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+How To Contribute
+Every open source project lives from the generous help by contributors that sacrifice their time and ``service_identity`` is no different.
+Here are a few guidelines to get you started:
+- Try to limit each pull request to one change only.
+- To run the test suite, all you need is a recent tox_.
+ It will ensure the test suite runs with all dependencies against all Python versions just as it will on `Travis CI`_.
+ If you lack some Python version, you can can always limit the environments like ``tox -e py27,py35`` (in that case you may want to look into pyenv_ that makes it very easy to install many different Python versions in parallel).
+- Make sure your changes pass our CI_.
+ You won't get any feedback until it's green unless you ask for it.
+- If your change is noteworthy, add an entry to the changelog_.
+- No contribution is too small; please submit as many fixes for typos and grammar bloopers as you can!
+- Don’t break `backward compatibility`_.
+- *Always* add tests and docs for your code.
+ This is a hard rule; patches with missing tests or documentation won’t be merged.
+- Write `good test docstrings`_.
+- Obey `PEP 8`_ and `PEP 257`_.
+- If you address review feedback, make sure to bump the pull request.
+ Maintainers don’t receive notifications if you push new commits.
+Please note that this project is released with a Contributor `Code of Conduct`_.
+By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.
+Please report any harm to `Hynek Schlawack <me>`_ in any way you find appropriate.
+We can usually be found in the ``#cryptography-dev`` channel on freenode_.
+Thank you for considering to contribute to ``service_identity``!
+.. _me:
+.. _`PEP 8`:
+.. _`PEP 257`:
+.. _`good test docstrings`:
+.. _`Code of Conduct`:
+.. _changelog:
+.. _`backward compatibility`:
+.. _`tox`:
+.. _`Travis CI`:
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+.. _CI:
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