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+24/10/1998 - PernAngband 2.9.9a
+- Added the DragonRider from the Anne McCaffrey's Books, masters of
+ teleportation.
+- The CTRL+l key leaves the game without saving
+- Added the Tanker point, like the mana point, but can only be refilled
+ by eating the Firestone (for DragonRiders)
+- Added the RohanKnight race, fast and wise
+- Added the Ent race, can grow trees, but slow
+- Removed some races from Zangband which were not enough tolkienian...
+- Added the BeastMaster class which can summon pets
+- Added the Blood of Life
+- DragonRider now can choose to breathe a bolt, a beam or a ball
+- Added the Unique level patch from Glenn Vanzanden
+- Added the Mage Staves , with new ego items:
+ -of Mana : multiply your max mana
+ -of Spell : Increase your spell power
+ -of Mana & Spell : try to find !:)
+ -of Power : Activate for some spell, they carry 2 spells
+ All the ego mage staves have a penalty to damage and to hit
+- Added The Mage Staff of Gandalf, extremely powerful but even rarer than
+ the One Ring !
+- Added the boots of jumping activatable for phase door every 10+d10 turns
+- Added Helm of the Dwarves and of the Noldor
+- Beastmasters' pets now give kill experience to the player
+- Added the Alchemist class which use power batteries to convert magic item
+- New unique level : Treasure room at level 11
+- Replaced the Trump Hound from the Trump realm by the Trump Home spell, which
+ allows the player to access to her/his home from everywhere in the dungeon
+- Added the new artifact The Ring of F'lar, which belonged to F'lar the
+ powerful DragonRider
+- Added potions of Mutation
+- Warrior-Mage now can choose Sorcery instead of Arcane
+- Invisibility, Potion of Invisibility, Ring of Invisibility and
+ The One Ring now has invisibility like in the Lord Of The Rings !!!
+- Added the parchments from Kamband
+- Ported PernAngband to the new Zangband 2.2.0
+- Added the mimic class
+- Some Zangband bugs are fixed
+- The DragonRider can now only teleport on known terrain, because they must
+ mentally show the destination to their dragons but to do this they MUST
+ have seen the destination before (like in the Anne McCaffrey books) !
+- The Ringwraiths are back!
+- Some uniques like Bert, Tom, Bill are back, while others (Gandalf, Fangorn)
+ are gone!
+- Morgoth and Sauron are back as the final quests
+01/11/1998 - PernAngband 3.0.0
+- All reference to Zangband have been removed
+- Added monster corpses
+- Added the Beastmaster Shanty for the beastmaster, the Mimic Tower for the
+ Mimic, and the Weaver Tower, where you can ask for corpse quests
+- The corpse quests require you to bring back to the weaver some corpse,
+ head,... of a kind of monster, and you'll get a reward, like maybe
+ the full knowledge about this monster, or some armor made with the corpse
+ (maybe dragon scale mail for dragon, ...)
+- Added susceptibility to fire, for the Ents! They take twice more damage from
+ fire, but it's hopefully cancelled by resist fire.
+- Changed some artifacts / unique monsters to be more pernish
+- Added a new armor type : the DragonRider flying suit[9,+0] resist fire/cold
+- New monster flag : PET , the monster is your pet when it's created
+- Added the army man which use the PET flag will be used to give you an army
+ in some future quest.
+- The exe file is now pernang.exe(in the dos version)
+- Replaced the AMBERITE monster flag by the DRAGONRIDER flag
+- Some Unique will have the PET flag so they will help you !
+- All the Amberite are now gone and replaced by DragonRiders or uniques
+ (with some of them friendly)
+- Can sell the Mage staves in the Weapon smith and Magic shop.
+- Now when an alchemist tries to extract a power from an item, if he can't
+ it won't show up again in the extractable list the next time
+- The DragonRider must eat more because of their dragon
+- The Troll Fortress quest
+- Added The Battle of the five armies quest !!!
+- Nature spell : Stop breeders
+- New ego item sword of life, it multiplies your max hitpoints
+- Now some Mimic forms give you bonuses to blows per round like the Vala:
+ +5 blows !!!
+- Added a new Unique : The Philosophy Teacher !
+- Pink horrors are replaced with 2 Blue horrors when they die
+- Bloodletters of Khorne drop a blade of chaos when they die
+- Absorb light mutation bug fixed (I think)
+- Vampires and vampire mimics no longer can get food in the inns.
+- Renamed the artifacts with their real names
+- Replaced the pattern by the Straight Road (idea from GSN-Band)
+- Replaced the pattern weapons with weapons of Valinor (idea from GSN-Band)
+- Player and monsters can't pass through the trees (unless they can fly:)
+- When a Dragonrider dies he drops some firestones
+- Added the Whip of Gothmog, which can be dropped by Gothmog when killed
+- Begin to add a new feature : the between
+- Add a great description of the Ents and the Rohan's Knights from Akhronath
+- The between is fully implemented now.
+- The dimension door spell is replaced by the between gate.
+ It put a between gate at the player position and at the destination
+ location. And when you walk on the between you are transported on the other
+ between gate. But the between is SO cold that when you are in you lose some
+ hp even if resistant or immune to cold! Only the dragonrider can go between
+ without taking damage.
+- Stole the Stone of Lore from Oangband ! :)
+- Monsters can't use the between now because of a bug
+- Now you can eat corpses and temporarily gain some of the powers of monsters!
+- Raise Death replaces Terror in the death realm, cast it on a monster corpse
+ on the floor and the monster is brought back to life!
+- Added the boomerang, the player wears them instead of the bow and with the 'f'
+ command (like for the bow) can throw them but them come back ... if they don't
+ break !
+- Add 2 boomerang artifacts
+- Add another dragonrider artifact belonging to Mardra
+- Add The Anchor of Space-Time, it prevents disruption of the space-time
+ continuum
+- Add the carry slot in the equipment, to wield monsters that can't move :)
+- Fixed a bug that prevented dragonriders from being summoned
+- Add a Neuter sex (for the neuter players) :-)
+- Add the Death Mold race (stolen from Kamband) :-)
+- Add in spell description the bonus of mage staves
+- Add the scroll of summon never-moving pet for wielding them !:)
+- When a monster is wielded it can attack monsters when you attack
+ It can sometimes attack the wielder too, because he/she is not in perfect
+ symbiosis
+- Muar the balrog is back and will drop Calris when killed
+- Add the Symbiotic realm, like a life realm for your monster
+- Add the Symbiant class which can be in perfect symbiosis with their monster
+- The number of artifacts is now 132
+- Add some spells to the symbiotic realm
+- Add a spell to use the spells of the monster you wear
+- Add a light-speed (nearly stop time) spell
+- Finished the Symbiotic realm, only two books because they can use their
+ monster's powers.
+- Warriors can now spread their attacks after level 34
+- The experience factor of the races can now be > than 255
+- The DragonRider need more experience to advance (+220%) because it's a REALLY
+ powerful race.
+- Monsters can now use the between but if they are not immune to cold they
+ will lose some hp
+- Added a health bar for the monster you are carrying ( MH xxxxx/xxxxx )
+- Added sanity (from Kamband) ( the line SN xxxxx/xxxxx in the window)
+- Stolen the aquatic monsters from Kamband
+- Add the Gods from Kamband and GSNBand
+- The Philosophy Teacher now causes insanity !:)
+- Now only the Symbiants can carry monsters in their inventory, in fact they
+ act like "living-books" !:)
+- Add the Tactics from ADOM. You can change the tactic in the Character window
+- Add a new town unique : Mathilde, the science student, she is in my class
+ and giggles all the time, don't kill her ! :)
+- Fixed bug : The carried monster cannot absorb damage done by itself !
+- The Battle of the five armies now has a reward (The Arkenstone)
+20/11/1998 - PernAngband 3.0.2
+- Now there will be some between gates randomly placed in the levels
+- If you are in great favor with your god they can resurrect you
+- Add Random artifacts from Kamband - They are junk items which can be
+ activated every few turns and their activation is chosen randomly
+- Fixed (I think) a bug in the unique levels
+- Add a flooded level type (enable those levels in the PernAngband options)
+ to make the aquatic monsters more useful
+- Gandalf and Fangorn are back as Friendly uniques
+- Changed the Necklace of the Dwarves into The Nauglamir to be more
+ Tolkien-like
+- Changed The Serpent of the Chaos into Dark God, Mighty Coder from Hell :)
+- Reworked the corpse system (stolen from Rangband), now they all have
+ different weights based on the monster weight. You can hack up the corpse
+ with 'h' and cure it with 'K'.
+- Add a new Unique : The Physics Teacher !
+- Changed the Town layout of Gondolin with the one made by Akhronath
+ with 2 quests : Hunt for Eol and Maeglin's Mine
+- Add a new Unique : Eol the Dark Elf
+- Stole the silly messages when you hit a monster from Kamband
+- Add a scroll of Craftmanship to enchant weapon's pval.
+- The first 300 monsters have received a weight
+- Add a new spell type : Identify, now you can have a Ball of identification !
+- Add a new set of object flags (mainly unused now) :-)
+- Add a NEVER_BLOW flag for object
+- Add the NEVER_BLOW flag to The Mage Staff of Gandalf to rebalance it.
+- Add a new ego item weapon : of Nothing (with the NEVER_BLOW flag) !! :)
+- Add a Harper (bard) class !!! they use music books and most
+ of their spells are prolonged in time, ex: you cast a hiding song,
+ and for each turn you lose some mana (breath) while the effect (invisibility)
+ continues. If you start singing another song the old one is stopped.
+ There is also a spell which costs no mana which is used to stop singing.
+- Stolen the *Defender* ego-item from Pziband
+- Stolen the Spectral ego-item from Pziband
+- Added musical instruments : you wear them in the bow slot and you can
+ activate them for a song. The longer the song lasts the longer it'll be
+ charging, you can stop the song by activating it when it sing.
+- Finished the Harpers
+- Now the Harper mana stat is Charisma !
+- New Artifact : The Palantir of Minas Tirith, which can be activated for
+ the list of the uniques of the level !
+- Added 3 new artifacts : The Harp of Master Robinton, The Drum of Piemur,
+ The Flute of Menolly
+- Added the Micro$oft quest at Minas Anor
+- Changed the niceness description of the gods
+- The Harper and ONLY the harper can use a musical instrument without any
+ chance of failure.
+- The wilderness size is now taken from misc.txt
+- All the monsters have a weight now ... pfff, it was a lot of work !:)
+- The Alchemists are easier to play
+- Add the Vapor quest at Minas Anor
+- Add the Rebellion in Gondolin(from Akhronath) quest at Gondolin
+02/12/1998 - PernAngband 3.0.4
+- Changed certain god realm name on the suggestion of Akhronath
+- Add the bounties list like in Kamband (OK, ok, stolen from Kamband) :)
+- Add the Fire-lizards, they are friendly
+- New roguelike command : 'i' for hack up corpse, 'I' for curing meat, 'C'
+ for Sacrificing at altars
+- Add the Power Mage class, like the Corrupted in Kamband, with 100 randomly
+ generated attack spells
+- Corrected the character generation bug !!!! Thanks to Tim Baker for the fix
+- Corrected the segmentation fault bug for the object 653. Thanks to Tim baker
+- Corrected the files.c bug in get_line(). Thanks to Tim baker
+- Add the GF_DESTRUCTION type of attack to allow Power Mage to have destruction
+- Changed the names of the songs, Thanks to Akhronath
+- Add the Eggs, some monsters (only Firelizards for the moment) can be found
+ as eggs and will hatch after a certain amount of time based on the monster
+ weight, you can also stop the development by "activating" them ('A' key),
+ or resume the development by activating them an other time.
+- Add the last of the Gondolin's quest from Akhronath :
+ Invasion of Gondolin (Danger level 90, with some funny stuff like Gothmog,
+ Muar,..., some Great hell wyrms) !!!
+- Fixed a bug which made it so when you drop your wielded monster you also
+ drop Nothing if you are not a Symbiant
+- You can imprint some monsters (Firelizards for now), when it has
+ been given an imprint it will follow you on each levels. They may not
+ appear on a certain level but they will be back for the next. To
+ imprint a monster you must find an egg, carry it on you and when it'll
+ hatch you'll give it the imprint
+- The Harper will begin the game with a Blue Firelizard egg
+- The Black market now generate items based on your level
+- Add a new shop : The Pet Shop where you can find some eggs
+- Your godly favor will go down when they resurrect you
+- Repaired a stupid bug : I haven't coded the Satisfy Hunger effect of the
+ Symbiant class !:)
+- Add the easy floor feature !!!
+- Add an always small dungeon option
+- The scrolls of Artifact Creation can now be used on rings and amulets
+- The One Ring is now "just" heavy cursed !:)
+- Add 3 new vaults
+- Add the fate : you can be fated to meet some monsters or to find an object
+ on a certain level or ..... to DIE (very rare). You don't know your
+ fate until a soothsayer or a scroll of divination shows it to you. You
+also get a feeling when entering a level where you will meet your fate.
+ In the future there will be more fates, like finding a great vault, an
+ artifact or even, as Murazor the Witch-King of Angmar, to never die by the
+ hands of a mortal !:)
+- Changed Trump Weapon to Dragon Weapon
+- Smeagol will now drop ......... A ring of invisibility (because the One Ring
+ would be a little too powerful :)
+- Replaced the Amber notation in the player characteristics by the old one
+ from Vanilla Angband
+- When the player is on a tree he can be hit by a monster for half
+ normal damage
+- Paladin and Priests are given a religion at the beginning
+- In the wizard spoiler creation (A + ") you can chose to make a spoiler for
+ batteries
+- The random artifacts now have a charging time (no more mass genocide every
+ turn)
+- Add a Soothsayer at Bree
+- Add the batteries of extra life, you can now make a sword of Life !
+- The Alchemists are now better fighters, equal to the rangers
+- New extremely powerful power for the Alchemist (level 30 and higher) :
+ Artifact creation !
+ They just have to chose the flags, the name and to suffer the bad side effect
+ like curse equipment, permanent stat loss, high failure rate and ..... they
+ have their artifact ! But they can't give it an activation !
+ They can also add some bad flags (like cursed, drain exp, ...) to reduce the
+ chance of failure. Merry Christmas ! :)
+- Add the Runecrafter class, they use runes instead of books (see birth.txt)
+- Cleaned the Alchemist's code
+27/12/1998 - PernAngband 3.0.7
+- Added (.... stolen from Sangband) the Pick of Erebor. It can be activated for
+ passing through secret passages in the walls.
+- The Potion of *Enlightenment* now show every grid of the dungeon, like the
+ debug command 'u', I just think it's more beautiful :)
+- WOOOOOOOH I'm sorry there was a BIG bug in the PernAngband 3.0.7 release.
+ The game was sometimes hanging without any solution to stop it !
+ After some hours of debugging I've found it, it resulted from the correction
+ of the bug of the glyph of warding! Now everything works (I hope)
+- Change the titles of the Runecrafter with the proposition of Jonathan R Lewis
+- Add TANG, The Angband Newbie Guide made by Chris Weisiger
+ ( It's in the help directory
+- Fixed a bug which allowed beastmasters to sing when they summon pets!
+- Fixed the bug in the Fate screen
+- Some cosmetic changes in the r_info.txt and birth.txt with the help of
+ Chris Weisiger (
+- Add new ego-items for the musical instrument and the horn, there were
+ suggested by Akhronath
+- New sentence to say for the speaking unique pets
+- 4 new musical instrument artifacts from Akhronath and I'm happy to declare
+ there is 143 artifacts in PernAngband!
+- Added, .... stolen, 5 new artifact from Angband/64
+- Add the quiver slot to wield your ammo
+- A scroll of remove curse have 1 chance into (55-level) to reverse the curse
+ effect ie: a ring of speed (-2) can become a ring of speed (+2)
+- Add a new monster flag : MORTAL, which means that the monster is a mortal
+ being. It's used for the new fate : Never to die by the hand of a mortal
+ being. The orcs are considered mortal, but I'm not sure, it's not mentioned
+ in the silmarillion or the Lord of The Rings, the trolls are immortals along
+ with the dragons, BUT the Dragonriders are mortal and Dark God (Yes, let your
+ joy explode!) :-). But well, don't be afraid your preferred monsters
+ (Morgoth and Sauron) are immortals :-)
+ PS: If someone thinks that a monster should or not be mortal just email me
+ because I'm not certain for some (ok, ok a lot of) monsters
+- Add the ring of precognition which work as if the player had activated the
+ cheat mode (peek into object, monster, vault creation). There is no need
+ to say it's very rare :-)
+- Add the black breath concept from Tolkien. Beware now the weapons of morgul
+ they confer the black breath! The undead can also give it.
+- Changed the harpers ranking names, some racial histories with the ones from
+ Akhronath
+- The One Ring is now A LOT more powerful, because at the time you find it
+ you already have one or two immunities, your stats are near the max, plus
+ some other things that made it less useful. Now it confers 5 blows, mana x5
+ spell power x5, after all Sauron has put the most part of his power in it.
+ I also plan to change the activation.
+- Add 2 wand artifacts, The Wand of Stone to Mud of Thrain and the Wand of
+ Fire Balls of Mithrandir, they can be recharged at will and will never be
+ destroyed, for this purpose the new RECHARGE flags has been used (note :
+ it works only for the artifacts)
+- The runecaster is a little more playable at low levels and starts with a
+ Rune [Arrow] and a Rune [Fire]
+- The Chaos Warriors now get chaos resistance at level 25
+- The Maia mimics get +7 speed, the Vala mimics get +15 speed
+- Updated the Rebellion in Gondolin and Hunt for Eol quests with the help of
+ Akhronath (
+- Reimplemented the old magic system from vanilla to complement the new one
+ The old mage and priest are come back as the Wizard and the Prior
+- Add susceptibilities to fire, cold, acid, lightning, poison for the monsters.
+ ie: Now a white dragon will take a x3 damage from a fire attack.
+ Thanks to Jerome Wojcik <> for his help.
+- Add the pets command (press P) from Zangband 2.2.3
+- Changed the Trump realm into the Dragon Realm (mainly just name changes)
+- Changed the activation of the One Ring
+- The One Ring is now Permanently cursed
+- The One Ring is no longer aggravating because of it's new summoning ability
+- It's now possible to run through the grass
+- Add the persistent dungeon option at birth
+- When a breeder multiplies it have a 7/100 chance of mutating into an other
+ monster. (in general a worse one) This would prevent monster farming abuse :)
+- NEW : the body changing feature! with a new class to use it. Your spirit
+ can leave your body to go into another one but while your spirit is alone
+ your max hp is of 1. When in the corpse of a monster your first blows are
+ the monster's one and you can use it's magical power. Your life is also
+ changed by the monster's one and you gain all it's abilities and resistances
+ while losing those of your real race because you have left your body.
+- Add a lot of new vaults mainly from Weisiger <>
+- Death Molds now can teleport onto store entrances
+- A new randart activation that fires light after absorbing the ambient one
+- Changed the Roguelike commands. Now ^G to sacrifice, $ to hack up a corpse
+ ^O to Cure meat
+- Updated the command.txt file
+- Add the AB's gfx for the weapon/armor
+- Multiple dungeons : The old levels 1-33 are now in the Mirkwood forest with
+ trees and grass, 34-66 are the Land of Mordor with mountain, wall and dirt
+ 67-127 are the Dungeon of Angband with wall and normal floor and occasionally
+ flooded levels (if chosen in the options).
+ The ability to levitate is now a GREAT advantage in the Mirkwood forest !
+ You can reach Mirkwood from Menegroth, Mordor from Minas Anor and Angband
+ from Gondolin. In the vanilla town there are three stairs.
+ When you take a staircase down in the last level of a dungeon you arrive back
+ in town.
+07/02/1999 - PernAngband 3.0.9
+- X in the roguelike mode for the pet commands
+- Updated the magic.txt file with the new classes
+- Updated version.txt, modified dungeon.txt
+- Shelob is now a little bit more powerful in order to make her the quest
+ monster of the last Mirkwood level.
+- The Vanilla books are now sellable in the magic shop/temple and the bookstore
+- New class : the Sorcerer, they can't wield any weapon useless it's a Mage
+ Staff and without it they are the WORST fighters of the game even bare-handed.
+ But to compensate this they are the BEST magical class : the can use any
+ book of any realm without having to learn the spell, but they also don't
+ gain any experience from casting a spell.
+- Added the susceptibilities flags to the monsters.
+- Stolen the exploring system (like the tactic one) from Angband/64
+- Fix the bug of vanilla town, now the vanilla town flag is saved
+- Ents are rebalanced, they have a -9 speed penalty
+- Tweaked the Troll Fortress quest to make it less easy
+- Corrected some bugs in the town files. The crashing wilderness bug
+ seem to be gone.
+- Fixed the bug of the traps. No more grey "invisible traps" on a level
+ covered with grass, same for the dirt
+- Updated the Gondolin town and quest with the Akhronath's ones
+- Enabled the S-lang support
+- A new script directory is in lib, it contain a file which indicate
+ every S-lang script files that must be loaded
+- Add the event's gestion to the slang script. An event is produced in certain
+ conditions (like a keypress,...) and a script can put an handle on it to have
+ a function called each time the event happens. I've made a stupid example
+ that use the key 'y' to shout at the monsters.
+ PS: Take a look at slang.txt in the help directory
+- Add the load/save function to the script
+24/02/1999 - PernAngband 3.1.0
+- I've finally successfully compiled Python. So the S-Lang support is replaced
+ with the python one. The 'y' key and the thieves quest are there too.
+- Stolen and modified from Pangband
+- The random quest bug is fixed (maybe :) ). I say maybe because as for the
+ wilderness one it doesn't happens by me so I can't test it :(
+- Today one of my dream have become true! With the help of a python script
+ I've made a new quest for the DragonRiders that can be given at the Weyr
+ of Arda in Menegroth. You enter forest area and the only thing you can use
+ is the flame of your dragon(no magic, no wands, ...). And you need to
+ destroy every thread while saving at least 50% of the trees, and your own
+ flame can consume them!
+- Yeah, the wilderness bug is now gone. And a minor bug which looks like the
+ the wilderness one is gone too. It happened when you try under certain
+ conditions to go in the wilderness with an imprinted pet.
