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* Capitalize label names and add more constsTuomas Virtanen2020-05-02
* Add consts and clean unnecessary stateTuomas Virtanen2020-05-02
* Fix minor issue in sound conversionTuomas Virtanen2018-11-15
* Make sure audio is handled properly too :/Tuomas Virtanen2018-11-15
* Some initial work on supporting new ffmpeg decoder APITuomas Virtanen2018-10-07
* Code cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-09-30
* Improve playback of videos in low performance scenariosTuomas Virtanen2018-09-30
* Code cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-09-29
* Drop debug loggingTuomas Virtanen2018-09-29
* Improved frameskipTuomas Virtanen2018-09-29
* Snappier seekTuomas Virtanen2018-08-27
* Issue #33: Drop usage of av_frame_get_best_effort_timestamp when deprecatedTuomas Virtanen2018-08-02
* Code style cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-08-02
* Code style improvementsTuomas Virtanen2018-06-28
* Include SDL2 libraries properlyTuomas Virtanen2018-06-28
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* API rework #36, #37Tuomas Virtanen2018-06-24
* Implement new API for subtitle screen size and stream indexesTuomas Virtanen2018-06-23
* Only support mono/stereo sound for now, downmix with anything higherTuomas Virtanen2018-06-21
* Code cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-04-06
* CleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-03-29
* Dump reorganized codeTuomas Virtanen2018-01-15