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+Trouble shooting
+Using OpenGL through ssh
+Some widgets in :mod:`silx.gui` are using OpenGL2.1:
+- Widgets in :mod:`silx.gui.plot3d`, and
+- The OpenGL backend of :class:`~silx.gui.plot.PlotWidget` and related widgets in :mod:`silx.gui.plot`.
+When running applications based on OpenGL2.1 through ssh, there are a few situations that can prevent the display of OpenGL widgets:
+- Make sure to use ``ssh -X`` to enable X11 forwarding.
+- OpenGL is disabled with X11 forwarding (the default on Debian 8 and 9). See `Enabling OpenGL forwarding`_.
+- Unless the operating system is using `libglvnd <>`_
+ (available from Debian 9 backports onward),
+ both the server and the client computers must have the same kind of GPU drivers
+ (either both using proprietary NVidia drivers or both using open source drivers),
+ otherwise only OpenGL1.4 is available.
+To get the currently available version of OpenGL, run from the command line::
+ glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version string"
+On Debian, ``glxinfo`` is available as part of the ``mesa-utils`` package.
+Enabling OpenGL forwarding
+"Indirect GLX" must be enabled on the local computer.
+If it is disabled, setting it up requires root access.
+The way to set it up depends on the configuration of the system (the operating system and the display manager).
+- On Debian 8 with kdm display manager, add ``+iglx`` after ``ServerArgsLocal=...`` in ``/etc/kde4/kdm/kdmrc`` and restart the X server.
+- On Debian 9 with sddm display manager, dd ``+iglx`` after ``ServerArguments=...``` in ``/etc/sddm.conf`` and restart the X server.