+- Fixed the random quest bug
+- Fixed the inventory bug that when picking up an object said you have foo
+ in slot r and reorder it after that o the letter is no more r. I know it was
+ really annoying but well it's now gone :)
+- The undead races now start at night
+- The spectres can now pass through trees and mountains
+- A new dungeon type at Bree: The Upper reaches of Galgals(level 1-10) !
+- Changed the code for the different dungeon types. Now it's a lot easier to
+ add a new dungeon type. I'll maybe make a d_info.txt to define the dungeon
+ types
+- Add a new dungeon: The Volcano, you reach it by going to the north east of
+ Minas Anor. Level 30-45
+- Spectres can't pass through trees because trees are pure and natural
+ things :)
+- New dungeon type: The Hell !!! Level 500 to 530, Yes 530 ! With a little
+ present for you at the bottom... if you manage to survive :) I can just
+ said one more thing: don't go there with your level 1 character :)
+ You can reach it near the volcano hole.
+- Now fire balls can burn the trees
+- Invisibility now consume a lot of food
+- Fixed a strange bug with the pool of deep water... It was possible to
+ sacrifice at and to worship (before the crash:) one :). Thanks to Steve Dice
+- Add a very nasty surprise at level 1.... Moldoux, the defenceless mold with
+ 1 hp no powers, can't move, can't attack... Oh and if it's killed there just
+ one Great Wyrm of Power which can be summoned to avenge it !
+- The look command doesn't stop anymore on the trees, grass, ...
+07/03/1999 - PernAngband 3.1.2
+- Sorcerors have now a bad pseudo-id
+- Sorcerors have now a -25% penalty of hp
+- Add a scroll of deincarnation
+- Add the possibility to engrave the floor with some magic words found in some
+ parchments. The words are in Adunaic(Numeronean), Quenya, Sindarin or any
+ other tongues of Middle Earth. But the parchment also give useless words
+ with the useful ones, so you have to try different combinations.
+- No more "human" sex when randomly chosen
+- Mathilde will say the right sentences now
+- Fixed a bug in melee2.c which could produce an x and an y out of the limits
+- Disabled the engraving command for now because it's too unbalancing...
+- If you pray while low on hitpoints (< 20%) your god will do something to help
+ you, like summoning pets, curing wounds, killing enemies...
+- There is now a minimum level needed to enter some dungeons, to prevent
+ gaining great objects easily
+- Fixed the OLD bug of the pink horrors, now only 2 blue horrors
+ will be summoned
+- Fixed a bug with the tiles for the non unique DragonRiders
+- The Dragon realm users receive some experience for the kills of their pets
+- The Palantir of Minas Tirith now can teleport you next to the quest monster
+ but it'll take more time to recharge
+- Fixed the possessor's number of blows bug. Also the town uniques corpses (
+ Maggot, Martti, Mathilde) can't be used to attack because their attack is
+ moan with no damage
+- Added a faq (see pern_faq.txt)
+- Added a new monster ally, the Dolphiner. They came from the planet Pern
+ and can summon dragonriders, their friends. They are men riding dolphins
+******************** Attempts to rebalance the game **************************
+- Changed the xp modifiers of the new races in an attempt to make them more
+ balanced. Thanks to Shawn Cheng <>
+- Invulnerability, Wraith Form and Life Multiplier now consume a *lot* of food
+- RohanKnight's gain less speed at each levels
+- Sound attacks of the harpers are less likely to stun...
+- IMPORTANT NOTE: At the character birth if you choose a forbidden class for
+ your race, you'll be considered as a cheater and the game won't be scored.
+ It's mainly to prevent the too powerful combination of Deathmold Mimic or
+ Deathmold Possessor. The characters made before the next release won't be
+ affected by that
+- Some more attempts that I don't remember :)
+- Changed the Mana and life multipliers, now mage staff of mana(100%) will
+ ADD 100% of mana to your max mana and not multiply it by 100 :)
+- Replaced Menegroth by the new Lothlorien skilfully made by Akhronath
+ (, with 2 new quests + The Battle of the Five Armies +
+ (only for DragonRiders) The Fight against a Threadfall
+ Thanks again Akhronath !
+- Deathmolds can now enter wilderness
+- Radically changed the score calculation, in the future it'll serve to choose
+ which characters must be turned into monsters. Note that the old score files
+ are compatible but the old scores mean nothing with the new system
+- Changed some aspect of the python implementation to make it more portable
+- The usleep python function may react strangely
+- When you pick up the same type of ammo that you wield in your quiver it
+ automatically combine with it
+- The specials levels are now restricted to a certain depth AND a certain
+ dungeon type
+- The number of collected bounties now count for the final score
+- Add a new option to not pick up monster's corpses. It's yes by default.
+ I've made it to avoid losing good characters by auto picking up a great
+ wyrm of power corpse and getting -500 speed !
+- Reimplemented the player ghosts, but in a different way. First the bone files
+ are a lot more complex to include more aspects of the dead character. Second,
+ only the best characters are allowed to become ghosts when they die, or commit
+ suicide, it's based on their final score. In the bone directory there is a new
+ file which held the name of the bone files that the player want to be used.
+ To add a bone file, put it in the bone directory, add it to the bones.txt file
+ and increment the number of bone file in the same file.
+ When a game is loaded it looks for this file, try to find some unallocated
+ ghosts and modify r_info with the new info from the ghost. When this is done
+the bone file is not used anymore because all the info is saved in the
+ player savefile. The race/class characteristics are not fully handled now.
+- Now even with a Mage Staff the Sorcerors have a penalty of -10 to hit/dam
+- A Vampire can now wield the Phial of Undeath without being scorched, while
+ all the other light artifacts scorch them
+- The Arcane Zap spell now works correctly
+- Updated the FAQ with the help of Leon Marrick
+- Updated magic.txt with the help of Leon Marrick
+- WOH ! Impressive ! Great work indeed ! Well, Andreas Koch has made a
+ powerful graphic editor for PernAngband !!!! And it has also drew some new
+ tiles! The editor is really impressive, you load the graphic file, the prf
+ file and you can assign a tile to every monsters/objects/... you want, just
+ with a click ! It can even scan the *_info.txt to search for new things that
+ are not in the current prf file and to add them !
+ You just need a big screen resolution(1152x864x16bits works for me)
+ Thanks for the great work Andreas( !
+- The Archer class as suggested by Mike Hommel <>. They gain
+ some extra shot and might with levels and can also create ammo with rubble
+ and junks.
+- Fixed a bug in the Weyr of Arda at Lothlorien
+- Add the artifact's descriptions made by ... well I don't have his/her name.
+ Anyway, great work.
+- The rings of teleportation can now be activated but they'll be destroyed in
+ the process. It's like a last chance option :)
+- The uniques used in the special levels are no longer shown as killed in the
+ list and can only be created in the special level.
+ Note : This will only affect the new characters.
+- Fixed : When a Power Mage spell fails it is not cast anyway.
+- Wall creation works for Power Mage
+- Divia wrote some missing artifact descriptions
+- Reimplemented the engraving feature. There are some parchments in the
+ dungeon which contain Adunaic/Quenya/Sindarin/... words you can use to
+ engrave the floor with 'x'(']' in the roguelike keyset). You must read them
+ before engraving even if you know the words from your last game. Also the
+ inscription is magical and so needs some mana to work. So there is a new
+ and unique feature : each grid in the dungeon have some mana on it's own.
+ You can sense the mana of one grid by pressing 'X'('[' in the roguelike
+ keyset), but this is not very precise nor easy, it's based on the magical
+ ability. When an inscription is used it decrease the grid's mana and when
+ there is not enough mana the inscription don't work anymore. The maximum
+ mana of each grid is 255. i.e.: when you engrave the protection inscription
+ which use 8 mana on a grid with 80 mana, a monster won't be able to walk on
+ it for 80/8=10 turns, but well, this can save your life !
+ Note : There are not a lot of inscriptions, if you have some ideas, don't
+ hesitate, email me !
+- Changes in the r_info for the HAS_EGG flag as suggested by Akhronath
+- Bloodletters of Khorne only have a 20% chance of dropping Blade of Chaos
+- Raal's Tomes of Destruction have a 20% chance of dropping a Raal's Tome of
+ Destruction
+- Symbiants are more likely to receive the grow molds mutation
+- Quest monsters can not be pets or breeders
+- Can now place Trees(T), Mountain(M), Shallow & Deep lava(l, L) and
+ Shallow & Deep water(w, W) in the special levels
+- Add a new dungeon type: The lost city of Numenor which is mainly composed
+ of water and which can be found to the west of Bree
+********************* IMPORTANT *************************
+- The savefile from the old versions of PernAngband are no longer compatible
+ with the new one. It's mainly due to the new magic system but also some other
+ changes. I'm sorry but this would be hard to write a converter since all
+ the realm change (they have more spells) and so the books too and also the
+ way to remember which spells are known, forgotten, tried...
+- Some new graphics from Andreas Koch
+- Fixed the wilderness generation bug which sometimes hung the computer when
+ trying to go on a wilderness border
+- The features(in f_info.txt) have some flags now. This allows me to create 2
+ new types of wall: The Glass walls which you can see through but that you
+ can't pass and the Illusion walls that you can pass but not see through
+- The screen is now correctly redrawn when leaving/entering a body
+- Add the Wands of Wall Creation
+- Death Mold powers have moved to the activation command('U')
+- Your are no longer crushed when flying over trees/mountain without being a
+ DragonRider
+- The Vanilla feelings are back
+- All the spellbooks are now placed on the top of the inventory.
+- The Sorcerors can now use the Wizard and Prior books
+- The new magic system is ready. I'm just waiting for Akhronath and Shawn
+ Cheng. And now adding a new realm or an old fashioned magic system is
+ performed the same way and easily
+- Add the Illusionists from Kangband. Someone has asked for them so... :)
+- Finished the Valarin Realm
+- Between gates are now allowed in the vaults. To place them place 2 times a
+ number from 0 to 7. I.e.(from weisiger <>):
+ D:#,,,,,X&...@X..**&X....9X
+ D:#...&1X.,,,2X..**&X3...9X
+ D:#...&.X1,,,.X2.**3X....9X
+ D:#,,,,,X&...@X..**&X....9X
+ But BEWARE ! You MUST put the 2 occurrences of the number, no check are done
+ so it'll surely crash or bug if not ! You've been warmed.
+- You can now walk over the water with a Valarin spell
+- A monster on a between gate when the player is using the other is teleported
+ to the player location
+- Add some Between vaults from weisiger
+- Added the Sigaldry realm
+- The Rings and Amulets are now allowed to be random artifacts
+- You can use the between gates in the special levels via the numbers 4,5,6,7,
+ 8,9,0
+- Alchemists MUST wear gloves (no cesti nor gauntlets) in order to do alchemy.
+ They also begin the game with some gloves
+- Add a Potion of Learning which allow you to learn one more spell than you
+ normally can. No need to say that they are very rare
+- The more you learn spells in a realm the more efficient with that realm
+ you are
+- Implemented the Nether Realm
+- Magical stair at the bottom of each dungeon
+- Reworked the imprinted pet system, now it will work lot better
+- Add the scrolls of spell which can cast a spell like a book. They must be
+ created by the Sigaldry magic, they can't be randomly generated
+- Updated the Sigaldry realm
+- Added Staves of Wishing! You can wish for objects, monsters, spells but
+ NOT FOR ARTIFACTS nor for staves of wishing
+- Flying monsters can now pass over trees and mountains
+- The game will ask you to choose ammo from your inventory if your quiver is
+ empty
+- Add the Crusade Realm
+- Add some new inscriptions
+- It's now possible to add up to 32 realms
+- Wraith form is less powerful since it's not so rare. Now damage is only
+ divided by 5 and armor raised by 50
+- Add the speaking patch from Matt Graham. Just edit the monspeak.txt file
+ to add new entries. And don't hesitate to send me what you've added !
+- There are fewer gods and each god has one or two preferred races and if one of
+ this race pray to him they gain better benefits. Also the praying effects
+ are more differentiated (based on the different gods)
+- Add the 'only once' quest type
+- It's harder to please your deity
+- The Nazguls are MUCH more powerful (ideas from Akhronath):
+ ******** Quote from Akhronath mail ********
+ All weapons which are not ego-items cannot harm them, and will be destroyed if
+ the character hits a Nazgul with it. Ego-items which have slay evil or slay
+ undead can harm them, but each hit has a 25% chance of destroying the weapon.
+ Other ego-items can't damage them, and have the same 25% chance of
+ destruction. An artifact weapon will be able to hit them only if the weapon
+ has slay evil or undead, but the weapon will be hit with disenchantment every
+ time it connects (but this is negated with disenchantment resistance on the
+ character). And even these artifacts can be destroyed, although there's only a
+ 5% chance. Other artifacts, of course, can't damage the Nazgul, and still have
+ the 5% destruction chance.
+ When a character does any damage to a Nazgul or is damaged by a Nazgul, he has
+ a 25% chance of being afflicted by the Black Breath. Thenceforth the character
+ will slowly be drained of experience and sanity. The character can stay alive
+ by using restoring and curing potions, but to cure the Black Breath he must
+ either drink a Potion of Life or eat (a new item) Athelas Leaf. (Athelas isn't
+ really eaten, of course, but I can't think of another simple way to implement
+ it.)
+ This will really make the player think twice before going up to a Nazgul, and
+ makes it very useful to carry spare weapons.
+ *******************************************
+ So if you encounter a Nazgul .... RUN AWAY !
+- Sensing the grid's mana is now done by pressing 'x' key to engrave the floor
+ The X key is free for some new function (maybe for the new riding system)
+- When browsing the spells while being a Power Mage there are no more bugs
+ when pressing escape
+- Removed the forbidden race/class combination feature. But it's always
+ possible to recompile PernAngband with it with the FORBID_BAD_COMBINAISON
+ define(in config.h)
+- New god : The RNG
+- The priest/prior/paladin's god is now chosen dependent on their race
+- I have enough of hunting those damn ghost bug which makes them unable to
+ move. So it's now a feature ! They don't move because they are GREAT
+ adventurers who now just want to stand there to find peace :)
+ Hey, fixing bugs is easy this way :))
+- When 'A'ctivating the first screen showed is the equipment and no more the
+ inventory
+- Some new gfx drew by Andreas Koch
+- You can place object kind in the special levels instead of artifacts by
+ using 1000+k_idx as the number instead of just the artifact index
+- Add the Yeek race, but not as in Zangband. It's the one from Drangband.
+ I was thinking of a race who advance even quicker than the humans in levels
+ since a long time and I've found it !
+ So they suffer lots of disadvantages but need less exp than the other
+races, i.e.: When a DragonRider comes to level 2 a Yeek can already be at
+ level 7 !!
+- Added the FLY attribute, it allows you to fly over trees and mountains
+ because it's no longer possible with the levitation one. It's also a lot
+ rarer since it's POWERFUL in Galgals and Mirkwood. DragonRiders have it
+ by default. There is also a change in the features flags, CAN_LEVITATE
+ means that you can just avoid them by floating over it (like a pit,
+ water, ...) and CAN_FLY means that you must have the FLY flag to cross it.
+- The monster's drop are now created at the same time as the monster is
+ created. First it disallows scumming of monster drops. And the most
+ important thing is that it will allow me to add the new ability of stealing
+ objects from monsters (everyone will be able to do it, but only Rogue will
+ be excellent at it). For the point of view of the player there is no change.
+ It may produce some strange object disappearance in the late game since
+ all the objects are generated with the dungeon. And thus it may need to
+ increment the maximum size of o_list in misc.txt. If such problems shows
+ up, email me.
+- Press 'Z'('[' in roguelike mode) to STEAL an item from a monster. The
+ success rate is based on your dexterity, the fact that you are or aren't
+ a Rogue (being one makes it easier), the weight of the object to steal and
+ the base level of the monster. A Rogue will also gain some experience
+ if he/she succeeds. This made them more Rogue and less Warriors.
+- Add more graphics from Andreas Koch along with a new version of the editor
+- The resurrection effect of the gods is now harder to get and decreases a lot
+ more your grace. It was ... well ... too powerful for the cost of some
+ crappy artifacts
+- Finished the Magery realm created by Chris Weisiger (
+- I've finally fixed it ! You know, this ugly bug that disallows the darkening
+ of the grass & mud tiles when they have been lit.
+- Yeah ! It's done! The new magic system is finished (I will add Spirit Realm
+ later). The final form is 4 Major Realms : Valarin, Nether, Magery, Shadow
+ and 4 Minor Realms : Crusade, Tribal, Sigaldry, Illusion.
+ The only problem is be that it could be unbalanced, especially the
+ Shadow realm since I've created it :)
+ Anyway it should be great. There are still a lot of old spells but some new
+ coloured funny spells for you to discover, as Control the Ring, Infuse Amulet,
+ Scribe Scroll, Doppleganger, Volcano Flow, Tidal Wave, and a lot of others!
+ The max number of spells a character can learn depends on his class. But
+ generally the player can learn fewer spells than the total number of spells he
+ has in all the books he can read.
+ I want to thank Akhronath (who has the first idea and who write some realms),
+ Shawn Cheng, Chris Weisiger and DSCreamer<> for their great
+ help.
+- Moldoux can not appear at any other level than level 1
+- A new version of the Tile Editor plus a full set of graphs (expect the books)!
+- Moved the dungeon types definitions from tables.c to a new info file in the
+ lib directory: d_info.txt
+ It allows you to add new dungeon types easily.
+ There is also a brand new feature: You can specify which monster flags that
+ are NEEDED for a monster to be generated in the dungeon.
+ There is also an addition of dungeon flags. Here is the structure:
+ N:<index>:<name>
+ D:<long name>
+ W:<min depth>:<min depth>:<min player level>:<next dungeon>:<flags mode>:<min alloc>:<max alloc chance>
+ L:<floor1>:<%1>:<floor2>:<%2>:<floor3>:<%3>
+ A:<wall1>:<%1>:<wall2>:<%2>:<wall3>:<%3>:<outer wall>:<inner wall>
+ F:<flags>
+ M:<monster flags>
+ S:<monster spells>
+- The quest rewards are always good
+- I've finally found and fixed the Mirkwood Spiders Quest
+- Add the MAZE flag to the dungeon type flag list, which instead of a normal
+ dungeon generate a full big maze ! And it's EVIL ! Note that there will be
+ no rooms and no vaults generated, just a plain evil maze
+ The algorithm is from <> on
+- Note about the dungeons : A dungeon can't have more than 40 levels
+- You can use SMALLEST, SMALL and BIG as dungeon flags to specify the level's
+ size
+- 6 new dungeon types: a Graveyard, an Illusory Castle, an Orc cave, a Maze
+ a Dragon's Lair and A Forest with specific gfxs and monsters restrictions
+- Some new gfx form Andreas Koch mostly to add more flavor to the towns
+- You can add a guardian and a guardian artifact to each dungeons types with
+ the following flags: FINAL_ARTIFACT_artifact_number and
+ FINAL_GUARDIAN_guardian_number
+29/08/1999 - PernAngband 4.0.0
+- Fixed the max_dlv non allocation error
+- Fixed the Tribal realm spell descriptions
+01/09/1999 - PernAngband 4.0.0b
+- New dungeon type, the Netherworld with Muar and the Wand of Fireball of
+ Mithrandir at the bottom
+- You can't gain a fate before being level 10
+- Some cosmetic changes suggested by Akhronath
+- A new Artifact by Akhronath, The Long Sword of Murazor 4d5, so ... the next
+ time you see a long sword 4d5, beware ...
+- Add a feature flag to allow running
+- Fixed the Chaos Warriors bug (they were unable to use magic !)
+- Fixed the Chaos Realm descriptions
+- You can't rest on a between gate
+- You can now steal from stores. But beware of the consequences if you fail...
+- Fixed a bug in that when recalling to the town the player was sometimes
+ placed in the upper left corner
+- Fixed a bug that disallowed the creation of entrances to some vaults
+- Fixed the Dragon Tower bug
+- Add minimum player level to the random dungeons
+- Add shafts, you can use them do go up/down for up to 4 levels(but you can't
+ ignore quest levels). Original patch from Static Chaos. Idea from GSN
+- Add a dungeon flags to forbid generation of doors
+- Some tweaks to the possessor code as written by Static Chaos i.e:
+ You must possess a monster that is able to open to door to do so. The
+ same applies to bashing. Your sex is modified by your body. Lots of tweaks
+ to the spells that can be used...
+- The racial power of the Dwarves is now the same as The Pick of Erebor
+ activation: they can find hidden passage in the walls
+- There is 1 chance in 10 that the level is an magical level, which means that
+ each grid will contain more mana than a normal level.
+- Add some new sentences to the monsters sentence lists
+- Began to add the Druid class. But it's TOTALLY different from the other
+ variant's Druids. They make intense use of the mana flow from within the
+ earth and the elements, thus their spells can regenerate the mana they have
+ used by pumping it from the floor, like the Tunnel spell which will blink
+ the player and will try to absorb enough mana form the grid he/she lands on.
+ They can also (and they are the only to be able to do that) regenerate the
+ mana flow of the earth. They also can use enhanced attack types called
+ Druidic Bolt/Beam/Ball that can follow a mana flow laid by the player.
+- The Druids can sense precisely the amount of mana of a grid
+- Added some revised graphics by Andreas Koch
+- Added the code provided by Alexey Guzeev( to
+ compile PernAngband under OS/2 with EMX
+- It's finally fixed ! the damn bug that was crashing the game when leaving
+ a town on certain system (Mac and Windows) ! this will never happen again !
+- Finished the Druid class. They have 40 spells (8 * 5 books). The spells that
+ activate Mana Runes is not active for now, but it will in a near future.
+- Add a slightly modified Tom Morton fake artifact patch (it won't print {} at
+ the end)
+- You can inscribe an object with !! to notify the player when it's recharged
+- Lots of bug fixes thanks to Lothar Lange <>
+- Lots of new ideas thanks to Lothar Lange <>
+30/10/1999 - PernAngband 4.0.1
+- "Foolish mortal! Thou hast not pleased me! I'll doom your game with the new
+ horrible DG curse !"
+ Yes I've done it, the DG curse is even worse than the TY one. One of it's
+ most perverse feature is that it can replicate itself to contaminate sane
+ objects that can't be cured. Also if you remove the curse of a DG cursed
+ object, it will recurse itself automatically !
+ Beware of the horrible Long Sword of Murazor because it carries the ancient
+ morgothian curse !
