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* Apply debian specific patchesJohannes Schauer2019-01-06
* New upstream version 0.15.0+dfsg1Johannes 'josch' Schauer2019-01-06
* Apply debian specific patchesJohannes Schauer2018-02-21
* New upstream version 0.14.0+dfsg1Johannes Schauer2018-02-20
* do not install static files into usr/lib/pythonJohannes Schauer2017-11-24
* New upstream version 0.13.1+dfsg1Johannes Schauer2017-11-24
* Only install the *.mo files for translation and not the *.po sourcesJohannes 'josch' Schauer2017-06-16
* Do not install a number of files into /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages to compl...Johannes 'josch' Schauer2017-06-16
* New upstream version 0.12.0+dfsg1Johannes 'josch' Schauer2017-06-16