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+API ChangeLog
+* Release 1.5.11 *
+14-May-2008 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added ability for lexicon drivers to accept
+ ####![a-z] as strong number.
+13-May-2008 Chris Little <>
+ Added basic TEIRTF filters
+ Added tei2mod utility
+ Added Japanese locale from
+ Applied Ben Morgan's TEIHTMLHREF filter
+ Added TEIHTMLHREF filter to BCB5 project
+11-May-2008 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Applied patch to better handle x-refs in notes
+ -Ben Morgan <benpmorgan at gmail dot com>
+ Applied patch to better output OSIS in plaintext
+ -Ben Morgan <benpmorgan at gmail dot com>
+ Updated rawstr and rawstr4 to work consistently
+ with buffer sizes
+ Updated French locales and added french abbrev
+ locales from Dominique Corbex
+ <dominique dot corbex at gmail dot com>
+ Updated Farsi locales from Peter von Kaehne
+ <refdoc at gmx dot net>
+16-Oct-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Implemented a basic TreeKeyIdx::remove() method
+* Release 1.5.10 *
+16-Oct-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new vi-utf8.conf Vietnamese locale submitted
+ by Daniel Owens <dhowens at pmbx dot net>
+11-Oct-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new FileMgr::openFileReadOnly to help centralize
+ all file io details
+11-Oct-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new RawText4 and RawCom4 drivers which allow
+ for a 4 byte record size. Patch submitted by
+ Doug Rintoul <doug_rintoul at sil dot org>
+6-Oct-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added SWBuf::stripPrefix method which works nice
+ for returning and stripping stuff like
+ 'lemma' from "lemma:G1234"
+ Added part params to XMLTag::setAttribute
+ Changed OSISStrongs to only strip lemma parts with
+ strong prefix
+ Applied fix for newer version of gcc which errors if
+ create perms are not passed to ::open
+ (Deji Akingunola <dakingun at gmail dot com>)
+ Modified OSISLemma to only strip lemma parts with
+ lemma.* prefix or no prefix
+ Added UTF-8 processing for case insensitive unindexed
+ searching
+13-Sep-2007 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added InstallMgr::getModuleStatus to return a list
+ of differences between the modules of two SWMgr
+ objects
+03-Mar-2007 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added osis morph segments filter include file to the dist
+ Fixed wrong stricmp in SWObject
+10-Dec-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added example: examples/cmdline/verserangeparse.cpp
+2-Dec-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added example: examples/cmdline/listoptions.cpp
+ Added entryAttributes processing for morph segs
+23-Nov-2006 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Use acx_clucene.m4 from CLucene contribs to detect CLucene
+ apply Debian patch for flatapi for 64-bit portability
+20-Nov-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Moved treekey and genbook tests to utilities
+ Finished first stable version of rewrite of imp2gbs
+ Fixed bug in treekey where didn't break on found sibling
+ Added .trim to localName segments of genbook path,
+ e.g. /this / is/a/test/ - all spaces will be removed
+ Added recognition of additional greek accent ~
+ in UTF8GreekAccents filter
+ Fixed bug in RawGenBook::setText where default size
+ is < 0, not false
+ Changed lucene indexing to actually index the key field. This
+ allows searching within key field (e.g. key:word)
+ Fixed divineName logic
+ Fixed & handling
+* Release 1.5.9 *
+21-Sep-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Clean up and package for 1.5.9
+ Added Thai Unicode locale coutesy of
+ Adrian Korten <>
+29-Aug-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added recognition for the sysConfig parameter in SWMgr c-tor
+ (allow passing path to sword.conf to use for config)
+ Updated CORBA server to allow option -sysConf /path/sword.conf
+16-Aug-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new module lookup options:
+ ./sword.conf
+ ../library/mods.d
+ Added fix to preserve markup in headings (charcoal)
+ Fixed non-UTF8 builds (thanks berkana)
+1-Aug-2006 DM Smith <>
+ Fixed divineName bug
+ Updated q handling to use quote stack
+ Update to fix RLT
+ Fixed a bug in osis2mod that duplicated a chapter title in the verse
+ Normalize whitespace in xml tags
+ Updated support for more OSIS markup, including q marker
+21-May-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added SWBuf::startsWith, endsWith
+ Added entry attribute exposure of multipart words
+ Added beginnings of VerseKey subclass which uses TreeKey
+25-Apr-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed SWModule::search to fill result set up with more
+ specialized SWKey objects, instead of always SWKey
+ Changed SWModule::search to use CLucene better for
+ non-VerseKey modules
+ Added basic proximity searching with CLucene searches
+ Added ListKey::sort()
+14-Apr-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added EntryAttribute support to SWIG bindings (from mreimer)
+29-Mar-2006 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Fixed lucene code to work with 0.9.x (tested with 0.9.10)
+31-Jan-2006 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added support for OSIS variants
+ Added .NET support and update to swig bindings (from lefticus)
+28-Nov-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed ICUStringMgr toUpper method
+19-Nov-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Cleaned up headers to remove unnecessary includes
+26-Oct-2005 Martin Gruner <>
+ Added Arabic locale (from Mina Magdy).
