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* debian/control: bump dh compat to 13Johannes 'josch' Schauer2020-07-15
* debian/control: python3-werkzeug >= 0.16.1 is needed because of werkzeug/midd...Johannes 'josch' Schauer2020-07-15
* debian/control: bump standards-version to 4.5.0Johannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01
* debian/control: add rules-requires-root:noJohannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01
* bump dh compat to 12Johannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01
* debian/control: use python3-fontforge instead of python-fontforgeJohannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01
* switch packaging to gbpJohannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01
* Import Debian changes 0.15.0+dfsg1-1Johannes 'josch' Schauer2020-02-01