green
2019-01-17Merge branch 'master' into debianPeter Michael Green
2019-01-17Fix some screwups in 64-bit patch where PRIX64 was used where PRIXPTR should ...Peter Michael Green
2019-01-17Remove systemd stuff in debian/rules since we don't ship the server.Peter Michael Green
2019-01-16Fix package description for libpigpiod-if-devPeter Michael Green
2019-01-15More debian/control updates.debian/1.68-2archive/debian/1.68-2Peter Michael Green
2019-01-10Add closes for rfp to debian/changelog.debian/1.68-1archive/debian/1.68-1Peter Michael Green