+17-Oct-2005 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Fixed the dutch locale file
+21-Sep-2005 Martin Gruner <>
+ Added Hebrew locale for both Tanach (OT) and
+ Berit Chadashah (NT).
+* Release 1.5.8 *
+27-May-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Clean up and package for 1.5.8
+16-May-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed Strongs to Lemma and added LemmaClass for
+ EntryAttributes
+ Made OSIS, GBF, and ThML filters parse lemma and
+ morph
+2-May-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Removed many tools files and added them to
+ the sword-tools repository
+ Removed the need for many #if's throughout the code
+ Added seek, read, write, O_*, S_* to filemgr.cpp
+11-Apr-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Cleaned up unused files in preparation for release
+ Updated pkg-config to report proper required libs
+1-Jan-2005 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Extended InstallMgr routines to recurse directories
+ Cleaned up InstallMgr code
+ Created FTPTransport base class used by InstallMgr
+ to allow for any FTP routines to be plugged
+ into InstallMgr by overriding a new
+ createFTPTransport method to return subclass
+ (Joachim's good idea)
+ Moved all CURL and FTPLib code into FTPTransport
+ subclasses CURLFTPTransport and FTPLibFTPTransport
+ classes respectively
+ Moved status reporting methods from InstallMgr to
+ StatusReporter in FTPTransport ftptrans.(h|cpp)
+ Added CopyDir, removeDir, and isDirectory methods
+ to FileMgr
+ Added SWMgr::deleteModule to allow deleting a
+ loaded module from an SWMgr class-- needed
+ before InstallMgr deletes files involved
+ so after destruction of SWModule, all files
+ will be closes (mostly for Windows, but good
+ on any platform).
+13-Aug-2004 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Migrated to SVN
+11-May-2004 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Updated to support ARM cross-compile, and that
+ without errors
+03-Apr-2004 Will Thimbleby <>
+ Added SWBuf method setFormatted()
+ Altered all remaining uses of char[127]
+ for file names to use SWBufs.
+06-Jan-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed system[Log|File|Locale]Mgr to
+ *Mgr *[get|set]System*Mgr() per Daniel Glassey's
+ discovery of potential problems from order of
+ initializing statics.
+ Added new prefix recognition for OSIS lemma prefix
+ "strong:"
+* Release 1.5.7 *
+28-Dec-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Updated many filters
+ Split cvs, removing apps
+ Updated OSIS importer
+28-Aug-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Abstracted the search interface from SWModule
+ Added experimental implementation of fast
+ search framework to zText using
+ clucene
+* Release 1.5.6 *
+26-Aug-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Packaged up 1.5.6
+ Updated CORBA services to expose a little more
+ functionality for the OSIS webapp
+12-Aug-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Enciphering code that works with SWBuf
+ Fixed appendFormatted to re-init var_args
+ Other small fixes to build on Opteron 64-bit
+07-Jul-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added enough functionality to remotely install
+ into installmgr, but Daniel Glassey needs
+ to fix the linux autobuild stuff :)
+ Added SWOptionFilter and made most option filters
+ extent this class.
+26-Jun-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Removed all std::string references from API and
+ mostly replaced with SWBuf
+ Added int max param to SWBuf::append
+ Added some file copy functions to FileMgr
+ Moved some more install stuff to installmgr
+18-Jun-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Joachim added OSISFootnotes. Added entryAttributes
+ parsing in OSISFootnotes
+ Added = operator and empty constructor to XMLTag
+ Fixed OSISHeadings to passthru non x-preverse note
+ bodies
+10-Jun-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added tests/testsuite for building a good set
+ of regression tests
+ Fixed VerseKey parsing of "1. book" and osisRefs
+06-Jun-2003 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Implemented encodeURL() function in utilweb.cpp
+ Converted ThMLHTML filter to XMLTag, removed handling
+ of scripRefs because this shouldn't be done
+ Converted ThMLHTMLHREF to XMLTag. Fixed some things.
+ Simplified some small things in filters, nothing big.
+01-Jun-2003 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added WEBIF filters, based on HTMLHREF filters.
+ Added new utilweb stuff for working with urls etc.
+ in defs.h if NO_SWORD_NAMESPACE was defined
+30-May-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added utilities/installmgr to call some of the
+ basic functionality from engine install
+ routines.
