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@@ -16,7 +16,8 @@ The current version features:
images file formats.
* OpenCL-based data processing: image alignment (SIFT),
image processing (median filter, histogram),
- filtered backprojection for tomography
+ filtered backprojection for tomography,
+ convolution
* Data reduction: histogramming, fitting, median filter
* A set of Qt widgets, including:
@@ -47,13 +48,13 @@ To install silx with a minimal set of dependencies, run:
Or using Anaconda on Linux and MacOS:
-.. code-block:: bash
+.. code-block:: bash
conda install silx -c conda-forge
Unofficial packages for different distributions are available:
-- Unofficial Debian8 packages are available at
+- Unofficial Debian9 packages are available at
- CentOS 7 rpm packages are provided by Max IV at:
- Fedora 23 rpm packages are provided by Max IV at
- Arch Linux (AUR) packages are also available: