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+# Quickstart (tested on Ubuntu versions 9.10-13.10)
+# You should probably be able to also run this QUICKSTART
+# For a build of the latest code directly from source control:
+# From a fresh Ubuntu installation, this should get you all the necessary
+# packages for a full featured install of the SWORD libs, compile and install
+# the engine, install a modules, and test with a simple command line tool:
+# install necessary packages for all features of SWORD to be enabled
+sudo apt-get install autoconf autogen automake subversion make g++ libtool zlib1g-dev libicu-dev libclucene-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev
+# checkout and build the source tree
+svn co sword
+cd sword
+# you may want to review and edit to see if the default options
+# meet your needs
+make -j
+sudo make install
+sudo make install_config
+# install a module
+sudo installmgr -init -sc -r CrossWire -ri CrossWire KJV
+# build and test a simple command line example tool
+cd examples/cmdline
+./lookup KJV jn.3.16