+ Oh, there are also some monsters that give the DG Curse when dying ... but
+ I'll let you find whose they are by yourself :-<|> (Dark God makes an evil
+ smile). I can just say one thing : you should *REALLY* *NOT* kill Mathilde...
+ But do not worry she's got much more HP, so you can't kill her anymore :)
+- Add the Rod of Home Summoning, which acts like the old dragon spells
+ "Call Home"
+- Drastically reduced the recharging time of the Dragon Scale mails in order
+ to render them useful.
+- Added a new weapon ego-item: of Spinning, which will make you spin around
+ in order to hit every monster around you. Note that you'll only get one
+ blow for each monsters whatever your normal number of blow is.
+- Added (ok stolen) the question in the GSNband FAQ about wrists hurting (it can
+ be useful, so everyone should know)
+- Rogues and monks gain more and more stealth as they gain levels (SBF)
+- Added some sentences for the Dwarves (in monspeak.txt)
+- Added the support of two-handed weapons (from GSN). Thus there are weapons
+ that can be handled with two or one hand (but with one hand it halves the
+ damage). A 2 handed weapon can't be wielded with a shield.
+- Added the random character name generation from Cthangband
+- Added rivers (water & lava) from the Steven Fuerst fractal patch. Note that
+ dungeon to have some rivers generated (actually in Mordor(lava), Dragon lair
+ (Lava) and Forest(Multiple Water))
+- Updated generate.c to the Steven Fuerst fractal patch room generator (using
+ room_alloc), in order to implement the remaining part of the patch easier.
+ But I'm still having problems adapting it to my extended dungeon generator.
+- Ahah ! I've resolved the problem !! there are now fractal rooms (15%, can be
+ always enabled by specifying the CAVE flag), now the orc caves looks great
+- Added the Caverns(enabled via the CAVERN flag)
+- Hell has been moved down, it now begins at level 666! :)
+- Add the Static Chaos persistent dungeon patch that save every level of a
+ dungeon (which has the PERSISTENT flag) on disk and reload it instead of
+ regenerating a new level.
+- Add the Outer World dungeon type (this is an entrance to a place of an
+ incredible stability). It use the PERSISTENT flag and thus will be saved.
+ Only level 50 characters can go there to prevent abuse(like have an old
+ ultra powerful character and a new one and going into the Outer World to
+ exchange some stuff). And yes the saved dungeons are the same for EVERY
+ characters. But to add ... err ... variety, I've put it from level 300 to
+ 305, I've put it to have at least 30 monsters from the beginning AND to have
+ an higher monster generation rate(1/60 instead of 1/160 !), thus you'll
+ NEVER get bored there :)
+- Implemented the much more complex trap system from Angband/64 thanks to the
+ patch made by Static Chaos. There is 169 traps (see tr_info.txt).
+ Beware that on average the traps are deadlier...
+- It comes along with a new feature for stat system: temporary stat drain,
+ it's cool
+- Renamed Power Batteries to Essences
+- The DG_CURSE can put the NEVER_BLOW flag on a weapon ... sadistic !!!
+- DSMs now have been granted the FLY flag
+- The monster memory now colors some important things about the monster (like
+ resists, speed, ...)
+- Fixed a wand of wishing bug, that made them sometimes NOT use a charge
+- Moved the special level DeathWatch to the Orc Cave
+- Moved the special level Treasure Room to the Maze so people are forced
+ to play those dungeons if they want the artifacts
+- Random quests will only occurs on PRINCIPAL dungeons (the one created by
+ splitting the vanilla dungeon into 4 smaller ones, Galgals, Mirkwood,
+ Mordor and Angband itself)
+- To prevent too many YASD from the DG curse of Mathilde she has now been
+ granted 22500 hp, but as usual she can't attack :))
+- Fixed a bug that disabled the guardian at the bottom of some dungeons
+- Added main-gcu from Angband/64 to allow larger screens
+- Added the new note command that dumps to a file from "Tom Morton"
+ <>
+- Added funny time message from Z
+- Added object experience as suggested by Ceilti <>
+- Fixed a bug when the magestaves were cursed
+- Added the small trees (along with a new feature flag: SUPPORT_LIGHT) to
+ replace the walls in the Forest and Mirkwood
+- Some new gfx from Andreas, and the town of Bree with the new tiles
+- Add 4 dungeons by Vanilla Dungeon(only from Vanilla Town,
+ The Small Water Cave, The Sacred Land Of Mountains(if you don't fly ...
+ do not even plan on going there),
+ The Wild Land Of Kurukar(It sure looks great)
+- New dungeon flags: HOT and COLD that affect object decay
+- Add YA*IF (Yet Another *_info File): wt_info.txt
+ It defines wilderness features *, allowing a better wilderness map. Since
+ it now defines nearly everything a wilderness need to have, the map itself
+ only have to be an array of feature and seed, thus allowing a much bigger
+ wilderness. I also plan to have a Omega wilderness mode where you can have
+ an overview of the wilderness to travel quicker (but time will pass much
+ quicker too:)
+ The structure of w_info is also changed, it's uglier but well .... :)
+ The wilderness size must be EXACTLY the same as the size defined in misc.txt.
+- Scrolls of Reset Recall are now WORKING !!!!!
+- The new wilderness mode is done ! When you reach the border of a wilderness
+ screen you go to the small scale wilderness map, where you can see all
+ the wilderness map with the towns/dungeons/... A lot of commands are
+ disabled there and moving takes MUCH more time, so beware of the food !
+ You can enter the big scale mode by pressing > (this allow you to enter towns)
+ NOTE: The Death Molds CAN'T reach the small scale mode because their
+ erratic movements are impossible to handle in such a scale.
+ BEWARE: Your imprinted pets WON'T follow you in the wilderness !!!
+- Add wilderness encounters
+- Add Oangband rod/wand stacking
+- Amulets of the Serpent from Sadi Khan <>:
+ Resist Poison, Dexterity, some AC and Poison breathing
+12/12/1999 - PernAngband 4.0.5
+- Updated the makefiles and renamed object3.c to traps.c
+- Add 5 new essences from Sadi Khan: Force, Darkness, Lightning, Mana and
+ Knowledge
+- Fixed the bug that was placing the player at the town entrance when
+ leaving a building
+- Add the tool slot. It's actually only used to wield a shovel/pick but I've
+ some plans for it
+- You can only dig walls if you use a shovel/pick in your tool slot
+- Removed the player ghosts, well in fact made them a compile-time option(see
+ config.h)
+- Added the Necromancer class. But again not quite the same as you've seen
+ before. They can't be killed as easily as the other class. In fact when
+ their HP comes to 0 they don't die but become undead for a while. While
+ being undead their HP is replaced by DP(Death Points) that have a max
+ inferior to the max HP and that are slowly decreasing(1 DP less each turn).
+ They can use all the healing spells/potions/... but this won't stop them
+ from being reduced again. The only way for them to come back in the world
+ of the living is to kill 2 * player_level monsters.
+- Happy New Year !
+- Add a new curse(as suggested by When a weapon has this
+ curse and that the wielder attacks a monster with it, it can clone it !
+ And it's REALLY REALLY annoying, especially when fighting some kinds of
+ wyrms :)
+- Finally fixed the flags shown on the character display.
+- The quit without save command(CTRL + L) is now a compile time option disabled
+ by default
+- The Necromancer class now has 5 spells (used the same way as the mindcrafter
+ powers)
+- Power gained by levelling artifacts has been reduced
+- New unique monster: The Greater Lag Monster... beware :)
+- AHAHHAHAH ! I got it ! the wilderness bug that made the game crash when
+ entering a town is fixed ! And the wilderness system has been greatly
+ improved.
+ Now to switch the wilderness mode, just press < or >.
+ Everything should now works properly
+- Each Nazgul will now drop his Ring of Power. They are randomly generated
+ and thus they don't appear in a_info.txt. They always give invisibility,
+ life draining and are heavy cursed.
+- Changed the format of w_info.txt again, it's much more readable now.
+ I also added a additional parameter to the W lines of wf_info to define
+ which letter will be used in w_info.txt
+- 60x20, this is the scale of the new wilderness, it tries to looks like
+ the 3rd age middle earth map. Thus some dungeons leaved the towns they
+ were used to be to join their "real" place on the map. Only the Upper
+ Reaches of Galgals are still reachable from Bree.
+- Added a small hack from Static chaos to allow running faster with the
+ overhead map enabled.
+24/03/2000 - PernAngband 4.0.6
+- Possessors now have a MUCH better pseudo id, equal to warrior's one
+- Changed the wilderness map with the one provided by Gwidon S. Naskrent
+ ( It's bigger, it's better :)
+- Fixed a bug with the chasm opening inscription
+- Fixed a bug with the staff of wishing
+- Druids can now pass through trees
+- Stairs are now noticed again (when you see one it will stay on your screen
+ even when out of torch radius)
+- When a Necromancer turns into an undead he/she/it gets cured of everything
+- MAYBE fixed the damn wild bug ... again ? oh please GREAT RNG help me !
+- Added the Notes patch from Chris Kern. That allows you to get a .txt file
+ recording great events in your life, your notes, ...
+ Very useful I think
+- Fixed the artifact wands stacking bug
+- Removed the Netherworld dungeon
+- Added the Moria dungeon, it's not random and can be found in ... the moria
+ mountain chain :) There is Muar waiting you at the bottom, guarding the
+ Quarterstaff of Olorin
+- Waldern, the king of water is back, and he is the final monster of the
+ small water cave, guarding a the Trident of Ulmo. But beware it is more
+ powerful than in vanilla
+- Dungeon guardians and dungeon guarding's artifacts can only be generated
+ in their respective dungeons
+- Removed rumors that were still Zangbandish and some others I didn't like :)
+- The MONSTER_PERCENT_ flag can be added to some dungeons to specify the
+ amount of monsters that are affected by the dungeon specific restrictions
+- Random dungeons now appear on the overhead wilderness view
+- COULD IT BE !!!!!! yes it could !!!! thanks to Tom Demuyt that sent me a
+ savefile where he wasn't able to learn spells, I may have finally fixed the
+ dreaded spell bug !!!! I say may because I'm waiting for some fellow
+ mac user to compile it to see if it really fixes the bug.
+- IT WASN'T ! but now it *IS* !!!!
+ That was an other bug. And now Gob, the great Gob, the powerful Gob,
+ found the dreaded mac spell bug !!! thanks Gob !!!!
+- Changed the price for Runes/Essences to be more accurate
+- Changed some uniques in r_info to their former vanilla glory
+- The look command can now show the trap's types
+- Fixed some typos(thanks whimsy)
+- Began to add the Body parts system to allow more rings, weapons,
+ everything, depending on your current corpse (dragons will have more rings,
+ mariliths 2 weapons, ...)
+- If your corpse allows the use of more than one weapon, you can use them :)
+ let see a Sorceror using Ringil AND Gandalf ! :) well first he has to find
+ the rare scroll to change body and then to find a corpse that allows 2
+ weapons
+- Changed color of shafts (brown now) because they were hardly visible
+- Flying no longer allows passing over mountains, you MUST have a Climbing Set
+- Fast autoroller as a birth option
+- E'x'amining books in stores now browses them if your class can read them
+- Add a bookstore to Lothlorien town
+- When in battle rage(berserk) and using the ascii mode the screen goes all
+ red (as it is white for invulnerability and black for wraithform)
+- r_info is modified to give all monsters some inventory slots. the format is
+ E:weapon:torso:arms:finger:head:legs
+27/05/2000 - PernAngband 4.0.7
+- add a new dir to lib, DNGN which contain the definition of the LEVELS
+ not the dungeons. one file for each level named dun$dungeon$.$level$
+ In it you can have some declarations, like B:dungeontype which will
+ create a stairway to an other dungeon, thus allowing to have "branches"
+ in the dungeons.
+ L:dungeontype and L:level specify which is the "father" dungeon and at which
+ level the stair appear.
+ S:ext means to save the level(and thus to reload it) in the player.ext file
+ so allowing the use of persistent levels(the persistent dungeons option
+ is gone)
+- Necromancers can use the Nether realm in addition to their old set of
+ powers(now accessible through 'U')
+- Boomerangs of spinning are no longer allowed (that was silly)
+- Increased the rarity of the ULTIMATE artifacts (Magestaff of Gandalf,
+ Longsword of Eru, Seeker Bolt/Xbow of the Elves)
+- Fixed the displaying of attributes under the 'C'haracter display
+- Players can now choose which kinds of monsters they don't want in their game
+ at birth (wipe all Pern monsters, all Cth, monsters, joke monsters, ..)
+ Note that monsters in fixed quests are not affected.
+ Thanks Static Chaos.
+- In the Maze you can no longer remember anything, that means everything you
+ see is what it's in your light radius ! MUAHAHHAH, I'm *NASTY*
+- Archers now get a better chance of not breaking their ammo as they
+ advance levels
+- Note taking bug should be fixed
+- Fixed a bug with the incarnation code
+- Added the Orc Barracks special level (level 35 of Moria) from
+ Chris Weisiger (
+- The maze is now guarded by The Baby Minotaur who is holding The Steel
+ helm of Hammerhand
+- The graveyard is guarded by Vecna holding Doomcaller
+- You can now use the 'l'ook command in the small wilderness view
+- Between gates are no longer automatic, you must press > while standing on
+ one to activate it
+- Revised the Adventurer's guide thanks to Chris Weisiger(
+- You can no more recall from a quest
+- You can no longer target pets
+- Re-enabled the "Control the rings" spells of the Shadow realm
+- Between gates are now purple +
+- Only priest-like characters can use the Valarin realm
+- Removed all the references to Logrus
+- Tunnelling rubble will place the standard floor of the current dungeon and
+ not the floor feature
+- Grow trees no longer crashes when used near the dungeon edge
+- Fixed the character dump resistances
+- When a full character dump is requested (upon death) the self-knowledge
+ screen is used instead of the grid of abilities, that looks better :)
+- Fixed a bug in the placement of stairs which sometimes led to a stairway
+ to another dungeon when not requested
+- Fixed the bug that generated 'unknown' grids
+- Should now compile (nearly) without any warnings
+- Fixed the mountain bug that hung the game when entering mountain chains
+ in the wilderness
+- Some more monsters from Angband/64 and some more work on r_info from
+ Static Chaos. That brings the number of monsters to ... 1023 !
+- Damage taken from going between is divided by (ac / 50) + 1
+ So between 0 and 49 ac it's full damage, between 50 and 99 it's half
+ damage and so on
+- Greater Hell Beasts now have .. 1 hp :)
+- Add the Unbeliever class, they are anti magicians. Great warriors, they
+ have the worst magic device skill of all the classes, they continuously
+ generate an anti-summoning field around them disabling monsters from
+ summoning. The radius of the field increase with levels. After level 20
+ they can also disrupt the magic continuum, thus getting the same effects
+ as Anti-Magic, Anti-Tele and The Stone of Lore(nobody on the level can
+ teleport)
+- Add an option to auto tunnel walls when bumping into them.
+ NOTE that it'll ALWAYS take a turn then, so beware...
+- Really fixed the note taking bug (ok stole the fix from Zangband :) )
+- Changed the object description so now it's "Smeagol's Corpse" instead of
+ "The Smeagol's Corpse"
+13/07/2000 - PernAngband 4.0.9
+- Orc Barrack's between doors are fixed
+- God favor is reinitialized upon birth
+- Added the Daemologist class along with a brand new realm and lots of new
+ cool effects(try making all your pets explode ! :)
+ All made by Static Chaos
+- Fixed lots of compilation warnings thanks to Static Chaos
+- Added the random vaults and crypt vaults from Zangband with the help of
+ Static Chaos
+- Fixed some bugs pointed out by Bablos
+- The Ray Rune now relay make a beam and not a pseudo bolt
+- 2 handed weapons wielded with a shield now really restrict your fighting
+ abilities (I forgot to add the code before) :)
+- Possessors can't leave their body while they wear cursed items
+- Word of Destruction is no longer allowed in quests
+- Add a fate spoiler created by Dustin Ragan
+- Removed the old new player ghosts implementation
+- Added the new old player ghost implementation (stolen from Drangband)
+- Rod system have been totally reworked. Now you can find "base" rods without
+ power (rods of nothing) with a certain quality (wooden, iron, ...) on which
+ depends the amount of mana they contain. You can also find rod tips which
+ contain the real spells but cannot be activated alone. You must attach (with
+ the 'z' command) a rod tip to a base rod before using it. The spells of the
+ different rod tips need different amounts of mana (so illumination is less
+ mana-hungry than healing) :). You can also have base rods ego-items (artifacts
+ soon) that can decrease the mana cost of the spell, increase the capacity
+ of the rod, decrease the time needed to zap the rod, ...
+ Oh BTW, you should be eager to get an Adamantite Rod of Healing of the
+ Istari :)
+ Now rods will hopefully be useful.
+ Note that you have to identify the base rod to get the mana indicator
+- Note files are now playername.nte instead of playername.txt
+So if you want your note file to be carried to the next version you'd better
+ rename it :)
+- Fixed a bug that prevented Azog from being generated at the bottom of the Orc
+ Caves
+****************** IMPORTANT *****************
+- Removed the Python support because it was slowing the game, adding
+ weight to the executable (and thus to the archive), was mainly unused,
+ and was never present in some ports
+- Unbelievers are now much better at perception, and actually become even
+ better as they go up levels
+- Fixed several bugs thanks to Iain McFall
+- Reset recall is now much nicer to use thanks to Iain (again :)
+- When a character is infected by the Black Breath it is show in the char
+ screen & dump
+- Cursed mage staves should no longer crash the game when identified
+- A Marilith can now drop it's corpse when killed
+- Add the gods spoiler made by Dustin Ragan
+- Fixed a bug that could eventually crash the game when looking at the quests
+ screen
+- Fixed a bug in the random junk artifacts that made them cure fear when said to
+ cure confusion
+- Add the squelch patch from Iain McFall
+- Boomerangs are now pseudo-id'd
+- The *thanc artifact daggers are less common because they are so powerful
+- The Midas Touch 30k gold limit has been removed (suggestion from Chris)
+- Fixed (ok ok Iain fixed :) ) several trap related bugs
+- Squelch now use the pseudo-id thanks to Iain
+- Pseudo-id inscriptions are no longer part of the real inscription of an object
+ and thus ... it's better :)
+- Tribal spell "Life Drain" now reduces your stat permanently 30% of the time
+ and the other 70% it can be cured via restore stats pots. The damage is now
+ always 50d50 and is no longer affected by mage staves of spell
+- Tribal spell "Meditate" no longer hastes/heals you
+ (it still heals your sanity) and the glyphs' radius have been decreased
+- Add the Trap of Acquirement that will give a great object and then mutate
+ into an other trap. It can never be identified and the color varies.
+ Idea from Iain
+- When casting charm upon monsters only the non-pet ones will be affected
+- Elder Aranea HP reduced
+- Small trees are burned by fire
+- Randomly activated mutations are no longer activated in the overview
+ wilderness
+- Ghoulkings are now z instead of p
+- Thrown potions now give xp when killing by a ball effect
+- Scrolls of reincarnation have been removed now you can only find scrolls of
+ deincarnation. To reincarnate into a new body 'U'se the appropriate power
+- Recharging is now useful again
+- Breeders should be a BIT slower
+- Reduced mutation chance of breeders from 7% to 3%
+- New, unified store/building code
+- Add quest plots. Feature 75, 76, 77, 78 are now permanent walls but used
+ as quest plot info holders. Before the new building code quest info was
+ stored in the building feature but now all stores/buildings use the same
+ feature(74) and the "special" value defines them.
+- Add semi-random towns. Now if the ' ' (space) character is used in the town
+ definition this grid will be replaced by the feature calculated by the
+ plasma generator as if it was a normal wilderness screen. So the forest of
+ Lothlorien is plasma generated and not fixed. It add variety and consistency
+ with the rest of the wilderness
+- All towns are now updated to the new store/building code
+- Removed the "you are being crushed" bug when going in the overview map thanks
+ to Iain McFall (as usual :) )
+- When you use a 2 handed weapon and press 'e' the equipment list will show
+ the weapon(and some info) in the shield slot too
+- Monsters can't have fewer arms than weapons
+- Mimics have been upgraded. They now have 5 powers. First is to use books of
+ lore as before. Second is invisibility. The other ones are Mimicries.
+ There are 3 mimicries, legs mimicry, wall mimicry and arms mimicry.
+ Legs and arms mimicry will "create" a new body part (or some) for a certain
+ duration. Wall mimicry will make the caster able to walk in walls (he becomes
+ a wall) but ONLY in walls .. not on floor .. so beware with this one
+- For your god to resurrect you need 3 times more grace and your grace
+ will drop to -100000
+- Add exploding ammos (bolt, arrows, shots) thanks to a patch by Static Chaos
+- Add some patches from Kusunose Toru <>
+- Neuters get a weight & height
+13/10/2000 - PernAngband 4.1.2
+- Building doors can't be erased
+- Fixed a bug in the rod system when attaching form the floor
+- Added fountains that you can quaff from ('H' in normal mode, 'V' in roguelike
+ mode, yeah I know it was for version number .. but .. mhh who is using it ?:)
+ Thanks to Static Chaos for the patch
+- You can fill empty options with fountains(thanks static chaos)
+- Added the Iain McFall Show Monster patch to show all viewable monsters
+- Fixed numerous bugs
+- Fixed the st_info & ba_info files thanks to Kusunose Toru
+- Godly blasts can't be reflected anymore, so beware, puny mortal !!! :)
+- Added a whole bunch of new floor features (ice, mud, sand, sandwalls, ...)
+ thanks to Static Chaos.
+- More spell effect will affect the dungeon, for example, fire will melt ice,
+ nether will kill trees, fire will create ash, cold will freeze water, ...
+ thanks to Static Chaos again :)
+- Cleaned up the feature code again (that was a REALLY messy part of angband...
+ and especially of Zangband)
+- Note: Sandwalls can be dug WITHOUT any digging tools
+- Teleport scrolls/staves are back in the shops
+- Mages, Wizards and Sorcerors now only get a wand of fire bolt at birth
+- Finally fixed the Alchemists extracting powers
+- Fixed numerous bugs thanks to KUSUNOSE Toru
+- Desert and Glacier wilderness features now really look like desert &
+ glacier :)
+- Debug commands are allowed in the overview map, but beware, do not create
+ objects & monsters there ...