+ Added removeModule to installmgr.cpp, copied from
+ Windows InstallMgr.
+26-May-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added first cut of osis2mod using the ESV as a
+ basic template. Works with VerseKey mods
+ only and doesn't capture all data.
+ Improved verse reference parsing to include proper
+ parsing of osisRef attributes and other
+ misc. anomalies.
+ Returned canon.h back to previous state to
+ avoid locale key mismatches
+25-May-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added utilfuns/utilxml.cpp and test/xmltest which
+ include basic xml utility classes
+ Added comparison operators to SWBuf so it plays
+ nicely with stl containers
+19-Feb-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added utilfuns/swbuf.cpp and tests/swbuftest
+ Fixed make system to include osisrtf and osisplain
+ Started HUGE task of moving all char **buf over
+ to SWBuf &buf
+06-Feb-2003 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added ro.conf (Romanian) in locales.d
+14-Jan-2003 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added strip filter for the red letter words so users can
+ turn it off
+ Worked a bit on locales.d/de.conf to include some abbrevs
+10-Jan-2003 Terry Biggs <>
+ Added new osisstrongs and osismorph support to gbfhtml*.
+08-Jan-2003 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new osisstrongs and osismorph option filters.
+ Hacked gbfrtf to support, for now:
+ the osis <w> tag,
+ Removed OSIS <note>...</note>,
+ Removed any empty strongs tags for the article.
+19-Dec-2002 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Removed old russian book locale file, because it wasn't
+ working in Linux AND Windows
+ Added book locale files (cp1251 and koi8-r) submitted by
+ Pavlo Bohmat to support Windows
+ and Linux.
+30-Nov-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Finnish locale files contributed by Tero
+ Favorin <tero at favorin dot com>
+27-Nov-2002 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Worked on Swig bindings. They work now with latest CVS.
+25-Nov-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Chris' ThMLVariants option filter to SWMgr
+21-Nov-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added support to ListKey to test for inclusion in
+ set. eg. listKey.setText("mat 2:2") will set
+ listKey.Error() to true if Matthew 2:2 is not
+ in the listkey set. listKey will also be set
+ to the correct subKey and position if it IS
+ in the set.
+09-Nov-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Updated ICU headers and Thai transliterator per
+ Steven Loomis' recommendations.
+29-Oct-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added SWModule *SWMgr::getModule(const char *modName);
+ Added Terry Biggs' patch to htmlref filters to
+ more consistently deal with strongs numbers
+23-Oct-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Some base work for installmgr on classes to
+ manage mods.d
+* Release 1.5.5 *
+22-Oct-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Updated hu locale submitted from Mentler Gyula
+ Fixed bug in Book parsing that took first matching
+ book, not best matching book.
+ Added VCL autoconf/automake files and updated to
+ compile on gcc 3.2
+21-Oct-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed ListKey bugs dealing with TOP and BOTTOM and
+ added at least an attempt to position the
+ current element key on ListKey::setText
+20-Oct-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added optimizations for ListKey persistent keys
+ in VerseKey drivers
+09-Oct-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Add debian directory so you can build debs from cvs
+* Release 1.5.4a *
+07-Oct-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed rawFilter bug where entrySize was being passed
+ instead of maxBufferSize. This problem caused
+ a number of problems with the engine.
+ Applied a few of Franklin Bratcher's critical patches
+ to diatheke.
+01-Oct-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Work on sword swig perl binding
+ Change sword to use a sword namespace
+ Fix to build with gcc3.2 again after yesterday
+30-Sep-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Remove using namespace std from all headers
+28-Sep-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added SWModule::Index and SWCom and SWText impls
+* Release 1.5.4 *
+25-Sep-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed zverse zstr zcom ztext zld to work with cipher
+ Added cipher key to mod2zmod
+27-Aug-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Nikolay Igotti's logic for improved non-western
+ locale functionality
+ Fixed mod2zmod to work properly with headings
+ Fixed cheatah to allow heading texts like 'Mat 0:0'
+08-Aug-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added support for new entry in /etc/sword.conf
+ [Install]
+ AugmentPath=/where/ever
+ multiple entries can exist.
+31-Jul-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Minor change to use iostream not iostream.h (more gcc3)
+31-Jul-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed FileMgr::trunc if trunc should be empty was
+ leaving a 1 byte (null) file, instead of empty.
+30-Jul-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed zLD link bug where resolving incorrectly
+ skipped IDXENTRYSIZE instead of 6 ("@LINK ").
+ Fixed RawLD link errors.
+ Allocate buffer for RawStr* drivers in readtext
+ to allow realloc if link
+29-Jul-2002 Victor Porton <>
+ Fixed RawLD and RawLD4 drivers not reporting errors in
+ getRawEntry()
+28-Jul-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Gregor Anzelj's Slovenian (sl.conf) locale.
