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@@ -4,20 +4,13 @@ Generate silx fat binary for Windows
-- PyInstaller must be installed.
- It is best to use the development version to use package specific hooks up-to-date.
- Run either::
- pip install -r requirements-dev.txt
- or::
- pip install
+- `PyInstaller <>`_ must be installed.
+ Run: ``pip install -r requirements-dev.txt``
+- `InnoSetup <>`_ must be installed and in the ``PATH``.
- silx and all its dependencies must be INSTALLED::
pip install silx[full]
or from the source directory::
pip install .[full]
@@ -28,10 +21,5 @@ Procedure
- Go to the ``package/windows`` folder in the source directory
- Run ``pyinstaller pyinstaller.spec``.
- This generates a fat binary in ``package/windows/dist/silx/`` for the generic launcher ``silx.exe``.
-- Run ``pyinstaller pyinstaller-silx-view.spec``.
- This generates a fat binary in ``package/windows/dist/silx-view/`` for the silx view command ``silx-view.exe``.
-- Copy ``silx-view.exe`` and ``silx-view.exe.manifest`` to ``package/windows/dist/silx/``.
- This is a hack until PyInstaller supports multiple executables (see
-- Zip ``package\windows\dist\silx`` to make the application available as a single zip file.
+ This will generates the fat binary in ``package/windows/dist/``.
+ It will then run InnoSetup to create the installer in ``package/windows/artifacts/``.