+- The wilderness map is no longer fully known, you have to explore it
+- New wild.c file to support all wilderness functions
+- Maps can be found to reveal some places of the wilderness
+- Exp gaining weapons will gain levels way slower
+- Ring & Amulet random artifacts will only be "Ring of foo" and not
+ "Ring of Slow digestion of foo"
+- Level gaining Artifacts have been significantly toned down
+- Sauron lost his chances to drop The One Ring
+- Blood of Life potions & Staves of Wishing are more rare
+- Your god wont always resurrect you even if you have enough piety
+- When leaving corpses, Possessor equipment will be dropped to floor
+ to prevent their form being "lost"
+- Sandworm lair, a new dungeon
+- Staves of wishing now only have 1 charge
+- A patch to the alchemist patch from KUSUNOSE Toru, they should now work
+ perfectly
+- h-system.h fixed so it should compile fine on Linux
+- New r_info.txt with the HAS_LITE flag, thanks to Static Chaos :)
+- Now some monsters can have a light around them
+- Phial of Galadriel and Phial of Undeath now use the same symbol(yellow ~)
+- Fates now show up in the character dump (thanks Kusunose)
+- Scrolls of Divination are more friendly now (thanks Kusunose)
+- Artifacts in monster inventories not yet seen are not shown in the
+ artifact list (thanks Kusunose)
+- Zweihanders are now 2-handed weapons(as they always should have been :) )
+- Ego Rods are now "xxx rod of egoname of power" and not
+ "xxx rod of power of egoname"
+- Fixed some typos(parchEment, NumeRoNean, ...)
+- Fixed a bug with junk randarts
+- Gods now need more sacrifices
+- Disabled the monster lite feature right now because it's HORRIBLY buggy
+- The Sandworm Queen will now drop the Sandworm armour when killed
+- Now you can separate a dungeon entrance from a dungeon exit on the
+ wilderness map using the WILD_ix_iy__ox_oy flag in d_info.txt.
+ ix, iy are the coordinates on the wilderness map of the entrance.
+ ox, oy are the coordinates of the exit.
+ Note that each of them(entrance and exit) must have a physical entrance
+ on the wilderness map(that is a line in w_info.txt).
+ When you use the entrance to enter you get to the first level but when you
+ use the exit to enter you get to the last level.
+ So now you can have dungeons that create shortcuts in the map.
+ Or even allow to go in previously unreachable places(like now the dungeon
+ of Moria allows you to reach a secret valley in the Mountains of the Moria
+ which allow getting to some other dungeons)
+- Fixed a bug with fountains (yeah, fountains of the Blood of Life were quite
+ unbalancing :)
+- Priests can't use Tribal magic anymore
+- Mages can't use Crusade & Illusion Magic anymore
+- Rogues can't use Crusade anymore
+- Found why under certain circumstances forbidden objects could still be
+ generated (and that's also fixed now :) )
+- Dungeons & Monsters can now have object themes (yeah I know, I stole that
+ from Zangband, though the dungeon theme was in my head for long, but
+ when I steal I do admit it ...)
+ For example The Sandworm lair is really full of magical items, while the
+ Orc Caves are more on the side of the weapons & armors. And the Dragon Lair
+ is filled with ... oh well everything :) and so on.
+ So it's now really worth to get out of the 4 basic dungeons and see the
+ wild world!
+ All dungeons are done with the themes, it could take a bit longer for
+ the (1031) monsters... :)
+ NOTE: Dragon Scale Mails are considered TREASURES
+- Ego Monsters, yes like Ego items but for monsters. New file re_info.txt
+ defines all possible ego monsters types (skeletons, zombie, ...). It can
+ modify, the flags, spells, level, speed, ac, ... of the monster that is
+ turned into an ego monster.
+ This will increase the randomness of the game, increase the number of
+ monsters from 1031 to .. a lot... :)
+ There are not much ego monsters right now, so feel free to submit them
+- Sorcerors can't use much armor
+- Beastmasters have been give access to the Tribal realm, the Beastmaster's
+ powers are now available through the 'U' key
+- Player Raise death spells will now really create an undead. For example
+ you cast raise death upon a kobold corpse and you can get a Skeleton Kobold,
+ or a Zombie or a Spectre one. New Undead types will be added later. And I'm
+ open to ideas naturally
+- Narya activation is now Healing (500)
+- Nenya activation is now Healing (800)
+- Vilya activation is now Healing (900) and cures Black Breath
+- Daemonologists can now wield their books (in the weapon slot). When used this
+ way, spells are cast in 1/3 of a turn otherwise it takes 5 turns
+- Specialized ESP, like Orc ESP, Troll ESP, Dragon ESP, ...
+ They are less rare than full esp, but full esp is more rare
+- Fixed a Runecrafter bug which could crash the game if no second rune was
+ selected
+11/02/2001 - PernAngband 4.1.5
+- Ents get nearly no sustenance from eating
+- Center player option
+- Alchemist artifact creation now requires player level magic essences to
+ work. The stats are permanently reduced upon failure (as it always meant to
+ be). You PERMANENTLY lose 100 max hp when trying to create an artifact.
+ This should reduce the number of mad alchemists :)
+- Dark Swords as a new item type. They generate an antimagic field of 50%
+ minus the sum of the enchantment (a +5+5 one will only do 40%) on a
+ 5 tile radius (also minus the enchantment)
+- Unbelievers now generate a (player level)% antimagic field on a distance of
+ (player level / 10)
+- An antimagic field disables any form of magic on the user, and can prevent
+ monsters from casting spells (not breathing). A 50% antimagic field will have
+ a 50% chance of stopping a spell
+- Normal Artifacts. Normal Artifacts are artifacts found directly in k_info
+ that doesn't require a place in a_info. That allow strange artifacts, like
+ wands, rods, staff (those were possible already but ugly), ... and even
+ food
+- The Rod Tip of Home Summoning is now a Normal Artifact
+- The Greater Ration of Health is the first (very rare) food artifact !
+ When eaten it provide +70 hp permanently
+- The Potion of the Blood of Life is now a Normal Artifact
+- Invulnerability can no longer appear in fountains
+- The Ring of Precognition is now a Normal Artifact
+- The Ring of Wraithform is now a Normal Artifact
+- The Scroll of Deincarnation is now a Normal Artifact
+- Hell is now the Nether Realm
+- Fixed a bug that created stairs at bottoms of dungeons
+- Extra blows can only be provided by things in the weapon slots
+- The Scroll of Mass Resurrection
+- Renamed Warrior-Mage to Warlock
+- The Wand of Stone to Mud of Thrain and The Wand of Fireball of Gandalf
+ got the EASY_USE flag, allowing them to be used even by unskilled
+ characters
+- As does the Stone of lore
+- Fixed a bug that allowed people in quests to use the '<' key to get to the
+ wilderness timescale
+- Fixed a quest bug that allowed players to regenerate the quest many times
+- The Control the Three shadow spell is now much much more effective, since
+ it removes black breath and DG_CURSE. The only little annoying thing is that
+ it requires that player to wear the *THREE* rings. And that can only be
+ accomplished with either the Possessor class (though they CAN'T cast the
+ spell -- no hope for them) or The Scroll of Deincarnation
+- Monks can choose which spell to learn
+- Fixed a bug with limited ESP description
+- Fixed a bug in Possessor titles
+- DeathMolds can now teleport onto stores & such (all features that are
+ considered floor by the game)
+- Objects cannot be dropped on traps anymore
+- The Sandworm Queen no longer appears multiple times
+- Harpers wont crash at the start anymore
+- Panic saves will use the filename (thanks Improv)
+- Symbiants can't hypnotize monsters that aren't pets anymore
+- Add an old patch from SC which allows dungeons to project an attack every
+ few turns. For example a player in the Nether Realm will be hurt by nether
+ every 3 turns for a damage of 10d10.
+ The syntax is(up to 4 lines):
+ E:<dice>d<sides>:<frequency>:<attack type>
+- Volcano now does 2d10 damage each 10 turns, beware scrolls on the floor :)
+- Lost Ruins of Numenor does 1d1 acid damage each turn (water will RUST you)
+- Cirith Ungol will poison you every 20 turns for 4d4
+- Illusory Castle will confuse you every 6 turns for 6d2
+- Small Water Cave does 1d1 acid damage each 20 turns (water will RUST you)
+- Nether Realm is unlightable (as is the Maze) and always empty levels
+- Nether Realm is now guarded by Tik'srvzllat who guards the Ring of Phasing
+ a powerful ring that allow wraithform and immunity to nether
+- New Race system, Now you select a race AND a race modifier at birth.
+ For example you choose to be a human vampire, or a dwarf skeleton, ...
+ Then some modifiers apply (stats, skills, extra powers, ...). Note that
+ all races can't use all race modifiers
+- New race modifier, Barbarian, the old barbarian race is gone
+- New race, the Wood Elf from CathAngband, masters of the bow, with 1 extra
+ might and 1 more if they use bow and are high level enough
+- Extra Might can now be > 1
+- Penalty for priests using non blessed swords/axes/polearms is now (-15,-15)
+- New weapon category: Axes
+- Add Weaponmaster class from Gumband, trained into one weapon category, being
+ great with it but bad with anything else
+- Aranruth is a broad sword, 15lb, 3d5
+- Fixed lots of spelling errors/typos thanks to Improv
+- Add a new birth option: Astral (ghosts from Kamband, name from Gumband)
+ It enforces vanilla town and makes you start at level 98, you can't recall
+ and need to reach town
+- Trap doors can't appear at the last level of dungeons or in non dungeons
+- The concept of non-dungeon places: some "dungeons" got the FLAT flag
+ meaning they are ... flat, like a forest
+- The concept of Towers, going up instead of down
+- Updated birth.txt to take in account the race modifiers
+- Wood Elves can go through trees
+- Ammo similar to the one in your quiver will always be picked up
+- The death fate is way different now. When the player enters level he is
+ fated to die on he gets teleported to a special level in a special dungeon.
+ the level is empty, small and full of really out of depth monsters. Recall,
+ genocide, ... are forbidden. There are no stairs, the only way to leave it is
+ to kill every single monster of the level. Then the player is teleported
+ back to town. Chance of surviving are *LOW* but not nonexistent :)
+- The knowledge rune will now probe monsters
+- Runecrafters are now playable (new damage formula) even at low levels !
+ Now lets hope they are not TOO powerful :)
+- Runecrafters upgraded. They can now:
+ 1) Cast a spell on the fly (as before)
+2) Cast a runespell they memorized before (can memorize up to 100)
+ 3) Cast it from a carved runestone (uses 75% mana and does NOT need the
+ runes to be present in the inventory, but consumes the runes during
+ creation and it must be carried around to be used)
+- Mormegil is now a Darksword and is quite nice
+- Lesser & Greater Krakens now drop corpses
+- Add random towns in the dungeons. There can be up to 4 towns per dungeons.
+ Not all dungeons (well should say places) can hold towns. Random town shops
+ are took from the possible shops in st_info.txt with the RANDOM flag
+- Stores in st_info.txt got flags
+- When carving a Runestone the involved runes are destroyed
+- Random towns can have different shapes, from vanilla one to hidden one
+ (the stores are placed randomly on the level, without any buildings)
+- When the player is invisible and does not have see invisible the @ symbol
+ disappears
+- Cannot locate undetected traps by simply 'l'ooking around
+- Mariliths cannot use boots
+- The player is no longer "teleported away" when leaving some buildings
+- Level gaining artifacts rarity have been increased
+- Death Ray will actually kill the player
+- Removed traps of death ray (now that death ray insta-kills)
+- Recharged wands/staves cannot be extracted anymore
+- Wraithform no longer reduces damage
+- New hp formula for Possessors
+- Some sentences for the DarkGod monster to say, based on #angband :)
+- *WARNING*, squelch list has to be checked upon importing an old savefile
+- Every item can provides blows since Alchemists can't create that many arts
+ now
+- Wielding a mage staff (even non ego ones) will provide with a decrease of 20%
+ of the casting speed (using 80 energy instead of 100)
+- Add makefile.bcc thanks to Arch
+- Some Spelling/Grammar fixes in lib/help/ -- Improv
+- Levelling artifacts will now use a new scheme:
+ There are now groups of abilities (the Fire realm, the Cold Realm and so on)
+ Whenever a weapon goes up a level, it gets to either:
+ 1. become enchanted by +2/+1
+ 2. gain another attribute from a group it already has.
+ 3. gain +1 to hit, and a point.
+ when a weapon gains a certain number of points, it might buy access to a new
+ group. Note that some groups can contain good AND bad abilities
+- Pet shop now sells scrolls of summon never moving pets
+- Lots of fixes (ammo weight, god flags, ...) thanks to Kusunose Toru
+- Towers deactivated for the time begin
+- Rods considered good
+01/05/2001 - PernAngband 4.2.2
+- Force attacks will pull away monsters (from Dr)
+- Fist of Force is now a force attack
+- Unbelievers can now detect traps at level 25 and destroy them at level 35
+ Press 'm'
+- GoI no longer protects from insanity
+- Colored messages
+- Artifact creation results in a 40hp loss
+- Hermit subrace, magic adepts weaker physically but have more mana reserves
+- Use upx for exe compression of the DOS version in makefile
+- Fixed makefile difficulties in, and uncommented one of
+ the safer sets of CFLAGS/LIBS in that file as a good default -- Improv
+- Fixed some other spelling problems, notably in cmd7.c -- Improv
+- Reworked the old (ugly) activatable mutations, race powers, ... system to a
+ new unified one. Race, subrace, class powers are defined in the tables in
+ tables.c. Now the new system will allow for artifacts to grant powers, it
+ also allow intrinsic powers (i.e. you quaff The Potion of Blinking
+ and from now on you can blink at will)
+- There is a 2% chance of gaining the grow mold mutation when eating a slime
+ mold
+- Priests gets the curse detection power
+- Oops the Sandworm Queen wasn't confusion resistant :)
+- Added various granted powers to various artifacts and ego items
+- Sorceror allowed spellbooks are now in tables.c (Mrealm_choice)
+- Changed the install rule to do something sensible on Unix. Changed config.h
+ to suit. Default dir for lib is now /usr/lib/games/pernband/
+ Hopefully this won't make too many people angry -- Improv
+- New GFX by Andreas Koch
+- Fixed some entries in a_info
+- Monster memory now tells people when they're facing a Nazgul (Kevin W Thomas)
+- Fixed a bug in dungeon town generation (Kevin W Thomas)
+- Added makefile.WHICH, fixed up my earlier patches to add a real install
+ rule - Improv
+- Pseudo id now works for potions, scrolls, wands, staves and rods. Magicians
+are better at pseudo id-ing those than warriors (SC)
+- Can only use one ultimate artifact at a time (not that it really
+ matters given that no-one will ever find one :) )
+- Fixed a bug preventing The Baby Minotaur from being generated if it was
+ already generated for a previous character using the same savefile
+- Upgraded to latest z-term code
+- Illusory castle got a guardian, The Glass Golem (a NASTY thing) hoarding
+ The Helm of Knowledge, which auto ids every item you walk onto and activates
+ for insanity + *id*
+- Crushed all oriental items(nearly) of the game, they just doesn't fit the
+ general theme
+- Gigantic dungeons (flag DOUBLE) from SC
+- Ice lair as a Gigantic dungeon from SC
+- Dragon Lair is gigantic now
+- Between gates travelling damage is now /2
+- Checked in an EXTREMELY raw and broken version of my z-term changes that
+ produce cmovie files. It's disabled by default, if you want to play with
+ it, play with z-term.c ... Until I incorporate a cmovie player into
+ Pernangband, you can use the one I wrote for MY roguelike MoLD, available
+ at . Little plug there. -- Improv
+- Moria WILL have downstairs at the bottom
+- New quest code ! Quests are no longer in *_info.txt files but are able to do
+ many new things, and the code is less ugly than it was :)
+- Random Quests refitted to use new quest code, now each level with a random
+ quest will have a vault with the monsters you need to kill inside, and a
+ princess that is held prisoner (your goal being to save her)
+- Refitted Thieves quest
+- New Bree quest, The Lost Hobbit ! save Merton !!
+- New key, 'y' to give items to monsters
+- Elven vampires no longer get resist lite, that was silly AND unbalancing
+- Artifact arrows wont come in piles anymore
+- Removed Wizard & prior classes, Mages & Priests can now use their realms
+- Refitted Crusade realm, some new (fun) spells
+- cmovie changes to make it work better. Should have it all cleaned up and
+ portable very soon. -- Improv
+- Updated pern_faq -- Improv
+- Power mages start with a 2d4 spells
+- Fixed a bug which made random artifacts destroyed by auto-squelch. --
+ Kusunose
+- Changed spellbooks colors to be more .. accurate
+- Add the Spirit realm, taking the place that was designed for it a long time
+ ago, the one that tribal used until now, between Valarin and Shadow.
+ Tribal is not removed, but it can only be used by some nature-like classes
+ (like beastmasters, rangers, ...). Some spell names & spellbooks names are
+ took from psiband Psionicists
+- disturb_move option off by default
+- Bree town totally redesigned by Mynstral to be more accurate the LoTR
+ description of it and to be more .. beautiful :)
+- New quest in Bree after the hobbit one, The Trolls Glade
+- Dark Horseman quest required level raised to 35
+- Massive updates to tables.c, fixed spelling of several spells, renamed a
+ few, fixed spelling of several lvl-specific class names, renamed a few.
+ Also working on maintainability for race/class restriction code in same
+ file. -- Improv
+- Entirely replaced TANG.txt with new stuff I wrote -- Improv
+- Permanent wraithform no more do the "You feel opaque" every few turns
+- Recoded the passwall() function to be... less ugly and less buggy
+- Archers learn to protect their arrows from fire as they advance levels
+- The Toris Mejistos guarded by Ar-Pharazon the Golden at the bottom of
+ the lost ruins of Numenor
+- Fixed random artifacts activation bug
+- Spell lists are now colored
+- Spell descriptions when browsing
+- Half magery spells descriptions done by Parak
+- The potion of learning is a k_info artifact now
+- Added color to seen unique list, quests list and a few others
+- Descriptions added to first five Shadow books (Shaun "arch" Sides)
+- Nazguls lost the DG_CURSE upon death
+- The Spiders of Mirkwood quest is the first Lothlorien quest
+- Magestaff of power now increases spell power while magestaff of spell
+ holds 2 spells (switching their previous behaviors)
+- New ego item system, externalized everything, it's half based on Matthias
+ Kurzke patch
+- Rewrote e_info.txt for the new ego system, the rarity should look like the
+ same
+- Bows of Numenor & Lothlorien as new ego items
+- DSM can be ego
+- some new ego & tweaks to existing egos
+- 3 new light types: Everburning torches, Dwarven lanterns and Feanorian
+ lamps
+- New ego lights: of Brightness, of *Brightness*, of Illumination, of Boldness,
+ of the Shadows, of Infravision, of the Eternal Eye
+- The Phial of Galadriel is now level 20 rarity 10, the ego lights & other
+ perm lights should be enough until then
+- Ego light: of Fading, will make non-permanent the permanent lights :)
+- Add auto curse
+- The One Ring will not be cursed when generated but will have the auto_curse
+ flag, so it is possible to use it and take it off for VERY brief periods...
+ but if it becomes cursed while you're wearing it .. you're stuck with it
+- The same applies for the Toris Mejistos (except that it's not permacursed)
+- Moved options around
+- No more books of lore, they are now Cloaks of Mimicry (and can be ego items
+ or randart)
+- Monsters that can suicide cannot be random quest monsters
+- Alchemist artifact creation totally changed. It now takes player level
+ essences of magic and 1 hp to "imbue" a normal non-artifact, non-ego item
+ into a pseudo artifact.
+ You will then wield/wear it and it'll gain some xp when you do
+ (reducing the amount you gain)
+ When you think you have enough xp, you finalize it (actually select the
+ flags that now cost xp) with the xp it has and the pval you choose.
+- Did more spelling updates on this file -- Improv :)
+- Finished moving the class-race combos in tables.c to a cleaner
+ format -- Improv
+- Copied Vanilla random artifacts name generator
+- Random ring & amulets are now "The Ring of foo"
+- Lights can be random artifacts
+- Described all Valarin spells
+- All non spellbook spells (Mindcrafters, necromancers, mimics) got a
+ description
+- All harper songs described
+- DragonRiders will learn to fly at level 17 (but they always can levitate),
+that's an old Divia suggestion
+- Magestaves of Spell still carry 2 spells, but they are randomly generated
+ using the runespell (magic of the Runecrafters) system
+- First draft of monsters gaining xp & levels
+- Magestaff of Mana & Power renamed to Magestaff of Wizardry (suggested by JLE)
+- Beginning work on unifying the load/save code to make
+ maintenance easier -- Improv
+- load2.c and save.c are now one file, loadsave.c ... Will now be working on
+ moving them to using unified functions so this code will be easier to
+ maintain. -- Improv
+- Reworked monster AI. A monster can now be enemy, neutral(oriented toward
+ player or monster or full neutral), friendly, pet or companion(will follow
+ you on other levels)
+- Pets (and other friends) will be less stupid
+- You can now assign a target to a pet
+- The Phial will now have a similar effect to song of morning (tribal)
+- The number of companions killed is taken into account in the score
+- New quest at Lothlorien, the poisoned water, with an unique reward,
+ a DSM of elvenkind (cannot be generated under normal circumstances)
+- Renamed Nibelungs to Petty Dwarves
+- New curse, you cannot drop the item
+- Multiple messages will show up as only one message with a multiplier
+- New Minas Anor layout (MUCH BIGGER) by Mynstral
+- Fixed the princess not appearing (she WAS there but got killed)
+- Fixed Mormegil (it was possible to use it with magic)
+- Companions stay even if you use the overview wilderness mode
+- Some monsters will tease the player but always stay out of melee range
+- A new pet command to make them forget their target
+- New ego type for heavy armors (Dwarven) with + to STR and maybe CON
+- Ammo & diggers doesn't add the tohit/todam to your total
+- Herbal healing at Gondolin will cure black breath
+- New store type: Master Archer
+- Rings can be ego objects now
+- Scrolls can be ego now (Fireproof)
+- Wands & Staffs (except of wishing) can be ego item: of Plenty
+- Possessor now have mana (based on INT) and use it to cast the spells of the
+ monster they are using
+- Deathmolds can now use the overview wilderness map but the travel time is
+ higher and there is a chance to not blink right and move onto an undesired
+ square
+- Changed Summon Cyberdemon to Summon High Demon (with the incoming new JLE
+ demons it'll be nasty)
+- Added Possessor monsters, they'll hunt corpses and incarnate into them !!
