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See README and INSTALL in root directory of the sword package
No real good docs for developers yet, but see tutorials and primers on
-our website at:
+our website and wiki at:
Thanks! More to come, Lord willing!
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- B-Greek has from the beginning allowed every poster to use
-any scheme he/she found comfortable, since we all could usually
-figure out what text was meant. For those who wish some
-guidance, a generally accepted scheme has evolved on the List,
-with two or three matters still not fully settled.
-(1) CAPITALS are used when transliterating Greek letters, on a
-one-to-one basis, reserving lower-case {i} to represent
-iota-subscript and lower-case {h} to represent rough breathing.
-No accents, no smooth breathings. And no distinction between
-medial and final Sigma.
-(2) If accents are really necessary, to distinguish otherwise
-identical words, acute is represented by {/}, grave by {\}, and
-circumflex either by tilde {~ [preferable]} or {=} -- always
-AFTER the vowel over which it would be written.
-(3) A few characters without Roman single-character form are
-usually done with almost-look-alike Roman characters otherwise
- Theta = Q
- Eta = H
- Psi = Y (upsilon is always U)
- Omega = W
-(4) Digraphs (in the usual Roman transliteration) are handled in
-three different ways to avoid two-letter transliterations, all
-involving otherwise-unused Roman letters:
- THeta uses Q ("look-alike", as above).
- PSi uses Y ("look-alike", as above).
- PHi uses F (sound equivalence).
- CHi uses C (first letter of traditional digraph).
-(5) Xi and Chi: There being no single Roman letter for "Xi"
-other than X, the "look-alike" use of X for "Chi" is confusing,
-though some use it. And some seem to like to use C for "Sigma."
-Since S is otherwise unused, and poses no confusion whatever,
-using C for "Sigma" makes for problems in decoding back to Greek,
-especially since it is the only letter available for "Chi"
-(unless X is used, thus posing a problem for "Xi"). And
-occasionally someone uses P for "Rho", making problems for how to
-represent "Pi".
- Usual in Traditional
- B-Greek (uses macrons and digraphs)
-alpha A a
-beta B b
-gamma G g
-delta D d
-epsilon E e
-zeta Z z
-eta H e with macron
-theta Q th
-iota I i
-kappa K k
-lambda L l
-mu M m
-nu N n
-xi X x
-omicron O o
-pi P p
-rho R r
-sigma S s
-tau T t
-upsilon U u
-phi F ph
-chi C ch
-psi Y ps
-omega W o with macron
-rough breathing h h
-iota-subscript i (i)