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* Re-upload to NEW with a proper name for the source tarball, without “orig”.HEADdebian/1.2masterCharles Plessy2013-09-11
* pv-grub-menu (1.1) unstable; urgency=lowdebian/1.1Charles Plessy2013-09-10
* Corrected a bug in the machine-readable copyright file.Charles Plessy2013-09-10
* pv-grub-menu (1.0) unstable; urgency=lowCharles Plessy2013-08-11
* Corrected the path.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Make executable.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Run update-menu-lst at installation.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Polish the instructions.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Soften the requirement to edit menu.lst.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Normalised with cme.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Remove mention of kernel-img.conf, as we are using /etc/kernel/ hook director...Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Normalised VCS URLs.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Removed obsolete DM-Upload-Allowed field.Charles Plessy2013-08-11
* Depend on grub-comon for grub-probe (and others ?).Charles Plessy2012-08-26
* Removed some examples.Charles Plessy2012-08-26
* Removed interactions with the /boot/grub/default file.Charles Plessy2012-08-26
* Removed colors.Charles Plessy2012-08-26
* Adapted from update-grub (0.97-66)Charles Plessy2012-08-26