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+<form action= method=get>
+ <p align=center>Query:
+ <INPUT name=verse>
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+ <input type=hidden name=palm value=on>
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+ <p>
+<input name=strongs type=checkbox value=on>Stong's*| <input name=footnotes type=checkbox value=on>Footnotes| <input name=search type=checkbox value=on>Search</p>
+ <hr>
+ <p> <b>English Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=ALT type=checkbox value=on>Analytical-Literal Trans. (ALT)<br>
+<input name=ASV type=checkbox value=on>American Standard Ver. (ASV)<br>
+<input name=BBE type=checkbox value=on>Bible in Basic English (BBE)<br>
+<input name=Brenton type=checkbox value=on>Brenton's English LXX Trans. [OT]<br>
+<input name=Darby type=checkbox value=on>Darby's Bible<br>
+<input name=DR type=checkbox value=on>Douay-Rheims (DR)<br>
+<input name=DRA type=checkbox value=on>Douay-Rheims 1899 American Ed.<br>
+<input name=HNV type=checkbox value=on>Hebrew Names Ver. (HNV)<br>
+<input name=ISV type=checkbox value=on>International Standard Ver. (ISV) [NT]<br>
+<input name=JPS type=checkbox value=on>JPS 1917 Tanakh [OT]<br>
+<input name=KJ21 type=checkbox value=on>21st Century King James Ver. (KJ21)<br>
+<input name=KJV type=checkbox value=on>King James Ver. (KJV/AV) *<br>
+<input name=LITV type=checkbox value=on>Green's Literal Trans. (LitV)<br>
+<input name=LO type=checkbox value=on>The Living Oracles [NT]<br>
+<input name=MKJV type=checkbox value=on>A Modern King James Ver. (MKJV)<br>
+<input name=NASB type=checkbox value=on>New American Standard (NASB) <br>
+<input name=NASB95 type=checkbox value=on>New American Standard, 95 Update<br>
+<input name=NIV type=checkbox value=on>New International Ver. (NIV)<br>
+<input name=NIVBr type=checkbox value=on>New International Ver., British Ed.<br>
+<input name=NJB type=checkbox value=on>New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)<br>
+<input name=NKJV type=checkbox value=on>New King James Ver. (NKJV)<br>
+<input name=NLT type=checkbox value=on>New Living Trans. (NLT)<br>
+<input name=NRSV type=checkbox value=on>New Revised Standard Ver. (NRSV)<br>
+<input name=ORTHJBC type=checkbox value=on>Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha [NT]<br>
+<input name=RSV type=checkbox value=on>Revised Standard Ver. (RSV)<br>
+<input name=RWebster type=checkbox value=on>Revised 1833 Webster's Bible *<br>
+<input name=WEB type=checkbox value=on>World English Bible (WEB)<br>
+<input name=Websters type=checkbox value=on>Webster's Bible<br>
+<input name=Weymouth type=checkbox value=on>Weymouth New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=YLT type=checkbox value=on>Young's Literal Trans. (YLT)</p>
+<p><b>Ancient Language Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=BHS type=checkbox value=on>Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia (BHS)<br>
+<input name=ByzX type=checkbox value=on>1991 Byzantine/Majority Text<br>
+<input name=LXXX type=checkbox value=on>Septuagint (LXX)<br>
+<input name=NA26X type=checkbox value=on>Nestle-Aland 26th Ed. GNT<br>
+<input name=ScrivnerX type=checkbox value=on>1894 Scrivener Textus Receptus<br>
+<input name=StephanusX type=checkbox value=on>1550 Stephanus Textus Receptus<br>
+<input name=TischX type=checkbox value=on>Tischendorf's Eighth Ed. GNT<br>
