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Improve mock setup for 407-then-unknown test
`test_407_then_unknown_interaction_methods` causes the client to fetch the possible methods supported by the discharger (because it's told that it only supports a non-window method). This is currently unmocked, which causes the client to actually contact ``. This fails in Launchpad builds because they run with a restrictive network setup that doesn't even expose DNS lookups for non-permitted hosts. There isn't really a good way to simulate this without setting up a similar stunt DNS server (though perhaps installing an `httmock.all_requests` fallback mock that raises an exception would be a good idea?), but this seems to be the only failure at the moment. Forwarded: Last-Update: 2018-02-09 Patch-Name: improve-unknown-interaction-mock.patch Gbp-Pq: Name improve-unknown-interaction-mock.patch
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