+27-Jul-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ lex/dict drivers use new toupperstr_utf8 to allow
+ keys to be encoded in utf8 (hopefully will
+ allow cedict to be built/work correctly.
+ Added toupperstr_utf8 to utilstr.cpp
+ Make all operators have real name methods
+ Isolated SWModule operators in define
+ Fixed RawLD and RawLD4 drivers where there was
+ a blank entry created at the beginning
+ Added test lextest
+ Consolidated setPosition for lexicons in SWLD
+16-Jul-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ utf8transliterator now loads translators from local
+ sword ICU data on demand
+ SWMgr loads a UTF8Transliterator filter along with
+ other filters on Load
+11-Jul-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ simple fixes to allow compiling with gcc 3.1
+ rename gettext to readtext as unobtrusively as
+ possible.
+ fix BGreek_Greek trans to work with icu2.1
+ add SWMgr::isICU for apps to check if ICU stuff is
+ available
+10-Jul-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Initial support for using sword transliterators
+ with offical ICU
+24-Jun-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added a few english abbrevs to better parse BW exported
+ texts.
+ Added Error() raised on improperly parsed VerseKey
+ text.
+22-Jun-2002 Daniel Glassey <>
+ Fixes to allow compiling with gcc3
+ add configure support to libVCL and change X!/installmgr
+ to build it automatically
+ remove --enable-vcl from core sword
+13-Jun-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed Module heading bug
+ Fixed SWConfig += bug again
+ Fixed SWModule size logic when getEntrySize returns -1
+06-Jun-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed SWConfig += bug
+ Added Efata's Indonesian locale
+09-Jun-2002 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added Perl bindings by J. Kaiser to the CVS
+06-Jun-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Dominique Corbex' fr locale updates
+ Added new resultBuffer protected member to SWBasicFilter
+04-Apr-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added VerseKey::getOSISRef()
+ Added the beginnings of ThMLOSIS filter
+02-Apr-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added gsoap bindings and test client.
+ Added gbfstrongs parsing of entry attributes
+30-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added mod2imp to export a sword module in 'imp'
+ format
+ Better entry attribute parsing in greekdef* and
+ thmlstrongs*
+22-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Saulo Rodrigues e Silva's <>
+ locale for pt_BR
+ Added entry attributes for Thayer and ThMLStrongs
+ (which includes morph also)
+* Release 1.5.3 *
+22-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Updated make system to display better user output
+ Updated 'readme'-type files
+ Added make install_config
+21-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed SWMgr::Load ONE MORE TIME (blame Osk) to return
+ signed char for mac ppc to work correctly
+19-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed SWMgr::Load to return char status to be more
+ consistent with rest of api. Sorry guys.
+ Added Daniel Glassey's patch to build diatheke
+ Added new entryAttributes mechanism to SWModule
+ Added new LocalOptionFilter GreekLexAttribs
+18-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added ChrisLit's Diatheke, BibleCS, and InstallMgr updates
+ Fixed Joachim's bug report about TreeKeyIdx segfaulting
+ if no data at DataPath
+ Added Joachim's patch to remove throw in SWMgr::Load
+16-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Martin Gruner's suggestion to swmgr to look
+ for global configuration in multiple location.
+ Set default to: /etc/sword.conf:/usr/local/etc/sword.conf
+ Added ChrisLit's msvc and diatheke patches
+15-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added SWCacher to lib and made SWModule impl it
+ Added SWModule::setSkipConsecutiveLinks
+ Fixed mod2zmod to catch links
+ Fixed TOP to position to first entry, not say Gen1:1
+ Fixed bug in rawverse in logic when index is out of bnds.
+ Added DTrotz' fix for CBuilder6
+14-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Changed all make system files to dglassey's ./configure
+ autotool system
+ Applied ChrisLit's patch for macosx
+12-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new option to filemgr open to allow downgrade
+ of access from rdwr to rdonly.
+ Removed code that actually opens files from most
+ driver's constructors.
+ Changed isWritable to actually return true only if the user
+ has write permission to the files.
+11-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added David White's recommendation to cache strlen
+ in stdstr to improve performance.
+ Added Helmer Krämer's fix for case insensitive code
+ in SWBasicFilter
+04-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new multimapwithdefault::has(K, V) method to allow
+ a call like module->getConfig().has("Feature", "HebrewDefs")
+ Fixed VerseKey parse bug that didn't work with a locale
+ other than the sysLocaleMgr locale.