+<input name=Vulgate type=checkbox value=on>Latin Vulgate<br>
+<input name=WHX type=checkbox value=on>1881 Westcott-Hort GNT<br>
+<input name=WHNUX type=checkbox value=on>Westcott-Hort with NA27U4 variants<br>
+<b>French Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=FreCrl type=checkbox value=on>French Haitian Creaole Ver.<br>
+<input name=FreDrb type=checkbox value=on>French Darby Trans.<br>
+<input name=FreLSG type=checkbox value=on>French 1910 Louis Segond (LSG)<br>
+<input name=FreNEG type=checkbox value=on>French Nouvelle Edition de Geneve 1979<br>
+<p><b>German Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=GerBen type=checkbox value=on>German Bengel [NT]<br>
+<input name=GerEin type=checkbox value=on>German Einheitsuebersetzung<br>
+<input name=GerElb type=checkbox value=on>German 1905 Darby Unrev. Elberfelder<br>
+<input name=GerLut type=checkbox value=on>German 1912 Luther<br>
+<input name=GerLut1545 type=checkbox value=on>German 1545 Luther<br>
+<input name=GerRElb type=checkbox value=on>German 1993 Elberfelder, rev. Fassung<br>
+<input name=GerRLut type=checkbox value=on>German 1984 Revised Luther<br>
+<input name=GerSch type=checkbox value=on>German 1951 Schlachter Bibel<br>
+<b>Spanish Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=SpaLBA type=checkbox value=on>Spanish La Biblia de Las Americas (LBA)<br>
+<input name=SpaRV type=checkbox value=on>Spanish Reina-Valera<br>
+<input name=SpaRV60 type=checkbox value=on>Spanish 1960 Reina-Valera Revised<br>
+<input name=SpaRV95 type=checkbox value=on>Spanish 1995 Reina-Valera Update<br>
+<input name=SpaRVA type=checkbox value=on>Spanish Ver. Reina-Valera Actualizada<br>
+<input name=SpaSEV type=checkbox value=on>Spanish 1569 Ver. Antigua<br>
+<input name=SpaVNT type=checkbox value=on>Spanish 1858 Valera[NT]<br>
+ <p> <b>Other Bibles</b><br>
+<input name=ALB type=checkbox value=on>Albanian Bible<br>
+<input name=CzeBKR type=checkbox value=on>Czech Bible Kralicka<br>
+<input name=CzeCEP type=checkbox value=on>Czech Ekumenicky Cesky Preklad<br>
+<input name=CzeKMS type=checkbox value=on>Czech Preklad KMS Nova Smlouva<br>
+<input name=CzeNKB type=checkbox value=on>Czech Nova Kralicka Bible<br>
+<input name=Dan type=checkbox value=on>Danish Danske Bibel<br>
+<input name=DutLEI type=checkbox value=on>Dutch Leidse Vertaling<br>
+<input name=DutLU type=checkbox value=on>Dutch Lutherse Vertaling<br>
+<input name=DutNBG type=checkbox value=on>Dutch 1951 Bijbelgenootschap Ver.<br>
+<input name=DutSVV type=checkbox value=on>Dutch Statenvertaling<br>
+<input name=EquShr type=checkbox value=on>Equadoran Shuar [NT]<br>
+<input name=FinPR type=checkbox value=on>Finish 1933 Phy~N Raamattu<br>
+<input name=HunKar type=checkbox value=on>Hungarian Karoli<br>
+<input name=IndBIS type=checkbox value=on>Bahasa Indonesia Sehari-hari (BIS)<br>
+<input name=IndTB type=checkbox value=on>Indonesian Terjemahan Baru (TB)<br>
+<input name=ItaIEP type=checkbox value=on>Italian Nuovissima Ver., San Paolo Ed.<br>
+<input name=ItaLND type=checkbox value=on>Italian 1991 La Nuova Diodati<br>
+<input name=ItaNRV type=checkbox value=on>Italian 1994 La Nuova Riveduta<br>
+<input name=Maori type=checkbox value=on>Maori Bible<br>
+<input name=Mel type=checkbox value=on>Melanesian Pidgin Bible<br>
+<input name=NorBok type=checkbox value=on>Norwegian 1930 Bokmal<br>