+ Now you must fear even dead monsters
+- The Phial of Undeath now has a radius of 5
+- Unique monsters list is now sorted (but Morgoth is always at the bottom)
+- Add monster traps from PsiAngband. Rogues can now set them (with the powers
+ menu, 'U' key)
+ Direct quote from Psiband change file:
+ Rogues can set traps for monsters. This requires a "trapping kit" as a trigger
+ and something to "load" the trap with.
+ All scrolls, potions, wands, staffs and rods can be used (with the appropriate
+ trigger) as traps to confuse, poison, teleport, genocide, ... unwary monsters.
+ But standing next to a trap with area effects will hurt the player, too.
+ There are also traps that shoot ammo: hidden catapults, bows and xbows.
+ Some monsters can disarm traps, and a monster that has disarmed one of your
+ traps will learn how to disarm all of them...
+ Ammo Traps can have (+hit,+dam) just like bows. They can also be enchanted.
+ All traps can have a [+AC] showing how hard it is to disarm it.
+ There are also ego and artifact traps.
+- Add the ego & artifacts trap kits from PsiAngband
+- Hallucination monster attack (JLE will use it for the review of r_info)
+- You can use up to 5 R_CHAR_x flags in the F: line or re_info.txt to specify
+ races to which the ego powers are available
+- Crusade realm described
+- The Star of Elendil now has a light radius of 4
+- The dungeon info file (d_info) now allows more than one monster generation
+ rule. The R: line specifies the percent of monsters affected by the rule
+ and the mode of the rule(AND, NAND, OR, NOR). So it is now possible to
+ have 60% of orcs, 30% of trolls and 10% dragons
+- New dungeon in Mirkwood, Dol Guldur !
+- Sorcerors cannot use Valarin (prayers should not be available to mages) and
+ Tribal (instead they get Spirit)
+- Fixed some misspellings in lib/help/ -- Kusunose
+- Auto pickup option now defaults to false
+- Fixed bugs with the cursed ego items
+- Described the remaining Magery spells
+- Point based character generation
+- Finish cmovie support !
+- Added an interface to cmovie (press | key in both normal or roguelike set)
+ It asks for a name (it will add the extension itself) and then if you wish
+ to play or record it.
+ The cmovie files (.cmv) are located in lib/cmov, note that they quickly
+ become huge and so you REALLY should compress them before sending to friends
+- Fixed a bug that prevented mutations from being correctly cleaned
+- Special artifacts can be placed anywhere in a_info, they just need the
+ INSTA_ART flag
+- Emptying lite warnings should work now
+- Added new quest, not found in a castle.. I won't say anything more :)
+- Added 2 new dungeon flags:
+ LIFE_LEVEL will generate levels with a cellular automaton algorithm (looks
+ like a game of life)
+ EVOLVE will make a LIFE_LEVEL be continuously parsed by the cellular
+ automaton algorithm while the player moves, resulting in a living effect
+- New dungeon: The Heart of the Earth, branching on level 25 of Mirkwood
+ it uses the evolving algorithm :)
+- Added the new Minas Anor (one map screen total). Fully functional
+ (except for the random terrain via the plasma generator *hint,
+ hint -> DG*) --Mynstral
+- Moved the rarity of the Phial of Undeath to the one of Galadriel
+- Add Death Orb monster as suggested by Prfnoff a long time ago.
+ They only move when in LOS. They multiply (quickly) and can hit to parasite
+ which will make a new death orb spawns out of you later
+- Fixed a bug in cmovie that messed up the recording when the user specified
+ different char than the normal ones
+- Loadsave work is now pretty much complete. Barring the addition of
+ transparent compression, which might happen later, there shouldn't be any
+ reason why savefile compatibility should ever break again. -- Improv
+- Several bugfixes -- Kusunose
+ Player's symbol was never displayed if VARIABLE_PLAYER_GRAPH or
+ USE_GRAPHICS was #undef'ed
+ Eating a corpse sometimes crashed the game.
+ Stealing from a monster sometimes crashed the game.
+ Nether immunity won't work if player had nether resistance.
+ and some minor bugfixes.
+- Birth classes selection is now more user friendly
+- D: line enabled in k_info.txt
+- Added ingame information about the different objects kind one can find
+ It is accessed via the observe key ('I' in original keyset)
+- Add back the Eol quest at Gondolin, but it's now dynamically created
+ (the level layout and trap places are random)
+- Reimplemented Nirnaeth Arnoediad quest at Gondolin, but with a different
+ reward
+- Add a spoiler menu to the help menu, thanks to Dawnmist
+- Fixed a bug; Steal Item Trap sometimes crashed the game. -- Kusunose
+- Working on rewriting more documents in lib/help/ -- Improv
+- Fixed a long-lived bug with power mages. This greatly affects play-balance
+ with them -- no longer will the cost of many of their high level spells
+ be merely 1 mana. Also, removed some of their effects that never really
+ worked anyhow. -- Improv
+- Some more misspellings on this file are fixed. -- Kusunose
+- Cannot add essences to artifacts
+- Object descriptions are added in the character dump
+- Notes are saved in lib/note
+- Priests and paladins begins with 10 times more grace with their god
+- Rods with rod tips attached sells for higher price
+- Down shafts cannot get you out of a dungeon
+- Cannot enter water and such in overview mode when too burdened
+- The no_pickup_corpse option changed to prompt_pickup_heavy which will ask
+ a confirmation before picking up objects that might slow you
+- Add an menu to the option screen to dump/load options to a pref file
+- Fixed a bug with dungeon guardians being generated more than once
+- Unique list is now in 2 columns
+- Race selection screen made more user friendly with race desc
+- Reworked the spell system
+ Now each spell got a level that you increase as you learn it more and more.
+ The higher the spell level is the more damage it does, the more time it
+ lasts and such.
+ Also each class have a specific max on the number of levels they can achieve
+ in each spells. This should help the high mage class since they get twice the
+ max level of mages. Also illusionists gets more than mages.
+ Also note that sometimes one more level wont change anything while 2 or 3
+ more WILL change. And lastly some spells are not affected by levels at all
+ One last thing, sorcerors cannot learn spells and thus cannot increase their
+ spell level which will always be 1
+- Player races now have inherent body parts, so a deathmold cannot use
+ headgear or boots but can wear more rings
+- New DarkGod sentences by Static Chaos
+- Fortune cookie by SC
+- The more you known a spell the faster it is to cast
+- Every class can now choose which spell/prayer to learn
+- Began reworking the spell bonuses(from spell levels or mage staves) to a much
+smoother distribution, so if a point if used it WILL have impact. Done the
+ Valarin Realm
+- Done Magery Realm
+- Done Symbiotic Realm
+- Done Music Realm
+- Done Shadow Realm
+- Done Chaos Realm
+- Ingame contextual help(on by default, can be turned off in the options)
+ Only few stuff got help right now, but that'll be extended
+- Spell list with levels included in the character dump
+- Updated docs thanks to Dawnmist
+- Hypertext help system, use up/down/space/- to scroll, left/right to move
+ between links and enter to activate a link
+- Race mods selection screen upgraded
+- The k_info artifacts will have a name again(was a stupid bug)
+- Done Nether Realm
+- Unified savefile loading screen. Now when the game is started it presents
+ a screen allowing to create new characters or to load/destroy existing ones
+- No more breeders in poisoned quest
+- Add an option to show exp needed for next level instead of total exp
+- Objects with the temporary flag will be destroyed when it's timeout
+becomes 0, allowing spells to summon fiery blades and such
+- Valarin Realm got a spell to create a temporary Holy Avenger
+- Created a cygwin makefile (makefile.cyg) for Windows -- Dawnmist
+- Split spoiler help files into true spoilers and newbie help files -- Dawnmist
+- Continued minor edits of help files. -- Dawnmist
+- Possessors reworked again
+ Now they get between 1 and 20 mana based on the spell rate of the monster.
+ When you cast a spell the failure rate is determined based on the player
+ level, player wisdom, monster level and spell difficulty. If the spell
+ fails it is still cast but you lose a few mana. If it succeeds you don't
+ lose mana. If it takes you below 0 mana you are forced to leave your corpse.
+- Done Spirit Realm
+- Done Tribal Realm
+- fixed a bug in project_meteor() that crashed the game. -- Kusunose
+- Updated option.txt for exp_need option. -- Dawnmist.
+- Continued edits on help files. -- Dawnmist.
+- Done Crusade Realm
+- Rewrote bldg.txt for Pern 4.x.x. -- Dawnmist.
+- Redone help file colour scheme to allow orange/yellow hyperlinks -- Dawnmist.
+- Continued edits on help files -- Dawnmist.
+- Spell checked tables.c -- Dawnmist.
+- Spell checked this file :-) -- Dawnmist.
+- Updated features and objects in dungeon.txt help file. -- Dawnmist.
+- JLE reworked the monster list, some monsters are gone, some monsters are
+ changed and some are new
+- Along with r_info JLE also modified d_info, big thanks to him
+- No more quest for shelob in mirkwood(she guards cirith ungol now)
+ Instead you must hunt the necromancer that is said to lurk in dol guldur
+- As long as sauron his alive the nazguls cannot be permanently slain
+- Attacking a nazgul no longer destroy artifacts(well it can, but the chance
+ is 1 in 1000)
+- Done Daemon and Sigaldry realms
+- SURPRISE!! I did something (but what it was is a surprise too) -- Mynstral
+- Added debug 'B' command, changes body -- Improv
+- Added colours and hyperlinks throughout command.txt -- Dawnmist
+- Updated most command descriptions in command.txt -- Dawnmist
+- Minor updates to some other help files -- Dawnmist
+- Massive merges from my internal cvs tree of loadsave.c
+ Hooked experimental bzlib integration in an #ifdef
+ Gutted the old 'encryption' code
+ Hoping to gut RLE if bzlib changes work out
+ Added nice sentinel function -- Improv
+- Fixed class selection screen bugs, fixed savefile manager so it will work
+ with unix. -- Improv
+- Added a quest map for Gondolin. -- Mynstral
+- Gondolon last quest: Invasion of Gondolin !
+- Upgraded max suport to the new birth interface thanks to pelpel
+- Several fixes thanks to pelpel
+- Add an option to use either the new r_info coloring scheme(based on V one)
+ or the old one(based on Z)
+- Fixed a lock problem with global.svg on multiuser system thanks to pelpel
+- Done Magic Realm
+- Done Druidisic Realm
+- One can press 4 (left arrow) in class selection to get back to meta-class
+ selection
+- Updated several *_info files thanks to JLE, new arts, ego, objects, ego
+ monsters
+- Fixed a bug in ego monsters, now they works perfectly :)
+- Done Illusion Realm
+- Added macrofaq.txt to help system -- Dawnmist.
+- Updated/fixed a few problems in the help files, and linked in new macro FAQ -- Dawnmist.
+- Increased chance for player ghost to appear
+- No more ego monsters in town
+- Spectre subrace can only use 1 ring
+- Made bree and gondolin finally use the plasma generator, and added two terrain
+ features. -- Mynstral
+- Fixed a bug with ego monster generation that inversed ego rarities, thus
+ explaining the incredible numbre of spectres running around
+- Fixed the orc level in the moria
+- Bladeturner is now an UNTIMATE artifact, but can be activated for invulnerability
+- Major rewrite of magic and class help files -- Dawnmist.
+- Fixed a bug with saving/loading while doing invasion of ogondolin quest
+- Fixed Tribal realm
+- Major rewrite of race modifier help files -- Dawnmist.
+- Spellchecked this file - Improv
+- Reintroduced water hounds - Improv
+- Major rewrite of race help files -- Dawnmist
+- Graphics for shop doors -- Kusunose
+- With help of Antimatter, squashed item bugs related to negative pvals and
+ the signedness of some functions. -- Improv
+- Done Prayer Realm
+- Fixed a bug with evolving dungeon when saved/loaded
+- Only the quest monsters counts for quest, not clones, not normaly generated
+ ones
+- undead ego monsters cannot be mortal
+- Monster ego name can appear before or after the monster name(:B or :A at the
+ end of the W: line)
+- Object ego name can appear before or after the object name(B or A on the X:
+ line)
+- Fixed a long-lived item-pickup bug -- Improv
+- Ego monsters will be drawn in gfx mode
+- Add a birth menu to select the god to worship, druids are forced to get
+ Yavanna, priests and paladins are forced to have a god, others can choose
+ to be atheist
+- No more multiple artifact arrows
+- Continued edits on the help files -- Dawnmist
+- Completed the spell descriptions for the Shadow Realm -- Dawnmist
+- Vampiric weapons can be sold again
+- Staff & Wand of nothing of plenty cannot exist
+- Staff of wishing CAN be of plenty
+- fixed a bug with esp and flags5 not being saved thanks to kevin w.thomas
+- fixed a bug in nirnaeth quest
+- Reduced sorceror hp penality to -10%
+- Removed the screen coloration when berserk/wraith/goi
+- Fixed invasion of gondolin quest
+- Fixed lightning res amu
+- Add the Merchant class(thanks static chaos), they can get loans(watch out if
+ you dont pay back quickly) and request items at the merchant guild.
+ they can appraise items, identify items, warp items in chests. They get
+ an object based ESP(see monsters carrying objects) at higher levels, they
+ constantly detect objects around them and they can use portable holes
+ to get a bigger inventory(but items in it weights more)
+- Fixed font-ibm thanks to pelpel
+- Merchants gets the midas touch
+- Vanilla town option removed. Astral mode now make the player start in the
+ Halls of Mandos(levels 1-98) which do not have any entrance from the
+ wilderness(or any dungeons). When they get out they are in the wilderness
+ and can start playing normaly. And uniques cannot be generated in the halls
+ of mandos
+- Updated font-ibm and font-win thanks to pelpel
+- When selecting the number of random quests, * will get a random number
+- Score list now shows the subrace, but it breaks the compatibility with old
+ ones
+- Reduced xp needed by monsters to gain levels
+- Ego items are wishable now. i.e you can ask for "fiery dagger"
+- Updated font-ibm and font-win thanks to pelpel
+- Added the map for a new quest. -- Mynstral
+- Finished the Last Alliance quest
+- Number of companion a player can have at max depends of the class
+ necro gets 1 + (plev / 10), beastmasters 4 + (plev / 10, harpers 5
+ all others 2
+- Fixed ambushes
+- Added merchant help
+- updated mac suport thanks to pelpel
+- Reduced by about 6mb the memory req
+- Hidden towns are generable
+- Fixed a bug with weapon specialty at birth -- Kusunose
+- New item ability, some rare rings can add %(based on pval) to the chance
+ of getting a critical hit
+- Objects can now shimmer(ATTR_MULTI), but only base types (k_info) can have
+ the flag
+- Features can now shimmer, note that this can be slow. Please report if it
+ is unbearable on your machine(you can also disabled the avoid_other option)
+- Reduced memory footprint again
+- Reworked the 'U' power menu to be more nicer and intuitive while still
+ allowing macros. Each powers gets a fixed number that can be used as a
+ prefix to the command to bypass the menu. For example teleport is 5 so
+ to directly get teleport one can always do 05U
+- Described Chaos realm
+- Described Nether realm
+- Described Sigaldry realm
+- described Spirit realm
+- Fixed a bug with random quests
+- Fixed a bug in note taking, thanks to pelpel
+- Fixed the interact with visuals menu thanks to pelpel(the fix is not even
+ in vanilla yet :)
+- Fixed cmovie recording
+- Merchants can request ego items(same interface as wishes)
+- Towns in dungeons now get townpeople in it ... leveled townpeople
+- Eggs are now , instead of o
+17/08/2001 - PernAngband 5.0.0 aka "Mirmidonic Carbonizer"
+- Birth options now appear in the normal option screen, but as read only
+- Special levels reworked
+- Volcano is now Mount Doom and is found on level 65 of Mordor
+- fixed help system crash thanks to pelpel
+- fixed the hypnotic gaze bug
+- reduced between gates damage
+- daemon books can be enchanted
+- Beginning work on a new, better status screen. For now, it's assigned
+ to the debugging menu as the 'A' command. -- Improv
+- fatespoil.txt changed to fatespoi.txt
+- rogues get some shots for their trapkit at birth
+- Cannot dismiss the princess anymore
+- Fixed the special levels, thanks to mynstral
+- Described Daemon realm
+23/08/2001 - PernAngband 5.0.0b aka "Mirmidonic Carbonizer II"
+- Default pref files are in lib/pref
+- Random quests are disabled when using ironman_room
+- Add auto_more option -- beware it can be very dangerous
+- Increased general store price limit
+- Trapkits added to squelch list
+- Fixed a bug when displaying some k_info artifacts
+- Wand of Gandalf and Thrain are now k_info artifacts
+- Fixed 2 bugs with rogue traps
+- Necromancers can turn pets into companions
+- Special levels are no more fully known
+- Fixed fountain bug; shape of XXX did not take effect -- Kusunose
+- Described Illusion and Tribal realm spells -- Dawnmist.
+- Fixed bug with scrollable list of powers
+- Added Magical diggers, they grant stone to mud power
+- Added the Corrupted subrace gaining corruptions as they level thanks to
+ Luc French
+- Changed mutations to corruptions
+- Dragonriders are no more considered evil
+- Fixed some cmovie bugs
+- Fixed *godness* song on non artifacts
+- Greatly increased herbal healing price in gondolin, since it cures black
+ breath
+- Fixed bug with store item creation -- Kusunose
+- Totaly rewrote the random artifact system. It now use an external ra_info
+ file to define what power the artifact will get. The format is very similar
+ to e_info(expect it doesnt include the 5 flags sets). Each entry define for
+ which tval/sval it can be applied. Then when the game wants to create a
+ randart it simply defines a number of powers to grab and randomly pick up
+ the powers from ra_info(following the restriction, rarity and levels).
+ This allow a totaly change of the randarts if needed, an easy addition of
+ new powers, ...
+- Hidden doors are now hidden, in mirkwood they will look like trees, in
+ barrow downs they will be mountains or trees, and so on
+- Beastmasters can turn a pet into a companion
+- Half elf lost the str penality
+- Half orcs and half Trolls or now Orcs and Trolls
+- Saved levels are deleted when a new character is created
+- Renamed Holy Advangers to weapons of Aman, thanks to Timo Pietila for the
+ idea
+- Cannot reset recall to Mount Doom
+- The game time is now counted with the elven calendar (reckoning of Imladris)
+ (It isnt PERFECT, every 12 years it should have years of 368 days, but I
+ dont think many will get upset :)
+ A year is 365 days, with 6 months (Tuile, Laire, Yavie, Quelle, Hrive and
+ Coire), 3 middle days(Enderi) and one starting(Yestare) and one ending
+ (Mettare) day.
+ The game begins the 43rd Yavie the year 2890 of the third age, note that it
+ is the birthday of Bilbo :)
+- Note files (mainly) use the elven calendar to record things
+- Fixed several bugs (runespell deletion, ego wand and staff stacking etc)
+ thanks to oops -- Kusunose
+- Changed the 'Lev xxx' thing to a 3 letter name corresponding to the current
+ place(dungeon, orc cave, ..)
+- Enabled f_info D: line with an index(0 is general desc, 1 is to (forbid)
+ tunneling)
+- Changed the way total weight is calculed thanks to Kieron Dunbar
+- One can edit his background history at birth :)
+- Lich ego monsters can use the base monster powers
+- Raise death can bring a lich
+- Enabled E: line in f_info(same format as d_info)
+- F: lines enabled in lib/dngn files, they specify flags for the level
+- Fixed a bug with special level generation
+- Add bleeding and poisoning monster effects from EyAngband
+- The One Ring quest
+- Fixed the crashing bug after level 100 in angband
+- Gave Sauron 30% chances to drop The One if it is not already created
+- Code now allows bi-ego objects, thoght they are impossible to generate yet.
+ It will allow additing weapon/armors qulities(crude, broken, ..) easily
+- Add a quick start option that let you use the same char as you previous one.
+ Everything is the same execpt life rating
+- Abort menu in the Windows version is now compile option, disabled by
+ default. -- Kusunose
+- When a new day comes the game tells the player(at midnight)
+- Drain hp and mana are cumulative
+- Fixed file existence function for dumb systems :)
+07/09/2001 - PernAngband 5.0.1 aka "Brunswik Disipator"
+[B]- Turns in scores are based upon the start of the game not of the year
+[M]- Mimic are REALLY mimics, they can look like any object and appears as
+ objects when looked at. And they got an emperor
+[I]- Enhanced realm selection menu
+[B]- Farmer maggot shows up in the unique list
+[M]- Monster vs monster damage is now x3 to shorten fights
+[P]- Changed the boring Half-Giants race to the much more interresting
+ Beorning race. Descandant of beorn they can all shapeshift into a powerful
+ bear form at will. In bear form you cannot use weapons, gloves, shields
+ and boots. But you get powerful stunning/slowing/wounding attacks
+ (claw, bite, swat, hug) and innate blows. You also get bonuses and minuses
+ to some stats and to to hit, to dam and speed
+[O]- One Ring cannot be dropped by traps
+[G]- Implemented luck, an invisible stat which can only be approximately known
+ via self knowledge spell/potion. It affects quite a few dice rolls.
+ Each race gets a luck modifier, for most it is 0, but some gets penalities
+ or bonuses(hobbits are a lucky bunch).
+ Some objects also can grant luck
+[D]- The graveyard will now project a raise death spell on all bodies, meaning
+ you'll have to kill a monster, and destroy its body before it get raised
+ back in the form of a skeleton, spectre, lich, ...
+[B]- Bugfixes -- Kusunose
+ A message "XXXX blocking your way" was displayed when you went through
+ some walls or trees.
+ Hidden doors remained hidden if they were detected by spells, or if they
+ were opened by monsters and then closed. Thanks to kobayasi.
+ and some minor fixes.
+[m]- Implemented lua scripting language! More on that on the to-be docs
+ You need to get lua3.2 to make it work.
+[m]- Integrated lua3.2 source into the source, no more need for external
+ librairie
+[M]- Fixed store lockup bug thanks to Kusunose toru
+[I]- Partial 8x8 tile update -- Dawnmist.
+[m]- Cygwin makefile update -- Dawnmist.