+ Added VerseKey::getLocale()
+ Changed SWText subclasses to work like SWCom subclasses,
+ in that they increment to next valid entry on ++
+03-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added image support to thmlhtml and thmlhtmlhref
+ filters
+ Added dynamic entry "AbsoluteDataPath" to module config
+ information
+ Fixed an error in the new SWModule::getConfig*
+ methods that tbiggs pointed out with .sword
+01-Mar-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added Helmer Krämer's speed improvements to SWModule for
+ multiword searches
+ Fixed RawGenBook memory bugs
+ Isolated all byte swapping logic to sysdata.h
+27-Feb-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Commited tbiggs' update to thmlhtmlhref.cpp
+ Commited dglassey's update to make system
+ Fixed SWModule to allow setting it's own key back to
+ itself
+26-Feb-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added chrislit's update imp2gbs and new imp2vs
+ and new imp2ld
+ Make mod2zmod work with modules other than verse
+ keyed modules
+ Fixed zLD
+ Added SWModule::getConfig and
+ SWModule::getConfigEntry and made SWMgr
+ call new SWModlue::setConfig
+25-Feb-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added chrislit's new gbs tools:
+ utilities/thml2gbs
+ utilities/imp2gbs
+18-Feb-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added dglassey's conditional reallocation of entrybuf to drivers
+ Added dglassey's update to makesystem for icu
+ Added other optimizations for prep of 1.5.3
+16-Feb-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added getBookName and getBookAbbrev to VerseKey along
+ with struct book :: prefAbbrev member and data
+24-Jan-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added TreeKey and TreeKeyIdx decendants
+ Added SWGenBook, and RawGenBook general book support
+ and test programs
+04-Jan-2002 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Happy B-Day MOM!
+ Added new property in Makefile.cfg: globalconfdir
+ defaulted to /etc
+20-Dec-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added first cut of zLD
+13-Dec-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added __u16, __u32, and __u64 raw data types
+ Added byte swapping macros
+ Added standard swordtoarch and archtosword macros
+ in 16, 32, and 64 bit versions
+ Added remove to entriesblk
+ Added tests for byte swapping
+08-Dec-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new SWInputMethod class for keyboard mapping support.
+ Added null input method which returns what it gets
+ Added Hebrew Michigan-Claremont input method
+02-Sep-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new swbasicfilter.cpp that provides many common method needed
+ to make an swfilter implementation.
+ Changed ThMLHTML filter to extend SWBasicFilter to take advantage of
+ the new class.
+ Added new utilstr.cpp method toupperstr to convert a c_str to all
+ uppercase.
+ Added new methods to the key classes to provide non-operator methods
+ to access features to which there were non previously. Makes
+ other language bindings much easier to produce.
+* Release 1.5.2 *
+26-Jul-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Applied Tom Wildsmith's patches to cheatah: cleaned up
+ displaying of marked up texts; added nice about
+ box with module about info; handled errors better
+ on startup
+27-Jun-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added roman numeral support in VerseKey parsing
+ Fixed a number of memory bugs
+20-Jun-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Packaging up for 1.5.2
+ Fixed mod2zmod linking bug
+11-Jun-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added limited unicode support
+ Added French locale from Dominique Corbex
+02-Jun-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added GBFMorph OptionFilter to handle <WT...> tags and adjusted
+ GBFStrongs & other filters to not handle <WTG/H...> as a
+ Strong's number
+20-May-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Updated the Czech translation of booknames (cs.conf)
+18-May-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added polish translation of the booknames. It was created by Robert
+06-May-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added GBFHeadings OptionFilter & support for <TS><Ts> tags to
+ all GBF filters
+ Added emptyvss utility to list empty verses in a module
+ Added warning to vpl2mod for cases where a verse is being
+ overwritten
+23-Mar-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Made some changes to the API documentation in the headers
+ (documented new classes).
+11-Mar-2001 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added multimapwithdefault template and changed swconfig to use
+ Added operator [] to SWConfig
+ Added configtest
+25-Feb-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added roman.c for Roman Numeral conversion and made GBF to ThML
+ filter produce XML compliant text
+09-Feb-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added beginnings of API documentation in doc/api-documemtation.
+ Formats are HTML and man
+08-Feb-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added embedded Visual C++ project to build DLL in
+ apps/windoze/wince/sword but it requires undistributable
+ libraries to build it currently. MIPS, SH3, and ARM processors
+ are supported.
+08-Feb-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added Visual C++ 6.0 project to build DLL in apps/windoze/vc/Sword
+18-Jan-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ RawText::Search: Do not check for a valid key if we don't use a
+ scope, this speeds up the normal search of indexed modules
+ (IMHO a lot for large result sets)
+ Updated examples/cmdline/threaded_search.cpp
+14-Jan-2001 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Updated sk.conf
+13-Jan-2001 Chris Little <>
+ Added arg to vpl2mod to work with NT-only translations
+30-Dec-2000 Chris Little <>
+ Fixed prn2sword so that it should work with new OLBs
+22-Dec-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added 'micros' a mini GUI for PDAs
+20-Dec-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new compile target architecture: arm
+ Changed the simple lookup cmdline example to work with any
+ module. Tested on iPaq SA1110. Need to optimize
+ size/speed!