+<input name=NorN38 type=checkbox value=on>Norwegian 1938 Bokmal<br>
+<input name=NorNBK type=checkbox value=on>Norwegian Bibel Konkordant<br>
+<input name=NorNyn type=checkbox value=on>Norwegian 1994 Nynorsk<br>
+<input name=Norsk type=checkbox value=on>Norwegian Norsk Bible<br>
+<input name=PhiCEB type=checkbox value=on>Philippine Nga Cebuano<br>
+<input name=PolBTP type=checkbox value=on>Polish 1984 Millenium Bible, 4th Ed.<br>
+<input name=PorACF type=checkbox value=on>Portuguese 1995 Joao Ferreira<br>
+<input name=PorBRP type=checkbox value=on>Portuguese 1994 Almeida Biblia<br>
+<input name=RomCor type=checkbox value=on>Romanian Cornilescu Ver.<br>
+<input name=Swahili type=checkbox value=on>Swahili New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=SweSVE type=checkbox value=on>Swedish 1917 New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=Turkish type=checkbox value=on>Turkish New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=Uma type=checkbox value=on>Uma New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=Viet type=checkbox value=on>Vietnamese 1934 Bible<br>
+ <p> <b>English Commentaries</b><br>
+<input name=DTN type=checkbox value=on>Darby Translation Notes<br>
+<input name=Family type=checkbox value=on>Family Bible Notes<br>
+<input name=TFG type=checkbox value=on>The Fourfold Gospel<br>
+<input name=Geneva type=checkbox value=on>Geneva Bible Translation Notes<br>
+<input name=Gill type=checkbox value=on>Gill's Expositor<br>
+<input name=MHCC type=checkbox value=on>Matthew Henry's Commentary<br>
+<input name=MHC type=checkbox value=on>Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary<br>
+<input name=PNT type=checkbox value=on>The People's New Testament<br>
+<input name=RWP type=checkbox value=on>Robertson's Word Pictures<br>
+<input name=Scofield type=checkbox value=on>Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 Ed.<br>
+<input name=Wesley type=checkbox value=on>John Wesley's Notes on the Bible<br>
+<p><b>German Commentaries</b><br>
+<input name=MAK type=checkbox value=on>Matthias Ansorgs Kommentar<br>
+<input name=Rieger type=checkbox value=on>Carl Heinrich Riegers Kommentar<br>
+<input name=GerScof type=checkbox value=on>German Scofield 1917 Ed. (Gen-Eccl)<br>
+<input name=TSK type=checkbox value=on>Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge<br>
+ <p>
+<b>Bible Dictionaries</b><br>
+<input name=Eastons type=checkbox value=on>Easton's Bible Dictionary<br>
+<input name=Hitchcocks type=checkbox value=on>Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary<br>
+<input name=ISBE type=checkbox value=on>Int'l Standard Bible Encyclopedia<br>
+<input name=Smiths type=checkbox value=on>Smith's Bible Dictionary<br>
+<input name=Vines type=checkbox value=on>Vine's Bible Dictionary<br>
+<b>Topical References</b><br>
+<input name=Naves type=checkbox value=on>Naves' Topical Bible<br>
+<input name=Torrey type=checkbox value=on>R. A. Torrey's New Topical Textbook<br>
+ <p>
+<b>Greek Lexica</b><br>
+<input name=StrongsGreek type=checkbox value=on>Strong's Greek Lexicon<br>
+<input name=Thayer type=checkbox value=on>Thayer's Greek Lexicon<br>
+<b>Hebrew Lexica</b><br>
+<input name=StrongsHebrew type=checkbox value=on>Strong's Hebrew Lexicon<br>
+<input name=BDB type=checkbox value=on>Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon<br>
+ </font>