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* Add consts and clean unnecessary stateTuomas Virtanen2020-05-02
* Fix last playback problems with new decodersTuomas Virtanen2018-11-15
* Include SDL2 libraries properlyTuomas Virtanen2018-06-28
* Add documentation and api cleanupsTuomas Virtanen2018-06-27
* API rework #36, #37Tuomas Virtanen2018-06-24
* Don't use av_register_all with newer versionsTuomas Virtanen2018-06-21
* Allow runtime loading of libass library.Tuomas Virtanen2018-03-26
* Dump reorganized codeTuomas Virtanen2018-01-15
* Split decoding to separate filesTuomas Virtanen2017-09-22
* Don't use system font directories for libassTuomas Virtanen2016-01-17
* Add support for libass subtitlesTuomas Virtanen2016-01-17