+15-Dec-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ zText compess driver working
+ Fixed ZipCompress
+ Optimized SWCompress
+ mod2zmod conversion utility working
+ Added support for zText modules in SWMgr with 2 new
+ parameters: BlockType=[VERSE|CHAPTER|BOOK]
+ CompressType=[LZSS|ZIP]
+10-Dec-2000 Chris Little <>
+ Added addld utility for adding single entries to LD modules
+09-Dec-2000 Chris Little <>
+ Added addvs utility for adding single verses to modules
+ Added Diatheke (and CGI/Tcl/PQA frontends to it) to source
+ tree
+ ThML filters (all) fixed to support longer tag lengths and
+ decode HTML ampersand codes (e.g. &nbsp;)
+ ThMLRTF filter fixed to avoid printing extra '>'s
+02-Dec-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added write support for RawLD
+ Added new utility modwrite to call a write interface
+30-Nov-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed memory leak in write methods of RawText
+ Added some initial support for writing to zText
+ Added a 'not working yet' mod2zmod utility
+20-Nov-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new utility, step2vpl, for dumping BSISG STEP module in
+ vpl format.
+ Added new make target: install_config to put a basic install on
+ a box.
+ Added a QUICKSTART section to INSTALL file
+17-Nov-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new utility, stepdump, for dumping BSISG STEP modules.
+11-Nov-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Commited new version of the sk locale file.
+* Release 1.5.1a *
+06-Nov-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added more debug for tests/mgrtest.cpp
+ Hardcoded VerseKey::NewIndex to KJV max index
+01-Nov-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added test program for indexes using VerseKey::NewIndex()
+31-Oct-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Fixed vpl2mod to work correctly with headers and files without
+ references.
+30-Oct-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Hacked SWModule::Search to hardcode high index always to
+ 32300 for now until we get NewIndex working properly.
+ This will be inaccurate for range searches but will
+ always return a value between 0-100
+ Made rawverse.cpp utility functions to not be so picky
+ about trailing '/' or '\' on path names.
+ Made vpl2mod work better when 'prepend verse ref' option
+ is turned on. There seems to be no sense in outputting
+ blank entries in this scenerio.
+29-Oct-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Reverted the patch from 23-Oct-2000
+ gbfhtml.cpp: Changed the HTML tag for new paragraph from <P> to <BR>
+ because it's bad HTML without a closing </P> tag.
+23-Oct-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Changed the private section of versekey.h into a protected one
+ because we need the change for current BibleTime!
+15-Oct-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Normalized Writable interface to SWModule.
+ Fixed RawVerse settext to correctly append a dos nl.
+ Fixed vpl2mod to correctly strip 10s and 13s from input.
+ Added verse ref parsing functionality to vpl2mod.
+ Added new 'getRawEntry()' pure virtual to each driver.
+ Changed from operator char *(). Moved operator char *
+ to SWModule.
+ Created define FILTERPAD to replace hard coded padding in
+ each driver.
+ Added write link support in RawText.
+ Added new test introtest to test module intros.
+ Fixed abbrev parsing to see Phil as Php.
+05-Sep-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Fixed a problem in Makefile.cfg with profiler support and
+ non-debugging lib (-s removes the profiler support,
+ changed it)
+30-Aug-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Fixed mod2vpl to strip any existing \n's from data before
+ writing the data.
+ Added new utility which reads a verse per line (vpl) file
+ and creates a new module.
+ Fixed RawVerse::CreateModule.
+ Implimented write functionality in RawText with a call to
+ RawVerse::settext.
+ Changed write functionality in RawVerse driver which appends
+ the new entry to the end of the data file and resets
+ the index to this new location.
+28-Aug-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added new utility to output a verse module one line per
+ verse (utilities/mod2vpl)
+22-Aug-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added Slovak translation of booknames made by Zdeno <>
+16-Aug-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Fixed utilities/mkfastmod.cpp
+ Added a template for translations of international booknames
+ (doc/translation-template.conf).
+14-Aug-2000 Troy A. Griffitts <>
+ Added beginnings of search framework support.
+ Added some optimized searches for RawText driver
+07-Apr-2000 Joachim Ansorg <>
+ Added the THML filters (thmlrtf,thmlplain,thmlhtml and thmlgbf)
+ to the Makefile.
