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+= Installing SRC =
+Have RCS or CSSC or both installed on your system. Have "python"
+available as a Python 2.7 or 3.x interpreter, x >= 3. Put
+src somewhere on your $PATH. That's all there is to it.
+(The SCCS support is limited, does not include tag or branch support,
+and not really recommended unless you have a specific need to work
+with legacy SCCS histories.)
+If you want to use the "visualize" command, you will need to install the
+graphviz package to get dot(1).
+There's a 'make install' production you can use that also installs the
+manual page. It will require root permissions.
+Doing 'make check' performs a comprehensive test of the software. You
+must have both RCS and CSSC installed for this to work. You must also have
+a Git user configuration with and set; this is
+required for the fast-export test.
+The FAQ has a section on how to report bugs.