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+<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
+<form action= method=get>
+ <p align=center>Query:
+ <INPUT name=verse>
+ <INPUT name=Submit type=submit value=Lookup>
+ <input type=hidden name=palm value=on>
+ </p>
+ <font size="-1">
+ <p>
+<input name=strongs type=checkbox value=on>Stong's*| <input name=footnotes type=checkbox value=on>Footnotes| <input name=search type=checkbox value=on>Search</p>
+ <hr>
+ <p>
+<input name=ALT type=checkbox value=on>Analytical-Literal Trans. (ALT)<br>
+<input name=ASV type=checkbox value=on>American Standard Ver. (ASV)<br>
+<input name=BBE type=checkbox value=on>Bible in Basic English (BBE)<br>
+<input name=Brenton type=checkbox value=on>Brenton's English LXX Trans. [OT]<br>
+<input name=Darby type=checkbox value=on>Darby's Bible<br>
+<input name=DR type=checkbox value=on>Douay-Rheims (DR)<br>
+<input name=DRA type=checkbox value=on>Douay-Rheims 1899 American Ed.<br>
+<input name=HNV type=checkbox value=on>Hebrew Names Ver. (HNV)<br>
+<input name=ISV type=checkbox value=on>International Standard Ver. (ISV) [NT]<br>
+<input name=JPS type=checkbox value=on>JPS 1917 Tanakh [OT]<br>
+<input name=KJ21 type=checkbox value=on>21st Century King James Ver. (KJ21)<br>
+<input name=KJV type=checkbox value=on>King James Ver. (KJV/AV) *<br>
+<input name=LITV type=checkbox value=on>Green's Literal Trans. (LitV)<br>
+<input name=LO type=checkbox value=on>The Living Oracles [NT]<br>
+<input name=MKJV type=checkbox value=on>A Modern King James Ver. (MKJV)<br>
+<input name=NASB type=checkbox value=on>New American Standard (NASB) <br>
+<input name=NASB95 type=checkbox value=on>New American Standard, 95 Update<br>
+<input name=NIV type=checkbox value=on>New International Ver. (NIV)<br>
+<input name=NIVBr type=checkbox value=on>New International Ver., British Ed.<br>
+<input name=NJB type=checkbox value=on>New Jerusalem Bible (NJB)<br>
+<input name=NKJV type=checkbox value=on>New King James Ver. (NKJV)<br>
+<input name=NLT type=checkbox value=on>New Living Trans. (NLT)<br>
+<input name=NRSV type=checkbox value=on>New Revised Standard Ver. (NRSV)<br>
+<input name=ORTHJBC type=checkbox value=on>Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha [NT]<br>
+<input name=RSV type=checkbox value=on>Revised Standard Ver. (RSV)<br>
+<input name=RWebster type=checkbox value=on>Revised 1833 Webster's Bible *<br>
+<input name=WEB type=checkbox value=on>World English Bible (WEB)<br>
+<input name=Websters type=checkbox value=on>Webster's Bible<br>
+<input name=Weymouth type=checkbox value=on>Weymouth New Testament [NT]<br>
+<input name=YLT type=checkbox value=on>Young's Literal Trans. (YLT)</p>
+<input name=DTN type=checkbox value=on>Darby Translation Notes<br>
+<input name=Family type=checkbox value=on>Family Bible Notes<br>
+<input name=TFG type=checkbox value=on>The Fourfold Gospel<br>
+<input name=Geneva type=checkbox value=on>Geneva Bible Translation Notes<br>
+<input name=Gill type=checkbox value=on>Gill's Expositor<br>
+<input name=MHCC type=checkbox value=on>Matthew Henry's Commentary<br>
+<input name=MHC type=checkbox value=on>Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary<br>
+<input name=PNT type=checkbox value=on>The People's New Testament<br>
+<input name=RWP type=checkbox value=on>Robertson's Word Pictures<br>
+<input name=Scofield type=checkbox value=on>Scofield Reference Notes, 1917 Ed.<br>
+<input name=Wesley type=checkbox value=on>John Wesley's Notes on the Bible<br>
+<input name=TSK type=checkbox value=on>Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge<br>
+ </font>