+ Added buildvcl option to Makefile.cfg to allow exclusion of
+ the VCL libraries from the build.
+ Changed the install for the include directory to OBTAIN the
+ file list instead of specifying each include file
+ Included cs Czech locale submitted by Kri¹tof Petr
+ Included da Dutch locale submitted by Birger Langkjer
+ Added SWLocale and LocaleMgr classes to support localization
+ Made GBFPlain filter support plain text parsing of strongs
+ numbers to allow searching for such.
+ Added VCL library port to support porting of InstallMgr to gtk
+ Added basic InstallMgr gtk port.
+ Included Chris Little's initial cut of ThML filters
+ Added Torsten's Uhlmann's plainfootnotes, an option filter for
+ footnotes in plain format Biblical texts.
+ Added Torsten's rtfhtml filter (at the moment only usable for
+ the About comment)
+ Added zText, zVerse, etc. code utilizing Daniel Glassey's comp
+ drivers
+ Fixed alloc bug in RawLD
+ Fixed double // bug in swmgr
+ Fixed /./ bug in swmgr
+ Applied Joachim's patch to fix UpperBound bug
+ Fixed Makefile bugs
+ Fixed bug in rawstr.cpp that would overwrite buffer size if
+ idxkey info was larger than buffer size
+ Added sparc support
+ Enhanced and debugged build and install system
+ added spec file for building RPMs
+ Added updated GBFHTML and PLAINHTML filters from bibletime team
+ Fixed bug in SWMgr on exit when can't find any config info
+ Changed sig of ProcessText to include SWKey *, and calls approp.
+ Changed SWMgr::optionFilters security to protected
+ Why is it always the 5th?
+ Added RawFilters to facilitate on-the-fly deciphering of entries
+ Added SWCipher which uses Michael Paul Johnson's SapphireII cipher
+ Added CipherFilter which uses SWCipher and .conf CipherKey= entry
+ Added Key() method for setting / getting key on SWModule
+ Added kludge to UpperBound for setting verse and chapter to max
+ values if not specified
+ Fixed bugs where error was not being set correctly for some
+ traversals of SWModule
+ Sorry for not keeping the ChangeLog current
+ Lots of other stuff I'm sure I forgot
+ New mods.d configuration
+ Begin phase out of RawGBF. Move to RawText with SourceType=GBF
+ Added OptionFilters
+ Added scoped searches
+ More bug fixes, as always
+ Profiling to speed up some sections of code
+ Various API bug fixes.
+ Added navigation support for all module types
+ Added search support for all module types
+ Added standard mods.conf location lookups to SWMgr
+ Added cheatah, a simple lookup and search gtk GUI
+ 1.3.1 release.
+ Started making entries in ChangeLog again! :)
+ Moved directory structure.
+ Added Luis Cortes' wxSword frontend to apps tree. GREAT START!
+ Fixed bug in canon.h that incorrectly assumed static structures were
+ allocated on the heap sequential if they were in the source
+ sequentially.
+ Changed SWModule::Search(char *... to SWModule::Search(const char *
+ Removed -Werror from Makefile.cfg to avoid problems with different
+ warnings that get displayed with different versions of egcs
+ Fixed typo in about box of BibleCS
+ Changed font copyright notice in n27u4
+ Fixed Search window in BibleCS to search currently focused Bible Text module
+ and report such in the title bar.
+ Added ALPHA website to the CD Loader
+ Added a full report of the About section of a module when installing. (BibleCS)
+ Renamed module n26u4 to n27u4.
+ Added DDE to BibleCS frontend. Thanx to Franklin Bratcher for the idea.
+ Service = sword; Topic = Bible;
+ Item = [Lookup|Search]; Data = "<module name> <arg>". E.g.:
+ sword Bible Lookup MHC "Matthew 1:1"
+ sword Bible Search WEB knee[ls]
+ WARNING: case sensitive module names
+ See ddetest program under BibleCS directory
+ Added SWFilter and modified appropriate modules to use these.
+ Added RawGBF class that automatically adds a GBFPlain filter to
+ strip GBF tags before searching.
+ Added sword/frontend/windoze/cbuilder/biblecs frontend. To build, use cmdline
+ compiler: make -fsword DO NOT OPEN sword.mak WITH C++BUILDER
+ Added sword/frontend/windoze/cbuilder/biblecs/cdstartup for autorun
+ Made some functions const.
+ Added sword/install/complete for install.
+ Added module 'rwp' (Robertson's Word Pictures)
+ Added module 'kjv' (King James 1611 with some RTF)
+ Added module 'n26u4' (Nestle Aland 26th ed. / UBS 4th. ed. Greek NT)
+ Added module 'orthjbc' (Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha)
+ Added module 'sve' (Swedish Bible 1917 New Testament)
+ Added module 'vnt' (Valera 1858 Spanish New Testament Text)
+ Added module 'web' (The World English Bible)
+ Added swmgr class for module management.