+[P]- Externalized player races and histories
+[P]- Elves cannot be vampire anymore
+[P]- Hobbits get intrinsinc xtra might with slings at lvl 25
+[P]- Extended the possibilities of the player races file, it is now possible to
+ select what flags will be applied at what level and for what pval(if
+ revelant)
+[B]- Fixed non connected stairs on quests, thanks to luc french
+[I]- Removed screen dump/load commands, redundant with cmovie, and frees to keys
+[I]- Y( ( in roguelike keyset) key to chat with monsters
+[G]- Changed the way to get the lost hobbit quest
+[B]- Fixed a bug with eat magic corruption
+[G]- System shock when thrown out of one's body while wzearing cursed items
+[G]- Set the joke/Z/cth monsters off by default
+[P]- Externalized subraces to p_info
+[M]- No more joke mosters as quests
+[m]- Integrated an automatic help file converter(creates html files), command
+ line option -h
+[m]- now supports Lua, uses Improv's installation rule
+ in all cases, it also understands make depend as well.
+ Read it, make necessary changes for your system, then make depend
+ followed by make.
+[B]- validate_bg() referenced a null pointer.
+[m]- CodeWarrior project file for the Mac port supports Lua.
+[m]- main-xxx.c for the Mac is now in sync with my Vanilla port -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed herbal healing price
+[I]- 16x16 bmp/mask added to the cvs
+[G]- Cth/Z/Joke monsters options appears in char dump
+[B]- Fixed Crusade spell book browsing bug (Bug list #33) -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed a bug; the first harper book was never sold in the bookstore
+ (Bug list #15) -- Kusunose
+[G]- Increased min player level for some dugneons
+[I]- Message can be multi colored
+[m]- Yesterday I got OS 10.1 and found that it fixed the new window
+ position bug (search for (_ _#) in main-crb.c), so I conditionalised
+ the workaround -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed the combined rod pricing (Bug list #30) -- pelpel
+[B]- Typo in files.c: cht_monsters -> cth_monsters. Replaced non-ASCII
+ 0xa0's in angdos.cfg with 0x20 (i.e. space) -- pelpel
+[B]- Monks and Bear form didn't have combat messages -- since many lines
+ in the current flavoured messages mention weapons, I introduced a
+ hack to temporarily disable flavored_attacks for them, then just
+ process messages as usual, and restore the flag later (Bug list
+ #44 and #53) -- pelpel
+[B]- The trap/door destruction spell didn't destroy doors (Bug list #25) --
+ use of floor_type[rand_int(100)] results in a 'natural' terrain,
+ but isn't compatible with digging etc. Do they need fixing too? -- pelpel
+[m]- The main window resist resizing in the Windows port, like the Mac
+ ones (Arcum's problem, future Bug list #74 and #75) -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed PowerMage mana consumption bug (Bug list #114) thanks to krosky
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed light source stacking bug (Bug list #7) -- Kusunose
+[M]- Add NO_CUT to some monsters
+[I]- Colors to news.txt
+[M]- Added gamma correction function taken from V2.9.x in util.c, since
+ new X11 file requires it, so does my main-gtk.c, ready to be submitted
+ -- pelpel
+[G]- Cannot use overhead wild map if being recalled
+[B]- Fixed long-lived dragonrider bug (xtra1.c), Darkgod please check to see
+ if the behavior is as you want it -- Improv
+[P]- Externalized classes to p_info.txt
+[P]- Externalized meta classes to p_info.txt
+[B]- Fixed display of race/subrace/class flags
+[I]- Add some color to the identify screen
+[I]- Ignore Acid, elec, fire and cold are merged in identify screen
+[I]- Inventory/equipment letter are color-coded when *identified*
+[O]- Item sets ! Some artifacts are working together. If you wear them
+ at the same time you get bonus powers. You can get partial bonuses i.e:
+ You have 2 artifacts of 3 artifacts set, you will get some bonuses for
+ them but not all.
+[M]- Add NO_CUT flag to monsters needing it thanks to
+ Runescrye
+[B]- Changed king to the actual winner name in the quest dump
+[m]- Upgraded to lua4
+[m]- It is now possible to define new magic powers(ala mindcrafter, necro, ..
+ powers) with a small lua script
+[O]- New item set the Dragon Slayer
+[m]- New gtk port thanks to pelpel !
+[m]- Mac makefile equivalent is updated, now with lua4 for all targets -- pelpel
+[m]- src/lauxlib.h is synchronised with src/lua/lauxlib.h -- pelpel
+[m]- LUA_NUM_TYPE in is removed because src/lua/llimits.h now
+ has correct (read integer :-) default -- pelpel
+[M]- All dragons now shimmer, according to their breath types(took from LM's 4GAI)
+ That is also thanks to the neat info editor of static chaos :)
+[m]- Change my email adress to, adds
+ and thanks to Tom Le
+[I]- Added gamma correction subcommand to "Interact with colours", and
+ updated main-gtk.c and maid-x11.c to work with that (they formerly
+ used an environment variable for this). Also added gamma correction
+ support to main-ibm.c and main-dos.c. CAVEAT: tiles don't react to
+ changes in gamma immediately, for performance reasons -- pelpel
+[m]- Removed notice of sf_extra value from savefile load code. We probably should
+ make the spot where it loads it a ls_skip and remove that older family of
+ versioning variables -- Improv
+[m]- Took a stab at code to make a dynamically allocated loadsave section. It's
+ not called because it needs support code that presumably DG will write.
+ With any luck it'll be sufficient to do the job -- Improv
+[I]- Updates to experimental new status screen -- Improv
+[B]- Fixed a bug that caused all monsters drop inappropriate things. Hydras now
+ just drop money again. Yay. -- Improv
+[m]- Added an automatic nice changelog generator based on changes.txt. To all people
+ with cvs access, please use the new format for changes.txt.
+ It is activated with the -c flag: pernangband -c changes.txt changes.nice
+[P]- It is possible to define player power(under the U menu) with lua scripts
+ (and thats easy :)
+[B]- (IBM, DOS, GTK) gamma_val is reset as well as old_gamma_val
+ when invalid values are specified, ensuring correct reaction -- pelpel
+[B]- File-Save was never active in the Gtk port -- pelpel
+[m]- gamma correction for Windows port. I'm too lazy to save it in preferences,
+ though. May be redundant since many drivers provide similar functions
+ -- pelpel
+[G]- Flat places no more have stairs, they have ways to next/previous areas that
+ are always placed on the edge of the level
+[D]- Level borders are now of the same type as the level walls, no more forest
+ surrounded by granite walls
+[B]- Haste Monster cannot haste as much as before
+[I]- Pets infight wont disturb the player anymore if disturb_other is off
+ (it is by default). In combinaison with auto_more it will totaly ignore
+ pet messages
+[O]- New item set, The Trinity
+[m]- Lua-ified item types(can add new ones with simple lua script)
+[m]- Added Gtk entries in the system pref files, also enabled new graphics
+ for X11/Gtk ports -- pelpel
+[I]- The target prompt will indicate if the targetted monster is a quest
+ monster or not
+[m]- Updated main-xaw.c to that from the same version as main-x11.c
+ i.e. 2.9.2. It now reacts pref colours and has graphics mode
+ (doesn't work with 8bpp though). CAVEAT: main-x11.c and main-xaw.c
+ should free unused colours after allocating new one. -- pelpel
+[G]- Troll galde quest only available at night
+[G]- Genocide is forbiden in the last alliance quest
+[G]- Invasion of gondolin quest will wait the end of the current quest to be
+ generated
+[m]- Variable savefile ! Lua scripts(or C scripts(quests)) can now add stuff
+ to the savefile without ever breaking the compatibility !
+ See an example ofthat in test.lua
+[B]- SPECIAL_GENE objects were generated out of context -- pelpel
+[B]- Inappropriate monsters could be assigned to randquests in
+ rare occasions. CAVEAT: it now uses an infinite loop to
+ avoid illegal choices! -- pelpel
+[G]- New quest, try cahtting with maggot instead of killing him, you murderer !
+[m]- Re-implemented object allocation table caching -- pelpel
+[B]- Inserted /* Paranoia */ code in kind_is_theme() to prevent "(Nothing)"
+ from generated due to missing drop theme in r_info. Player ghosts
+ had this behaviour as far as I know -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed the rand quest reward generation to make it compatible with
+ yesterday's fix -- pelpel
+[O]- Added new ego rod, of simplicity, thanks to Runescyre for the idea
+[m]- Max number of classes, races, subraces and realms is now 64
+[I]- Stole the death screen of KaMband, much nicer :)
+[P]- Removed the astral option. It is replaced by a subrace, Lostsoul, they
+ have intrinsinc wraithform(until they get back to the surface), start
+ with some identify scrolls and have all levels enlightened
+[B]- The find artefact fate was able to grant SPECIAL_GENE artefacts -- pelpel
+[D]- Dragon Lair renamed to Erebor, the misty mountains
+[P]- Rogues gets level/3% more changes of critical hits
+[D]- The wilderness "borders" are now Ekkaia, the Encircling Sea
+[I]- I ran out of keys, so I added an extended command mode. Press '#' (')' in
+ roguelike command mode) to acess to it. You can then enter the command
+ name or a shortcut if the command have one(usualy a command have a 1
+ letter name and a complete name). You can also press ? or help to get
+ the list of commands
+[I]- The time command is avaiable again for roguelike command set in the form
+ of the t/time extended command
+[I]- D/html-dump extended command to take an html screenshot
+[I]- Quest list is now ordered by danger level
+[B]- Attempting to go down shaft gave the message "I see no down staircase
+ here", thanks to Kevin W. Thomas -- pelpel
+[G]- Reduced the Spirit Realm Project Force spell radius as it increase levels
+[B]- Entering Nether Realm crashed the game, thanks to M.Itakura
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Polymorphing monsters in the wall crashed the game, thanks to to
+ M.Itakura -- Kusunose
+[B]- Sometimes random quest appeared on deep(dlv>98) Angband -- Kusunose
+[B]- Cursed EASY_KNOW items were not squelched -- Kusunose
+[B]- Replaced all checks against RF1_QUESTOR to MFLAG_QUEST -- Kusunose
+[B]- Shafts were not detected by detect stair spell -- Kusunose
+[G]- Traps have been tweaked down to be a bit less deadly, thanks Runescrye
+[P]- Summoner class! Thanks to Luc French for the idea and quite a bit of
+ the code
+[I]- New splash screen made by Jans
+[B]- Mathilde was allowed to use wepaon(when possessed)
+[I]- Finished all spells description, thanks to Runescrye
+[m]- Quests are lua-ified
+[m]- flush() is called before *that* DragonRider question, to prevent
+ catastrophic(?) accidents, taken from Kusunose's Japanese version
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- (GTK)Widget instance names should have begun with lowercase letters
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- (makefile)LUA_NUM_TYPE macro removed (see my 3/11/2001 mod
+ for -- pelpel
+[D]- Museum(Mathon-house) added to Bree thanks to Kusunose
+[I]- Added an option to allow the @ to turn into a number when health
+ drops. ideas from Mangband/PernMangband
+[m]- ANGBAND_DIR_USER is moved to ~/.pernangband on multiuser systems
+ (Unix, GNU/Linux), according to DG's preference, and against the
+ V/Z way... IMPORTANT NOTE FOR 422color USERS: please move
+ 422color.prf to lib/pref directory -- pelpel
+[B]- I forgot to give Tom Demuyt credits for the Unbelievers idea.
+[m]- Updated makefile.bcc. It now supports lua4. -- Kusunose
+[B]- The broken sword quest generates the real reward, thanks
+ Dawnmist
+[m]- Windows port now saves gamma_val in .INI file. -- Kusunose
+[M]- Rejoice ! no more nazguls as random quests
+[m]- Some patches from Kieron, thanks
+[I]- Kieron save squelch patch, modified to not save from chars to chars
+ it can just be used to dump suqelch to a .prf file and load it
+[P]- New class from Luc French, the Blade, weaponless fighter able to dodge
+ melee & some spells
+[B]- One could steal guardians' artefacts and reenter level to
+ obtain multiple copies (buglist??) -- pelpel
+[B]- Fates could be lost during level regeneration (auto_scum and/or
+ too many objects/monsters) -- pelpel
+[B]- (GTK)Fixed terribly stupid menu crash bug -- pelpel
+[B]- Climbing sets can now be pluralized thanks to John Q. Smith
+[I]- No more annoying infighting monster messages when turning disturb_other
+ off
+[B]- Randquests and special levels must be immune to all types of level
+ regeneration now -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed alchemist art creation bug that allowed to use 4x exp
+[M]- Krakens lost their 6 ring slots, the tentacles are too big to put
+ rings on them ;)
+[B]- Bashed down doors weren't revealed -- pelpel
+[B]- The Phial and other activatable items didn't have (charging) message
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- There were extra spaces after names of unique corpses -- pelpel
+[B]- Detected traps should prevent running now -- pelpel
+[B]- The easy disarm code used easy_disarm and always_pickup flags in a very
+ strange way, resulting in undesirable pickup behaviours -- pelpel
+[B]- "Grass with flowers" shouldn't disturb running now -- pelpel
+[B]- Entrances to vaults used dungeon-themed terrain features,
+ sometimes making it impossible to dig them through -- pelpel
+[B]- DG's 27/11 mod is conditionalised to avoid doing so in the graphics
+ modes, because it hardcoded characters and breaks the graphics support
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- Mimic features are cleared when overwritten by streamers, to
+ avoid, say, tree-looking deep water -- pelpel
+[I]- Added overlay graphics for ego monsters, player subraces and traps
+ -- Kusunose
+[I]- Added 'search by name' feature to '/' command. -- Kusunose
+[I]- Player now drops out of the overhead wilderness view when becoming hungry/
+ emptying lite
+[B]- Change in spell stat did not affect Mana/Spells if spell stat were
+ not INT/WIS/CHR, thanks to kobayasi-san. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Change in WIS did not affect Sanity Points if WIS was not spell stat.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Costs of Symbiontic power were not displayed in first page, thanks to
+ kobayasi-san. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Symbiontic power, scare and blind, was misordered, thanks to
+ kobayasi-san. -- Kusunose
+[I]- Graphics overlay for the three X11 ports (untested). It requires
+ but this... -- pelpel
+[I]- Graphics overlay for the two Macintosh ports, again, untested -- pelpel
+[I]- Add ra_info.txt (randart generator info file) thanks to Runescrye
+[I]- Graphics overlay for the DOS port (USE_DOS). Also fixed a bug in
+ the overlay support in the Mac ports. I removed always_pict
+ code from the GTK+ port, because it's really slow, judging from
+ the graphics performance on the Mac ports which use the mode
+ to support tile width/height customisation -- pelpel
+[B]- Left good_item_flag for special levels, but adjusted rating boost
+ a bit, because later fixes made +50 boost unnecessary
+ Also toned down the rating boost for randquests -- pelpel
+[D]- New quest in Dol Guldur
+[B]- Fixed the very old artefact generation bug (present in
+ Angband 2.7.8 -- 2.8.2) that forced "special artefacts" to be
+ generated in the a_info.txt order. It is really problematic
+ in Pern because of the depth of the Phial -- pelpel
+[B]- A Beorning's father was a Storm Giant sometime, and A Petty-Dwarve
+ was one of several children of a Nibelung. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Fixed a bug that allowed to throw items with CURSE_NO_DROP.
+ -- Kusunose
+[m]- Added spell spoiler creation in wizard mode. -- Kusunose
+[m]- (Mac)Eliminated busy waits in CheckEvents and TERM_XTRA_DELAY.
+ It works well on my machine, but I left the original code using
+ "#if 1/0" just in case -- pelpel
+[I]- Player now drops out of overhead wilderness view if a vampire and it's
+ daylight
+[B]- Reintroduced OoD restriction on randquest monsters (until dlev 49)
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- a fix for RNG problem with 64-bit machines, taken from V(?) -- pelpel
+[I]- Basic IRC facilities! 3 new extended commands: C to connect
+ D to disconnect and : to chat. Highly experimental.
+[B]- Find artefact fate could cause permanent loss of artefacts. The code
+ now tries to create a randart when there are no good choices instead
+ of always defaults to the Phial -- pelpel
+[B]- Randquests sometimes requested players to kill slain uniques,
+ making it impossible to continue the game -- pelpel
+[B]- (Carbon)Removed the dialogue indicating errors in AEProcessAppleEvent,
+ because an r.g.r.a post pointed out that this can be quite annoying
+ and Apple says they should generally be ignored -- pelpel
+[I]- DOS support for the irc client, needs libsocket:
+[O]- Updated ra_info, thanks to Runescrye !
+[I]- X11 Support for the IRC client.
+[G]- a New randquest type !
+[B]- Companions cannot be hurt by the player anymore
+[B]- Reduced all force spells because of the side effects of force attacks
+[M]- Monster breathing/casting force attacks will bounce the player.
+ Just like player's force attacks bounce monsters :)
+[M]- Fixed the IRC client some more.
+01/01/2001 - PernAngband 5.1.0 aka "Into the Fire"
+[B]- Normal (non-vampire) races didn't get mana regenerated at Inn -- pelpel
+[B]- The Mathom house acted like a normal shop when selling. -- Kusunose
+[B]- '-s' crashed the game. Thanks kobayashi for the fix -- pelpel
+[O]- Combining rod and rod tip now considers rod's cheapness flag.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Beastmaster Shanty overpayed a bounty if monster's corpses are stacked.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- The random text code left files open in many error cases -- pelpel
+[B]- WeaponMasters were not restricted with their weapons. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Info text of 'disrupt mind' was described as 'dam'. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Fixed the "automatic ego filter" bug in the squeltch filter -- pelpel
+[B]- The polymorph random effect could crash the game. Thanks Kevin W.
+ Thomas for the detailed analysis of the problem -- pelpel
+[B]- Stat draining effect of Black breath could crash the game. Thanks
+ Kevin W. Thomas again for the patch -- pelpel
+[B]- With easy_disarm set, players were totally safe from detected traps,
+ whatever messages might say -- pelpel
+[B]- Ego graphics code is now only active when and only when 16x16 tiles
+ are selected -- pelpel
+[B]- Quest entrances/exits now require players to type '>'/'<' commands
+ to move in/out -- pelpel
+[m]- Shimmering terrain features no longer shimmer while running/resting,
+ to make them more bearable on slower machines and slow I/O systems
+ like GCU -- pelpel
+[I]- Incorporated the hopefully improved running code from the CVS version.
+ It uses CAN_RUN and DONT_NOTICE_RUNNING flags for non-conditional
+ checks (i.e. not controlled by the disturbance flags or requiring
+ immunity), so that most running problem can be fixed by editing
+ f_info.txt -- pelpel
+[B]- Many room walls didn't have the CAVE_ROOM flag set -- pelpel
+[m]- The tunnel code (ordinary one) now performs double check for
+ feat_wall_outer and CAVE_ROOM, so it is safe to use any terrain
+ features for outer wall, including those identical to fill_type.
+ Note: These two changes have very significant effect on the Sacred
+ Land of Mountains. I'm not 100% sure if this is what DG intended,
+ but I believe so reading flags given to it in d_info.txt -- pelpel
+[D]- There should be less not-at-all secret "secret" doors.
+ This does *not* mean that ancient prob, but those mountains enbedded in
+ plain wall in Barrow-Downs, for example -- pelpel
+[I]- Inven/equip/item choice in subwindows now clears to the bottom of screen,
+ to avoid glitches and in accordance with the way it worked -- pelpel
+[I]- Identify and *Identify* don't list known/fully known items in
+ object selection -- pelpel
+[m]- Depth/field name area is now 13 character long, so that names like
+ "shallow water" will fit, and "Lothlorien" is not truncated in GCU.
+ Also added short dungeon name prefix to the depth-in-feet mode -- pelpel
+[B]- Dungeon town generation could crash the game. Thanks Mogami
+ for the analysis of the problem -- pelpel
+[B]- Supplied missing suid code in 1) savefile removal action in the startup
+ screen, 2) time table lookup, 3) dungeon savefile removal, and
+ 4) bone file removal. Thanks kobayasi for the patch -- pelpel
+[B]- Less platform-dependent savefile processing code for the game start
+ menu, thanks again for kobayasi. It now uses files.c utility routines
+ for building appropriate savefile names -- pelpel
+[B]- Magical branding of weapon/ammo, when successful, now sets enchanted
+ item's discount rate to 100%, so that one can no longer make vast
+ profit or easily gain his/her deity's favour. Code adopted from
+ T.o.M.E. 2.0.0 CVS -- pelpel
+[P]- Give Ents scrolls of satisfy hunger instead of some food. -- Kusunose
+[M]- Added a command to dismiss companions in the pet menu. Code adopted
+ from T.o.M.E. 2.0.0 CVS -- Kusunose
+[B]- '/' in item selection didn't update screen correctly -- pelpel
+[m]- Moved auto-squelch code from process_player() to process_world() -- pelpel
+[m]- CAVE_TRDT wasn't cleared when a trap is disarmed, which had some
+ subtle effects and forced coders to double check c_ptr->info and
+ c_ptr->t_idx in various places -- pelpel
+[B]- Level generation could cause infinite loop in the Sacred Land of
+ Mountains -- pelpel
+[B]- Player ghosts were disabled in a way causing special feeling on
+ every level -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed repeated message code to V-CVS one -- pelpel
+[m]- Added another graphics mode variable called graphics_mode :),
+ somewhat like use_graphics in ZAngband, but it doesn't
+ require any changes to main-xxx.c. It's set within reset_visuals()
+ and used by map_info(), so that it doesn't have to do streq()
+ each time it is called -- pelpel
+[B]- Took 64-bit safe RNG from Vanilla -- pelpel
+[B]- Gave SPECIAL_GENE flags to the k_info.txt entries of SPECIAL_GENE
+ special artefacts -- pelpel
+[B]- Player is now guaranteed to have initialive after entering a level.
+ Thanks Joseph William Dixon for the patch -- pelpel
+[m]- Renamed 422colors.prf to 422color.prf, to make it fit with the 8.3 naming
+ convention -- pelpel
+[m]- Add support for multiline comments in lua: --[[ ... ]]
+[B]- Fixed a bug that caused gods start casting nasty effects when player's
+ grace becomes negative. It should have been -60000. -- Kusunose
+[D]- The inn in Bree is now The Prancing Pony. -- Kusunose
+[m]- Improved lua interface for defining new 'm' keys, magic powers, quests, ...
