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masterFinalise changelog for 2.2-1Nicholas D Steeves13 months
archive/debian/2.2-1commit a083f37c8a...Nicholas D Steeves13 months
debian/2.2-1commit a083f37c8a...Nicholas D Steeves13 months
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2018-07-27Finalise changelog for 2.2-1HEADdebian/2.2-1archive/debian/2.2-1masterNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Change section to editorsNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-27Add comments to icon section of debian/copyrightNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Update copyright: down.png and up.png b/c of this github comment:Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Update gbp.conf to use upstream's tag formatNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Round 2 copyright review. Upstream now uses exclusively GPL-3+.Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Add Upstream-ContactNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Start changelog entry for new upstream versionNicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26Merge upstream tag 'v2.2'Nicholas D Steeves
2018-07-26tabbar: Version 2.2David Holm