+ Added swconfig class for .conf file manipulation.
+ Added regular expression functionality to SWModule.Search() Used GNU
+ regex.h and regex.c with slight modifications to #define's
+ Added .Search() method to SWModule
+ Added SWListKey key type to facilitate lists of verses (used by .Search)
+ Added .Headings() boolean method to VerseKey to allow incrementor to
+ work including or excluding headers (e.g. chapter/book/testm/mod)
+ Started z series of modules for compression access using the compression
+ algorithms in the STEP specs. (These are either not done or
+ extremely unstable, be warned ;)
+ Added .Index() method to VerseKey
+ Changed VerseKey incrementors to use Index(Index() [+-] val) instead of
+ counting on Normalize();
+ Added checks and output appropriate in VerseKey.freshtext() for headings.
+ This also fixed some bugs when trying to display VerseKey when
+ indexed to a heading.
+ Added frontend/widoze/Delphi20/swtxtdsp: the beginings of a Delphi RTF
+ control.
+ Changed Makefiles slightly for more logical compiles.
+ Added search test program (currently at ./)
+ Added keytest test program (currently ./tests)
+ Various Delphi component changes.
+ once again.. probably many other things I forgot to list, but I'm
+ getting better! ;) Sorry for the time lapse.
+ Fixed bug in VerseKey for old testament references!
+ Fixed VerseKey from crashing when set with text that it cannot parse.
+ Removed the need for Keys data files. Added information instead to canon.h
+ Added procedural API (frontend/windoze/bcowl25/swordapi) and 16 & 32
+ bit DLLs for windoze (sword16.dll; sword32.dll).
+ Added Delphi components (frontend/windoze/delphi20/swordvc) and
+ examples (examples/windoze/delphi/multimo[1-3])
+ Renamed RawDrv to RawVerse
+ Moved RawVerse common index files and Index() to VerseKey
+ Added StrKey, a VerseKey counterpart that accepts a string for its
+ key information (for words, cities, people, etc.)
+ Added RawStr, a RawVerse counterpart that operates on a StrKey
+ Added SWLD- a lexicon/dictionary base class
+ Added raw lexicon/dictionary support with class RawLD and utilities
+ (modules/lexdict/rawld/rawld.cpp)
+ Added module 'eastons' (Easton's Bible Dictionary)
+ Added module 'vines' (Vine's Bible Dictionary)
+ Added executable demo 'lookup' that used RawLD and the 'eastons'and
+ 'vines' modules to lookup argv[1] (module decided by argv[2])
+ Moved sword/frontend/windows/bcowl25 to examples/windoze/bcowl25/multimod
+ and added lexicon/dictionary support to demo. (Highligh a word and
+ right-click for menu)
+ Fixed VerseKey post-increment bug (operator ++(int))
+ ... once again: probably more that I forgot ...
+ Many small changes.
+ Moved raw file support to RawDrv class (modules/common/rawdrv.cpp)
+ Added Module/Testament/Book/Chapter intro entries in RawDrv index
+ OF THE RAW MODULES (or at least run the new 'makeidx' programs
+ against your old texts to re-index them (new versions save
+ some space so ideally the new copies are recommended).
+ Added size field into .vss RawDrv index files
+ Added logical comparison operators to VerseKey
+ Added Error() method to SWKey and return value KEYERR_OUTOFBOUNDS
+ This is set when VerseKey tries to increment or decrement
+ past valid canonical bounds (when Normalize() is attempted).
+ Added raw commentary support with class RawCom and utilities
+ (modules/comments/rawcom/rawcom.cpp)
+ Added module 'mhc' (Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Entire Bible)
+ Added AutoNormalize() method for toggling the automatic normalization
+ feature and moved normalize() to Normalize() (public).
+ Modified existing 'makeidx' utilities to support new format.
+ Removed ^M (0x0d) from RawDrv text files (sorry DOS users if this is
+ an inconvenience but it saves bandwidth for download time.
+ If you really feel the need to have them in your files, you
+ can always resave with most nonprogramming editors and it will
+ replace them, but be sure to run makeidx on 'ot' and 'nt' again
+ or your index files will be off.
+ Almost useful .exe in frontend/windoze/bcowl25/ (at least it shows an
+ example of coding direction for use of the API)
+ ... probably more that I forgot ...
+ Added chapmax and versemax information (canon.h)
+ Made sword.cpp test program accept parameters:
+ usage: sword ["Book CH:VS"] [number of verses to display]
+ Enabled normalize function (try sword "Matthew 1:-7" 12)