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* Include SDL2 libraries properlyTuomas Virtanen2018-06-28
* More cleanup and documentationTuomas Virtanen2018-06-28
* More API cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-06-27
* Add documentation and api cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-06-27
* API rework #36, #37Tuomas Virtanen2018-06-24
* Implement new API for subtitle screen size and stream indexesTuomas Virtanen2018-06-23
* Miscellaneous seeking and locking bugfixes (ref issue #32)Tuomas Virtanen2018-06-20
* Add texture atlas for subtitlesTuomas Virtanen2018-03-31
* Cleanup and function renamesTuomas Virtanen2018-03-26
* Dump reorganized codeTuomas Virtanen2018-01-15
* Split decoding to separate filesTuomas Virtanen2017-09-22
* Split kitplayer.c to multiple filesTuomas Virtanen2017-09-22
* Fix whitespace in commentTuomas Virtanen2016-01-21
* Add support for libass subtitlesTuomas Virtanen2016-01-17
* This and thatTuomas Virtanen2016-01-17
* Decode subtitles, still needs presentationTuomas Virtanen2016-01-16
* Initial work on subtitle streamsTuomas Virtanen2016-01-16
* Add seekingTuomas Virtanen2016-01-14
* Add audio sync, fix video sync, other minor fixesTuomas Virtanen2016-01-13
* Basic video sync + frameskip + play/pause/stop controlTuomas Virtanen2016-01-11
* Cleanups + allow audio only playbackTuomas Virtanen2016-01-10
* Threaded decodingTuomas Virtanen2016-01-10
* Improvements to error checkingTuomas Virtanen2016-01-10
* Preallocate temporary audio frame for decoderTuomas Virtanen2016-01-08
* Preallocate temporary video frame for decoderTuomas Virtanen2016-01-08
* Code dump. Playback & decoding works, but no sync yet.Tuomas Virtanen2016-01-08
* Initial commit; Not done yet though, needs more work.Tuomas Virtanen2016-01-04