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* Rename source and binary package namedebian/1.20-1archive/debian/1.20-1Dmitry Bogatov2018-11-27
| | | | Short name 'src' is considered confusing by FTP-team (see #881896).
* Patch to use "utf-8" as master encodingDmitry Bogatov2018-11-13
| | | | | | | | I have rather vague understanding, what `master_encoding' is, but using any encoding but "utf-8" looks suspicios. Actually, with master_encoding, provided by upstream, I get garbled output when trying to write commit message in non-english language. Hope it will not break anything else. (Maybe it is required for python2 version?)
* Install upstream changelogDmitry Bogatov2018-11-10
* Fix shebang in /usr/bin/srcDmitry Bogatov2018-11-10
| | | | | | | | Shebang provided by upstream uses python2, while best practice in Debian is to use python3, when there is choice. There is choice, since upstream deliberately maintains compatibility with both Python2 and Python3.
* Perform installation by upstream MakefileDmitry Bogatov2018-11-10
* Initial debianizationDmitry Bogatov2018-11-10