BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMake fast forward from 3:5.55-1Peter Pentchev4 weeks
archive/debian/3%5.55-2commit a806daaa20...Peter Pentchev4 weeks
debian/3%5.55-2commit ef4ace3875...Peter Pentchev4 weeks
archive/debian/3%5.55-1commit c060ba148c...Peter Pentchev6 weeks
debian/3%5.55-1commit f5272ceb8e...Peter Pentchev6 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-07-25Make fast forward from 3:5.55-1HEADarchive/debian/3%5.55-2masterPeter Pentchev
2019-07-25Correct a couple of grammatical errors.Peter Pentchev
2019-07-25Temporarily restore the pid file creation by default.Peter Pentchev
2019-07-25Change the default user the binary will run as to stunnel4Julien Lemoine
2019-07-25Change references to the binary from stunnel to stunnel4Julien Lemoine
2019-07-25Update the installation directories.Paolo Molaro
2019-07-25Prepare to upload stunnel4/3:5.55-2 to unstable.debian/3%5.55-2Peter Pentchev
2019-07-25Update the changelog file.Peter Pentchev
2019-07-25Fix our functional test's overzealous die() handler.Peter Pentchev
2019-07-25Start a new Debian revision for the upcoming bugfix.Peter Pentchev