+05/05/2002 - T.o.M.E. 1.0.0 aka "Between the Darkness and the Light"
+[m]- (Mac, Carbon)Graphics mode performance improvement. When a user
+ chooses a fixed width font (as is almost always the case) and
+ doesn't change tile width & height, the higher_pict method is
+ used instead of *very* slow and inefficient always_pict to
+ draw things -- pelpel
+[B]- Normal (non-vampire) races didn't get mana regenerated at Inn -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed the monster casting at other monsters but targetting you bug
+[B]- Sacrificing wands now decreases charges
+[B]- The random text code left files open in many error cases -- pelpel
+[m]- The prf file loader always searches for the user directory first,
+ then the pref directory if it can't find it there, so that user
+ can override the system defaults keeping the distributed files
+ intact. This also simpifies the pref loading codes in several
+ places -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed more running problems (FEAT_SAND and FEAT_ASH) -- pelpel
+[B]- Some routines called malloc/free instead of C_MAKE/C_FREE in
+ the vault generation -- pelpel
+[B]- One wrong sign in the fractal cave code (vertical average) -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed the store info file thanks to wrabhit23
+[B]- Ego items had extra spaces in their names -- pelpel
+[B]- (XAW)Terminals used wrong names. USE_EGO_GRAPHICS didn't even
+ compile -- pelpel
+[I]- IRC code for the XAW port. Caveat: it causes a linker error
+ if you USE_X11 and USE_XAW at the same time... -- pelpel
+[m]- the html help file converter now gets it's header and footer
+ from head.aux and foot.aux in lib/help to help website
+ designer adapt the generated files to whatever they want
+[B]- The Mathom house acted like a normal shop when selling. -- Kusunose
+[I]- Removed hard-coded direction keys in the skills menu -- pelpel
+[B]- Many room walls didn't have the CAVE_ROOM flag set -- pelpel
+[B]- More running problem (small trees in Mirkwood) -- pelpel
+[B]- final artifacts were not generated if they are k_info artifacts.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Fixed get_com interface for lua
+[B]- Squelch on sense now destroys {good} items if it's told
+ "destroy good", but only when the "strong" pseudo-ID is in
+ effect. Doing so for the "weak" method would be too dangerous -- pelpel
+[m]- The running code now uses DONT_NOTICE_RUNNING and CAN_RUN terrain
+ feature flags for non-conditional checks, i.e. everything but doors,
+ stairs and alike, and those requiring levitation or immunity -- pelpel
+[m]- Included the lua tutorials by Fearof4s
+[m]- Replaced the field of view code with that from Angband 2.8.3--
+ -- pelpel
+[I]- view_special_lite and view_granite_lite that work with non-white
+ terrains (for ASCII mode only, already done for 16x16 tiles) -- pelpel
+[B]- '-s' crashed the game. Thanks kobayashi for the fix -- pelpel
+[B]- Doors are remembered, so that they work better with easy_open.
+ The easy_open code now performs checks for the perennially hard-to-handle
+ feature mimic field -- pelpel
+[D]- A fair number of dungeon guardians lost their defined artifact drop
+ and got a randart drop instead. The removed arts are back top normal
+ behavior(can be found)
+[I]- Inven/equip/item choice in subwindows now clears to the bottom of screen,
+ to avoid glitches and in accordance with the way it worked -- pelpel
+[I]- Identify and *Identify* don't list known/fully known items in
+ object selection -- pelpel
+[B]- monster_carry() could cause permanant artefact loss. A similar code
+ in quests and guardian artefact generation are also fixed -- pelpel
+[D]- There should be less not-at-all secret "secret" doors.
+ This does *not* mean that ancient prob, but those mountains enbedded in
+ plain wall in Barrow-Downs, for example -- pelpel
+[D]- Some spells can now stay in effect for a while, like a cloud of poison
+ will stay in place and poison everything passing in it
+[P]- Changed the magic system, it now uses schools of magic instead of
+ realms. A school contains much less spells than a realm. Each spell
+ is unique and dont make others redundant. Also all spells tries to stay
+ usefull for the whole game, by increasing in power and effects with levels.
+ A spell can be assigned to more than more school, in which case all the
+ schools need to be raised to obtain more power. All spells are implemented
+ in lua, to make it easy to tweak them.
+ All spells arent coded yet but my plans are for those schools:
+ Mana, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Mind, Conveyance, Meta, Temporal,
+ Divination, Nature and Nether
+ It may change somewhat but thats the general idea :)
+ Books are not specific to a school, they can contain any spell from any
+ schools, it is even imaginable to have randomly created books
+[D]- Streamers use small tress instead of trees, a la KAngband and
+ variants that borrowed it's code. And they should look more like
+ streamers in most dungeons -- pelpel
+[D]- Neither player or monsters can see through, breath, or cast spells
+ over small trees, that are outer wall in Mirkwood -- arena levels
+ were too nasty otherwise... -- pelpel
+[m]- los, player's field of view, and spell/breath projection now all use
+ FF1_NO_VISION for the sake of consistency (in addition to the wall
+ check in case of spell/breath projection) -- pelpel
+[M]- Added a command to dismiss companions in the pet menu
+[D]- Moved wiz_dark() implementing the maze level from move_player() to
+ process_player(), so that a spellcaster can no longer do magic mapping--
+ detect monsters--detect traps then casting teleport as often as s/he
+ wishes to make things incredibly easy. Because of my laziness detected
+ traps aren't displayed if they are out of sight. This would require
+ tremendous hack. Anyway, don't worry, they are still remembered -- pelpel
+[I]- Auto-squelch menu now accepts ^R as an alternative to ^S, to be nice
+ for those who USE_GCU. Thanks Skylar Thompson for the problem report
+ -- pelpel
+[m]- CAVE_TRDT wasn't cleared when a trap is disarmed, which had some
+ subtle effects and forced coders to double check c_ptr->info and
+ c_ptr->t_idx in various places -- pelpel
+[B]- Do not drop from wild if player were not in wild mode in previous turn;
+ it put player in wrong place and could crash the game. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Summoning monsters from totems could crash the game. -- Kusunose
+[B]- The Heavy Crossbow of the Elves was 'the ultimate armor' in the
+ fully identified description. -- Kusunose
+[m]- Added FF1_DOOR flag to open doors for lightning effects in map_info()
+ and have the trap creation code explicitly avoid them, because traps
+ have and should never been performance bottlenecks -- pelpel
+[m]- Some process_world() sections (most notably monster generation and
+ lingering spell effects) are conditionalised so that they don't run
+ in the overhead map -- pelpel
+[D]- Added a dungeon flag that prevents generation of streamers, and
+ gave it to those with water/lava rivers and places like Numenor
+ and the Sacred Land of Mountains. Maze and evolving levels don't
+ require this. Also made lava deeper (dlev 34 or below). Trees can
+ appear on any flat levels. And eliminated undesirable calls to
+ the RNG in the streamer code -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed all the signed (!) flags I was able to find to unsigned, because
+ they don't make any sense. Savefile code should be modified as well
+ if we ever care for savefile portability -- pelpel
+[m]- The tunnel code (ordinary one) now performs double check for
+ feat_wall_outer and CAVE_ROOM (which was added a couple of weeks ago),
+ so it is safe to use any terrain features for outer wall, including
+ those identical to fill_type -- pelpel
+[D]- Rewrote place_new_way() so that it doesn't create unconnected dungeon
+ sections, destroy outer walls of rooms, or dig room corners -- pelpel
+[I]- Hopefully finished special lighting effects. Now it works this way
+ (with all lighting effects options on):
+ Perma-lit grids and lit walls/doors within sight, and remembered important
+ features = f_info colours, Perma-lit floors and walls/doors out of
+ sight = darker colours, torch-lit "boring" floor = yellow, torch-lit
+ grids out-of-sight = dark grey, blindness = B&W -- pelpel
+[D]- Angband dungeon now adjusts monster levels to the dungeon level.
+ The monsters here will have a minimun level in the range of:
+ level / 2 to level. So at level 67 the lowest monster you can encounter
+ will be level 33. This means that if a white icky thing is generated
+ it will be a level 33 white icky thing. If the base monster level is higher
+ then nothing is adjusted.
+[m]- (Temporary note) Separated staying effect handling code from
+ process_world() and made it a function, so that it can be called in
+ any place with in dungeon() [can be activated by #define pelpel :)]
+ I temporarily placed it after process_player(), but we have to spend
+ some time testing this, seeking for the best turn structure -- pelpel
+[m]- Auto-squelch is performed *before* a player turn, just before the
+ pack overflow code to prevent some interface problems. This means
+ that squelching occurs as the very last action of a player turn,
+ after monster drops or even after pseudo-ID, so that you don't have to
+ press extra space to squelch items. Another possible arrangement
+ would be within process_world(), right after sensing -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed a bug in the hook code that may or may not be the cause of
+ various quest-related bugs -- pelpel
+[D]- Altars now have CAN_RUN flag, so that you no longer see the
+ message "You cannot run in that direction" when trying to run
+ across them -- pelpel
+[m]- Added flush() before all the quest questions to prevent accidental
+ loss/declination/acceptance of quest rewards/quests, also added
+ very important flush_failure and flush() to the lua interface and
+ put that in the spell failure code, so that spells can be macroed
+ safely -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed a bug in the 6 monster randquest thanks to Louis-Frederic Michaud
+[O]- Elvish waybread renamed to lembas, thanks to nimloth
+[I]- Because I find detection no longer works on panels, added DTrap status
+ line as well as a new disturbance option disturb_detect. Also removed
+ hardcoded row/column positions in the status line code, in preparation
+ for big-screen support -- pelpel
+[I]- Added scrolling target/look code, which is bastardised :) form of
+ Z and V ones -- pelpel
+[m]- Depth/field name area is now 13 character long, so that names like
+ "shallow water" will fit, and "Lothlorien" is not truncated in GCU.
+ Also added short dungeon name prefix to the depth-in-feet mode -- pelpel
+[m]- Because map_info() is the #1 bottleneck routine and because I felt
+ hack_map_info_default is incredibly ugly :(, I removed
+ hack_map_info_default and added specialised version of map_info()
+ for use by cmovie and the HTML screen shot saver -- pelpel
+[B]- Fixed the "automatic ego filter" bug in the squeltch filter -- pelpel
+[I]- Big screen is sort of working now, but main-xxx.c (have
+ to remove restrinction on size of the PernAngband window) and
+ cmovie are still needing upgrade -- pelpel
+[B]- Made panel_bound() more paranoid about the current dungeon size,
+ to prevent many big screen-related crashes -- pelpel
+[m]- Added 8x8 graphics support to trap display code -- pelpel
+[m]- Added another graphics mode variable called graphics_mode :),
+ somewhat like use_graphics in ZAngband, but it doesn't
+ require any changes to main-xxx.c. It's set within reset_visuals()
+ and used by map_info(), so that it doesn't have to do streq()
+ each time it is called -- pelpel
+[m]- Added term resize hooks so that one doesn't have to hit the redraw
+ key and alike when s/he resizes windows. Hooked functions are placed
+ in xtra2.c, because they are only related to big screen support
+ and other panel related codes are there. Don't like the way stuffs
+ are initialised -- assumption about max number of terms, setting terms
+ package hooks from within the upper layer codes -- but the existing
+ implementations do it this way, and the "right" way requires changes
+ to main-xxx.c, which I'm too lazy to do... -- pelpel
+[I]- Big screen support for X11 and XAW ports (already done for Gtk, Mac
+ and Windows ports). Also added an option -o to force the use of 8x8
+ tiles in graphics mode. Say "-g -- -o" to activate it. And please note
+ that because of the way transparency effect is implemented in
+ X11/XAW/Gtk ports, it is available even with 8x8 tiles -- pelpel
+[B]- Beastmaster Shanty overpayed a bounty if monster's corpses are stacked.
+ -- Kusunose
+[O]- Combining rod and rod tip now considers rod's cheapness flag.
+ -- Kusunose
+[M]- Restored monster light code, modeled after Steven Fuerst's implementation
+ insteand of APW one this time, but without his support for multiple radii.
+ -- pelpel
+[M]- Made monster light a run-time option. CAVEAT: It'll cause display
+ weirdness when you turn this option from ON to OFF while playing.
+ Save/Restart or entering new level will fix the problem.
+ Should call forget_mon_lite() when the game detects it... -- pelpel
+[M]- monster lite option is on by default
+[B]- A failure in disarming traps using easy-disarm caused another attempt
+ at disarming traps (because it calls move_player_aux which calls
+ do_cmd_disarm_aux which calls move_player_aux...), growing call
+ stack infinitely. It's dangerous, and, in fact, players were totally
+ safe from traps (messages said "You set off...", but traps were never
+ activated) -- pelpel
+[B]- Black breath could crash the game (it's really evil, isn't it :)
+ Thanks Kevin W. Thomas for the patch -- pelpel
+[m]- Ego graphics code now only tries to use graphics overlays for
+ monsters and players if and only if 16x16 tiles are used -- pelpel
+[B]- map_info() had problem with walls mimicking floors -- pelpel
+[m]- Shimmering terrain features no longer shimmer while running or resting
+ to make themselves somewhat more bearable on slower machines -- pelpel
+[m]- Updated lighting effect code so that it works the same as rr9's Angband
+ versions. Also removed hardcoded IBM pseudo graphics code points, so that
+ if anyone is ever interested in updating its font & prf files, s/he
+ can do so freely without editing the source code.
+ And map_info / map_info_default is now fully aware of c_ptr->mimic,
+ so that map edges will not have strange lighting effects etc.,
+ hopefully -- pelpel
+[B]- Polymorphing random effect of Chaos Warriors could crash the game.
+ Special thanks for Kevin W. Thomas for the detailed analysis
+ of the problem -- pelpel
+[I]- Moving onto quest entrance/exit no longer causes annoying automatic
+ stair movements. You have to tell the game '>' or '<' to enter/leave
+ -- pelpel
+[m]- Renamed see_wall() in cmd1.c to see_obstacle() also added a grid-based
+ version of the function to be used by run_test(), so that those who have
+ immunity and/or levitation can run over lava fields, deep water etc.
+ -- pelpel
+[O]- There are 2 kinds of spellbooks for the magic schools, the ones that
+ are named "a Spellbook of foo" where foo is a randomly choosen spell
+ (selection is based on the dungeon level)
+ and other names that are fixed books
+[O]- School spellbooks can be fireproof ego items
+[B]- Dungeon town generation could crash the game. Thanks Mogami
+ for the analysis of the problem -- pelpel
+[B]- Supplied missing suid code in 1) savefile removal action in the startup
+ screen, 2) dungeon savefile removal, and 3) bone file removal.
+ Thanks kobayasi for the patch -- pelpel
+[m]- Less platform-dependent savefile processing code for the game start
+ menu, thanks again for kobayasi. It now uses files.c utility routines
+ for building appropriate savefile names -- pelpel
+[B]- Special level names wherent corrently displayed if the N: line was the
+ first of the file in lib/dngn
+[m]- Added initialization code to add SPECIAL_GENE flag to final guardians
+ and their artifacts (and DROP_RANDART if there are no final artifacts).
+ -- Kusunose
+[D]- Put yet another fractal code (unlike the others it's quite simple)
+ in the level filler generator, and added a F: parameter in d_info.txt
+ to control its behaviour. Its syntax is FILL_METHOD_#, where # is
+ 0: use the first filler w/o calling RNG (for Angband, Mirkwood etc.),
+ 1: the same as the previous versions (default), 2: slightly smoothed,
+ 3: more smoothed, or 4: max smoothing (initial step of 8 grids) -- pelpel
+[B]- '/' in item selection didn't update screen correctly -- pelpel
+[m]- Moved squelch-on-sense code from process_player() to process_world()
+ -- pelpel
+[P]- High intelligence increase mana regeneration rate
+[B]- Level generation could cause infinite loop in the Sacred Land of
+ Mountains -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed repeated message code to V-CVS one -- pelpel
+[B]- Player ghosts were disabled in a way causing special feeling on
+ every level -- pelpel
+[m]- Trap display now uses x_attr/x_char of FEAT_TRAP (f_info N:17)
+ 1) if a trap is set on a "boring" terrain in the ASCII mode, where
+ only x_char is used and attr is taken from tr_info.txt XXX XXX XXX
+ or 2) if attr/char for a trap is not defined in prf files in the
+ graphics modes -- pelpel
+[m]- Removed FAKE_VER_*, because it has been quite long since we lost savefile
+ compatibility with Angband 2.8.1 and info.txt files can be updated
+ by sed/perl/whatever script in a snap -- pelpel
+[B]- Took 64-bit safe RNG from Vanilla -- pelpel
+[m]- To accommodate the practice of not upgrading version stamp of info.txt
+ files at each release (never done in V-based variants, but common among
+ Z-based ones for historical reasons), version stamp checks against game
+ data files in lib/edit is made a compile time option
+ (VERIFY_VERSION_STAMP), off by default. With this option off, version
+ stamp checks for the binary files are still performed and they always
+ have version signature of the game, not those specified by the V: lines
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- Wide light radius worked in the small scale wilderness map,
+ where it should have been WILDERNESS_SEE_RADIUS -- pelpel
+[m]- Upgraded the lua bitlib so it can handle stuff like bor(1, 2, 4, 8)
+[M]- Confusion, stunning, charming now works on uniques(those that dont have the
+ corresponding resistance)
+[I]- Stats can now be displayed in a linear mode(from 3 to 37) instead of
+ 3 to 18/***, the option is off by default
+[D]- No more shafts in the halls of mandos
+[m]- Block comments( --[[...]] ) in Lua enabled
+[D]- Tweaked the door code a bit so that some doors are much harder
+ to find -- pelpel
+[I]- Added recall depth subcommand to the knowledge menu -- pelpel
+[I]- Removed the flavoured_attack option and made most 'silly' messages
+ off by default. They are now controlled by 'insanity roll', which is
+ d100 roll against (max_sanity - current_sanity) * 100 / max_sanity.
+ The same roll is also used to determine if the game should use
+ silly monster descriptions (in addition to the hallucination
+ effects) -- pelpel
+[I]- The skill interface no longer asks question whenever you increase skills.
+ Changes to skill values are made permanent if the player confirms them
+ when s/he leave the skill menu, otherwise, they are simply ignored
+ -- pelpel
+[P]- The skill system is ready ! Some small tweakings are needed, but it is
+ mostly ready. Each level you gain a few skill points that you can spend
+ on various skills(like combat, weaponmastery, magic, ...). Most actions
+ are now tied to skills.
+[P]- Classes revamped as more or less skill templates. Classes now can have
+ specializations which allow starting with somewhat different skill set.
+[B]- Since streamers can create unconnected dungeon sections, the code for
+ it is moved after stair and player allocation -- pelpel
+[m]- Reorganised the linkage order of a bit, so that similar
+ files are grouped together, also frequently called files are not coupled
+ together with rarely used ones. This *might* help on-demand-paging memory
+ manager a bit -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed all occurances of " ?" in strings to "? ". --takkaria
+[B]- Some player_type fields and corresponding lua interface definitions
+ were of different types. Fix thanks to rr9. -- pelpel
+[I]- Bigtile patch for windows, x11 and mac ports thanks to Takeshi Mogami
+[B]- Gave SPECIAL_GENE flags to the k_info.txt entries of SPECIAL_GENE
+ special artefacts -- pelpel
+[M]- Revision of the conf/stun/sleep resists for uniques thanks to Runescrye
+[G]- The adventurer quest reward is now either the adventurer or some skills
+[I]- Asks for a last screenshot upon death
+[I]- You can now dump a frame of a cmovie as an html screenshot(while playing
+ the movie)
+[P]- New god system, each god will be much more different from all others.
+ Altars are less vital. There are less gods.
+[m]- Renamed inappropriately called global array 'town' to 'town_info', also
+ moved some boolean town_type members into 'flags', in order to support
+ dungeon town information subcommand of do_cmd_knowledge -- pelpel
+[m]- Commented out or moved many local variables causing 'unused' warnings,
+ because of badly placed if 0's -- pelpel
+[B]- Player is now guaranteed to have initialive after entering a level.
+ Thanks Joseph William Dixon for the patch -- pelpel
+[I]- The commands for skills and spells are swapped. Please use 'G' to learn/
+ check skills and '$' ('\$' in roguelike) to learn spells.
+[m]- Renamed 422colors.prf to 422color.prf, to make it fit with the 8.3 naming
+ convention -- pelpel
+[O]- Bound the wands & staves damage/power to the Magic skill, attack wands
+ should actually be usefull now
+[P]- Magic skill now allows you to copy spells from books into various
+ objects. Not all objects can contain spells naturally, but most object
+ of the Magi can, and all mage staves
+[P]- Spectres loses HP while in walls, it was too abusable(and in fact, I never
+ planned to remove it)
+[D]- The inn in Bree is now The Prancing Pony. -- Kusunose
+[D]- Small levels cannot generate full levels anymore
+[I]- The prompt to cast a spell now understand to press @, which will ask for
+ a spell name, it'll look all books and cast it if you can.
+ It EASES macros, a macro will now look like:
+ 02m@Manathrust\r*t
+[I]- Message recall now understands bigscreen thanks to pav
+[I]- Help now understands bigscreen thanks to pav
+[I]- Skill screen now understands bigscreen thanks to pav
+[I]- No more pickup prompt with autopickup when inventory is full, thanks to pav
+[B]- The skill increase/decrease code was unable to detect underflow -- pelpel
+[P]- Made running commands exempt from do_nothing processing, because this
+ can be abusable and makes no sense -- you could, for example, hold down
+ movment keys when following Eru and use running when following other
+ deities -- pelpel
+[I]- Took big screen code for horizontal scrolling of message recalls
+ from Vanilla -- pelpel
+[I]- You can navigate through option menus with roguelike_keys -- in fact,
+ I didn't know users of the original keyset can go up before I play
+ the latest V and see its code... Taken from Vanilla CVS -- pelpel
+[m]- Entirely removed function definining macros from script.c, because
+ it can confuse some compilers (a lcc case was reported), and some
+ preprocessor reports syntax error for missing macro arguments -- pelpel
+[I]- Added big screen support for GCU -- pelpel
+[m]- Some, if not all, command line options are documented -- pelpel
+[B]- Full map command displayed only half of current dungeon level when
+ bigtile mode is used. Thanks for Takeshi Mogami for tha patch
+ -- Kusunose
+[m]- 1) Slightly reorganised menus in the Mac ports, because there were so
+ many of them on the menu bar. 2) added a switch (-b) to the GCU port
+ to select multiple terms or one big screen. 3) the GTK port issued
+ huge number of fatal warnings if the graphics mode was turned on and off.
+ 4) Compiled latest V CVS with main-gtk.c in T.o.M.E. and fixed some
+ portability problems. -- pelpel
+[P]- Pseudo-id is now bound to the Combat skill(for weapons/armors) and the
+ Magic skill(potions, ...)
+[P]- It is now possible to press @ at the 'm' key prompt to select a skill action
+ by it's full name. Thus allowing unbreakable macro:
+ m@Cast a spell\r@Manathrust\r*t
+[I]- The skill screen cannot be abused to get more skills anymore
+[P]- New god Melkor Bauglir
+[P]- Weaponmastery, Archery and Barehand skills increase Combat skill much more
+[B]- Various spell effects that polymorph monsters could crash the game.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Compare weapons command miscalculated muliplying bonus. -- Kusunose
+[P]- Deathmold fetch ability pickups gold and objects(if autopickup is set) thanks
+ to "kenderband" <>
+[m]- Exported cur_hgt and cur_wid to lua by request of Fearof4s. (takkaria)
+[m]- Updated the lua help files thanks to Fearof4s and Chris Hadgis
+[B]- Fixed junk artifacts and music instruments stacking bug in stores
+ -- Kusunose
+[M]- Monsters drop stolen gold when killed
+[B]- Capped max number of extra blows at 2 when the limit_blow flag is set
+ in two places -- pelpel
+[B]- Cancelling a scroll of reset recall didn't work. -- Kusunose
+[O]- Reset recall now lists all the dungeons a player has visited and
+ additionally allow a player to select by name. -- Kusunose
+[O]- Enabled the generation of double ego items. An item cannot get 2 prefix
+ or 2 suffix, it will always be a prefix and a suffix
+[P]- New bounty quest available at the beastmaster shanty! Bring back a corpse
+ and get some monster-lore skill and the ability to learn corpse-preservation
+ skill if you couldn't already
+[P]- Replaced first necromancy spell with Horrify from the old Nether realm and
+ the third spell with absorb soul, provides some health upon monster death
+[m]- Updated lua_ques.txt to fix some misinformation. -- fearoffours
+[B]- One was able to have another entry in the score file for a dead/retired
+ character by loading him/her with the -w option, then answering 'n' to
+ the wizard mode confirmation. Bug report and fix (for Angband 3.0.1, but
+ applicable for all variants) by Hallvard B. Furuseth, Takeshi Mogami and
+ Robert Ruehlmann -- pelpel
+[m]- More lua documentation fixes, particularly adding square brackets to field
+ names on lines that would allow this without mucking up colour formatting.
+ -- fearoffours
+23/07/2002 - T.o.M.E 2.0.0 aka "Point of No Return"
+[m]- The splash screen now shows "Tales of Middle Earth" or "Troubles of Middle
+ Earth" randomly. Thanks to Scott Holder for the idea and some code.
+ (takkaria)
+[m]- now defaultds to ./lib for the lib directory
+[m]- is now makefile.std
+[B]- Fixed a silly bug preventing Polearm masstery from wroking
+[B]- In multiuser installations, notes and cmovie were written under the lib
+ directory using the game's permission, making them inaccessible by
+ the player. I moved them to ~/.tome. Note: This means that a coder
+ shouldn't grab permission before opening files in these directories
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- There are still inappropriate (and even unbalanced!!!) calls to
+ safe_setuid_grab() and safe_setuid_drop() in the game. Thanks Neil
+ for pointing out those in the macro save commands. There are so many
+ places that I have to look at, but I'm trying... -- pelpel
+[I]- Better (hopefully) object identification screen
+[m]- Added safe_setuid_grab/safe_setuid_drop to all the functions that
+ access files in the lib directory. I did so even for the game
+ initialisation, knowing that it's very unorthodox. This is because
+ I found some of them in the init[12].c. There's no other sure ways
+ to keep them from messing multiuser installations. -- pelpel
+[m]- Added makefile.dos, which is a copy of makefile (now), in order to
+ prevent overwriting accidents. Ideally, 'makefile' should be in the
+ .cvsignore, so that every developper can feel at ease with his/her
+ own preferred environment -- pelpel
+[P]- New corruption system, savefiles are compatibles but you will loose
+ all your corruptions.
+ Most corruptions now have a good and a bad effect. Some corruptions
+ depends of others, it means that you can only get them when you have
+ the ones they depend of(i.e: Balrog Form need Balrog Wings, Balrog
+ Aura and balrog Strength to work). Some corruptions can be mutualy
+ exclusive. The list of corruption is totaly rewrote. They are more
+ in-theme now.
+[B]- Perma curse cannot happen on randarts anymore
+[B]- Player could not pick up items from home if he did not have enough
+ gold. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Traps of wasting wand dont mess up wands
+[B]- Dragon helms get resistances
+[B]- No races were allowed to be loremasters
+[B]- Fixed a bug in Character classes allowed, tahnks to Alex Wilkins
+[m]- Added Melkor to the gods docs.
+[B]- Spells cannot be cast while blinded or confused(execpt for a few)
+[G]- Wielding the One Ring has some ... disadvantages now ...
+[B]- Poor Melkor didnt had his altar generated in dungeons, while he is the
+ only god for a use of an altar
+[m]- Improved the adventurer guide and added a section for macros to it
+[P]- All Udun spells are no more multi-school spells
+[P]- Reorganized the skill tree to remove the Misc skill tree. Alchemy is now
+ under Magic, Antimagic is in Combat and Music in Spirituality
+[B]- Fixed the -1 activation power of some mage staves of spell
+[G]- Troll Glade/Wight Grave selection is now (usualy) based on the
+ Combat/Magic skills level
+[I]- The game asks confirmation before learning a skill that can exclude an
+ already known one
+[I]- When 'I'nspecting(or upon *id*) a fully *id* weapon/ammo the game will
+ tell you the damage it would do if you used it(idea from Ey)
+[I]- 'U' power menu is now usable with repeat key 'n'
+[G]- The chance for combat item pseudo-ID now improves exponentially,
+ just like V Warriors (combat skill 0 == plev 0, maxed == plev 50),
+ while that for magic items improves slowly, just like V Rangers
+ and Mages but with higher success rate (more than ten times as
+ frequent as V Rangers) -- pelpel
+[B]- Added missing spell frequency to Fire golem. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Symbiant cannot pickup a hypnotized pet from a pile. Thanks to kobayasi
+ for the patch. -- Kusunose
+[P]- Give Ents scrolls of satisfy hunger instead of some food. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Stats more than 18/220 were displayed incorrectly if linear_stats was ON.
+ -- Kusunose
+[m]- Made chg_to_txt in files.c conditional, so that it won't be included in
+ Windows, Mac and RISCOS ports (they don't call the function, so it has
+ been dead code) -- pelpel
+[D]- Since Tome generated small levels once in three times when requested,
+ which I think is too often, and in Z and Ey the chance is 1/5 and 1/10
+ respectively, I lowered the chance to 1/6 -- pelpel
+[B]- The small_level option had the same effect as always_small_levels
+ -- pelpel
+[O]- Removed CURSE_NO_DROP from ego items. Players want new curses, and when
+ they get them they complain...
+[I]- Added avoid_shimmer efficiency option to suppress shimmering of terrain
+ features, because I have had problems with them on really big screens
+ -- pelpel
+[P]- Increased the modifier of the masteries for warriors
+[P]- New Warrior subclass, the Demonologist, spell enhanced warriors. They
+ use the new Demon school and the renewed Demonblades, Demonshields and
+ Demonhorns. Their spells enhance their fighting potential. They can either
+ be seen as a force of good, fighting against demons with their own powers
+ or as a force of evil fighting to bring corruption to the world.
+[P]- Sorcerors begin with a robe instead of a dagger
+[I]- Easy close is now slightly more intelligent in their handling of
+ broken doors -- pelpel
+[O]- Ring/Amulet of Spell, cheap, early objects that can contain a spell
+[B]- Exploding ammo dont stack with normal ammo
+[B]- Ammo creation is bound to Arechery skill instead of player level
+[B]- Fixed a bug in related skills, when one increased a skills sometimes the
+ related skills didnt increased
+[m]- Do not grab/drop permissions twice. Thanks to kobayasi for the patch.
+ -- Kusunose
+[B]- Temporal stat drain no longer cancels normal stat drain. -- Kusunose
+[O]- Temple will now stock random spells from god schools, Magic Shop will
+ only stock non god spells and bookstore will contain both
+[O]- Stores buyable list is now lua defined
+[B]- The amount of mana in each grid was always magical level. -- Kusunose
+[P]- Changed the formula to calc the player HP when using possession so that
+ a higher possession skill will be prefered
+[B]- Extracted essences overwrote a weapon slot when inventry was full.
+ -- Kusunose
+[I]- Ingame contextual help is on by default(it was before, but it was bugged..)
+ It is now proccessed by lua, file help.lua and should be much easier to
+ add new sections to than before. So all feel free :)
+[G]- Added town of Khazad-Dum (where 'exit' from Moria was) with nice Mining
+ supply shop. -- fearoffours
+[I]- Contextual help for the birth screens too. Press ? when over a race,
+ class, ... and it'll bring the specific help for it
+[M]- Monster ego wont start awake
+[P]- lost Souls now have see invisible, I know I'm far too nice :)
+[I]- Contexual help to skill screen, press ?
+[I]- Easy macro recorder! Just press $ and press a normal key sequence!
+[m]- Removed the autosquelch to replace it with a new Automatizer that should
+ be much more powerful. It lacks a gui, but that should soon change :)
+[I]- The new Automatizer got a GUI :) It should be quite easy to grasp, you
+ define rules to match and action to take. But it does allow very complex
+ rules.
+[m]- Added updated class help documents. Removed extraneous ones. Amended
+ links in birth.txt to reflect changes. Added appropriate entries to
+ help.lua for contextual class help at birth. Thanks to Mef. -- fearoffours
+[m]- More contextual help: races and god selection at birth, rod tips, rods and
+ trapping kits. -- feaoffours
+[G]- Added new god quest. Given at random time by your god, you have to retrieve
+ a piece of a relic generated at a random level of a randomly places dungeon.
+ More than one of these quests may be given (currently up to 4), though only
+ if you complete previous quests. The relic is only generated once in each
+ dungeon, so look carefully for it. Diving won't help you. -- fearoffours
+[P]- New Water spell: Vapor, it create a low damage wide radius short lasting
+ cloud of water. It is designed to be a cheap attack spell for annoying
+ critters. Beware, random spellbooks & inscribed objects spells will "morph"
+ to other ones, sorry, unavoidable
+[B]- Fix mushrooms stacking for the maggot quest
+[m]- Fix birth.txt crash -- fearoffours
+[O]- Scythes of Slicing are now vorpal, rarer and deeper
+[G]- Added the fireproofing quest. Visit the Mage tower in lothlorien to get the
+ quest, bring back something for the mage, get books fireproofed in return.
+ -- fearoffours
+[I]- Updated the forgotten IBM pseudographics, based on my unknown work for
+ Pern 4.1.2. Also added an X11 BDF file so that it can be used on
+ the three X ports -- copy graf-ibm.prf to font-x11.prf in your user
+ directory (i.e. ~/.tome) and set the font of main window to the font
+ made from lib/xtra/ang16.bdf. Instruction for installing new X fonts
+ should be found in the bdftopcf, mkfontdir and xset man pages.
+ -- pelpel
+[I]- Current location(town, level, ...) is show in orange when about to recall
+[m]- Updated skill docs, thanks to lemming
+[m]- More minor help file updates. thanks mef and Chris Hadgis
+[P]- Mindcrafters gets esp even after level 40
+[I]- You can press $ at object destruction prompt to automaticaly create a new rule
+ for the Automatizer about the object being destroyed
+[B]- Casting "Disperse Magic" when spell level is 20 or more produced a lua
+ error. -- Kusunose
+[m]- Reformatted the makefile.WHICH file. Do we really need this file anymore?
+ other variants get by without it, I don't really think it's needed...
+ (takkaria)
+[m]- Reformatted the todo list, removed some entries which have been done.
+ Also added a section for stuff which I will do (one day). (takkaria)
+[m]- I've reformatted and reorganized a fair bit of notes.c; I've made stuff
+ less hacky and made the function which writes notes to file use
+ my_fputs()... Also replaced some hardcoded buffer sizes with sizeof().
+ (takkaria)
+[m]- Removed hardcoded buffer sizes in wizard1.c. (takkaria)
+[M]- Farmer maggot quest provides a better reward, thanks to Revanant Morituri
+ and Wil Hunt for the idea
+[B]- The centre player option failed to do so while running. Thanks Neil
+ Stevens for the patch. -- pelpel
+[B]- Random Artifact arrows should now stack properly. -- wilh
+[B]- Mindcrafters lost their ESP at level 40. Now they have it permanently
+ at that level. (p_info.txt) -- wilh
+[B]- Above bug was supposed to be skill level 40, not clvl 40. Fixed. :)
+[I]- Macro-patch from Mogami, now the macro prf files are portable between Windows,
+ X11 and Mac. It also shows readable triggers like: \[shift-F1] and such
+[m]- Added .cvsignore to the src directory to prevent makefile overwriting
+ accidents from happening. Currently it excludes makefile (developers
+ are expected to update platform-specific makefile if s/he indents to
+ make permanent changes to them), tome, tolua, TOME.EXE and TOLUA.EXE.
+ -- pelpel
+[G]- Alchemy totaly changed! Thanks to John Gilmore for the patch! It has now entered
+ cvs to begin being tested and "balanced" ;)
+[P]- Symbiotic power changed to be bookless
+[P]- Available skills to leanr via random quests are defined in s_info.txt
+[P]- Trying to mimic when already mimiced(with the skill) will turn you back to
+ normal form
+[O]- All objects now have a description, thanks to Konijn
+ When identifying an item you can then press 'I'nspect to check it. It si most
+ usefull for scrolls & such, they tell you what exactly they will do
+[B]- Fixed a bug that made mage staves very costy
+[I]- Replaced font-ibm.prf, graf-ibm.prf, font-win.prf and (a
+ font-mac.prf replacement that has IBM-like pseudographics definitions)
+ with program-generated ones, hopefully up-to-date with recent changes
+ in info.txt files -- pelpel
+[I]- Unusable skills do not show anymore on the skill screen
+[I]- New option to not have the equipment/inventory windows move items around
+ when a prompt ask for an item. Thanks to John Gilmore
+[B]- Fix a bug of wands in store
+[B]- Fix an old spelling error: "droped" not "dropped" -- Neil
+[O]- Behold! The new Grand Scheme For Wands, Staves and Rods!;)
+ Now all sticks in the game use the same system as the spells. The unified
+ spell system could we say ;)
+ What does it changes? sticks should now be usefull, jsut as spells are.
+ For example a wand of manathrust is not to be laughed at.
+ Hw does it work? 'I'nspect the stick you want to know about you'll see
+ he details, each stick gets a spell and a base level. The base level
+ means the spell will be cast at that level if you have 0 in the
+ Magic Device skill. If you have Magic Device it increases the level.
+ Works a bit like Spell-power for the spells.
+ Also the distinction of wands/staves is tenuous now, wands are attack
+ stuff and staves not but wands can sometimes NOT be targeted spells
+[P]- Yavanna Kementari as a new Vala, protectress of nature. Along with her
+ priests, the Druids
+[m]- Updated symbiant helpfiles including full list of their new bookless spells
+ in m_symbio.txt -- fearoffours
+[I]- Recording cmovies is now working on a microsecond timeframe, much better looking
+ Let's just hope that silly systems know gettimeofday()
+[m]- Introduced a performance measure for process_world_hook, which I suspect
+ is causing slow movement problems in the reduced map mode. Please read
+ the comment in process_world() [in dungeon.c] for alternative solutions.
+ -- pelpel
+[m]- Changed every instance of "essense" to the correctly-spelled "essence".
+ Update your macros. -- neil
+[M]- Changed "The Balrog of Moria" to "Durin's Bane". Less of a mouthful, and more
+ in-theme -- fearoffours
+[M]- added the "spirits". They are the inhabitants of the void. They're nasty.
+ -- fearoffours
+[P]- Typo in Druid description: Kemenari -> Kementari. --fearoffours
+[B]- Fixed bug where ironman_rooms would give you the number of random quests
+ you played last time, instead of zero. -- neil
+[D]- Added SPIRIT flag to The Void, so that Spirits are actually generated there now
+ -- fearoffours
+[P]- Subraces can now have skill mods
+[P]- Spells bound to two or more schools now require at least one point in
+ each of the schools to be used
+[m]- Trimmed down the size of chardumps(removed uselessness from object
+ descriptions)
+[I]- Obvious object flags will show up when 'I'nspecting items when they are
+ only identified(no more need for *id*). Obvious flags are like acid
+ resisatnce on an armor of resist acid and such
+[P]- New skill, Stunning-blows, a haftedmastery subskill, just like critical
+ hits is a subskill of swordmasery. It requires a hafted weapon > 5 lb
+[O]- Activations are now a_info/k_info/e_info definable with a: lines
+ You can do a:HARDCORE=NAME where NAME is an activation name
+ that is hardcoded in the C source.
+ Or a:SPELL=Name where Name is a "spell" name as defined in the unified
+ spell system(the first defined spell(index 0) cannot be used this way
+[B]- Allow non-artifact, non-ego items with activations be activated. -- neil
+[I]- Cause of death is now shown in chardumps
+[m]- Added descriptions to Totems, removed redundant need to identify them.
+ -- neil
+[G]- Yavanna's followers now have a God quest. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Help docs for Yavanna and Druids, thanks Mef and Massimiliano Marangio.
+ -- fearoffours
+[M]- Only gain exp from pet kills, not from every monsters, when using Monster
+ Lore skill
+[m]- Yes, more help updates. In tome_faq.txt and TANG.txt I added links to
+ skills.txt, magic.txt, birth.txt and gods.txt where appropriate. Removed
+ two references to Pern that got missed in tome_faq.txt.Added a
+ c_priest.txt file for contextual help at birth when choosing a main class.
+ Corrected typo in r_info (SPirit became Spirit). -- fearoffours
+[I]- CTRL+] to save an html screenshot anytime(ie: to preserve the current
+ message)
+[P]- Necromancers start with corpse preservation skill
+[B]- Don't let the Maggot sling be generated randomly. -- neil
+[m]- Added a new TERM_XTRA call, TERM_XTRA_GET_DELAY which should return the
+ time in microseconds. What time exactly isnt meaningfull but it must be
+ usable to compute the length of time an action takes.
+[I]- Thanks to the new TERM_XTRA_GET_DELAY the cmovie code is now cleaner
+ and should work fine:) Windows and unix platforms should now be able
+ of microsecond resolution cmovies!
+[m]- Made all the socket code into z-sock.[ch] and wrapped it into a
+ virtualizing layer so that the rest of the code can use it independantly
+ of the implementation. Currently unix and windows sockets are supported.
+[B]- Prevent the automatizer from treating "good" bows as "average" -- neil
+[B]- Prevent earthquake damage for characters with wraithform, and prevent
+ some of the damage for characters with semi-wraithform -- neil
+[B]- Fix spelling of Book of Teleportation -- neil
+[P]- New Meta/Conveyance Spell: Tracker, it will track the last teleportation
+ that happened on the level and teleport you to its destination
+[G]- The Old Mage in Lothlorien will now fireproof staves or scrolls as well as
+ books, making it profitable for non-spellcasters. Currently he has enough
+ errr 'fireproofing material' for 3 books or 4 staves or 12 scrolls, or a
+ combination of these. Check fireprof.lua for the code. -- fearoffours
+[I]- Skills that have sub-skills in which you do not (and cannot) have points
+ no longer display the redundant +/- sign. thanks lemming for the code.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- Lots and lots of itsy-witsy help file updates. Stunning-blows, other
+ references to Pern, more links to other files... -- fearoffours
+[m]- Compress the grid in the character dump, eliminating blank lines and only
+ showing lines without '+'s for the resistances and sustains page -- neil
+[m]- Show the Mathom-house contents in the character dump -- neil
+[O]- When 'I'nspecting objects you'll know how you found them
+[B]- Magelock cannot override permanent walls(or walls for taht matter) and works
+ only in LOS
+[O]- 3 new artifacts of Gothmog, regrouped in an item set
+[m]- Cleaned up the notes code a little. (takkaria)
+[P]- Summon skill doesnt caerte drops for partial summons
+[P]- Summon skill doesnt work in an antimagic field
+[B]- Automatizer should not treat enchanted ammo and tools as average, either.
+ -- neil
+[B]- Fixed the bug that allowed to use unallowed gods
+[P]- Lost souls start with many satisfy hunger scrolls, I'm really too nice...
+[M]- Themed townspeople! In Lothlorien and GOndolin you find elven people and
+ dwarven in Khazad-dum
+[m]- Display in the dump how interesting items were found -- neil
+[B]- Two-handed artifact weapons now act as such -- neil
+[O]- Darksword antimagic field now scales on the antimagic skill
+ So using one with 0 in the skill is not worth much
+[m]- DESTDIR support in makefile.std -- neil
+[B]- Don't mark items as store bought until they are bought -- neil
+[O]- Distinguish stolen items from bought items -- neil
+[m]- main-net.c display module which redirects display over the z-sock layer
+ and thus over any ip network to allow to create very lightweight terminals
+ to play ToME everywhere. This is still experimental
+[B]- Don't show Gondolin twice in the dump -- neil
+[O]- Cut down the price of Spectral weapon given their .. usefullness
+[I]- Fixed the bug that told you you could buy more items than you really could.
+ At least when using auto_haggle. Poor sods that dont use it shall burn
+ in hell
+[I]- Damage info is displayed for items that are only identified
+[G]- OK the god quest is a little easier now, as you're told the dungeon is to
+ the north/south and east/west of you. -- fearoffours
+[G]- Having autosquelch on will now not affect the essence in the fireproof
+ quest. And the mage gives a warning about the fact it may be easy to
+ destroy it too. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Fixed the incredible townspeople generation rate
+[B]- String fixes from lemming -- neil
+[B]- Don't print discomfort messages when examining and comparing weapons -- neil
+[I]- new <state> function to the automatizer to detect identified state
+[I]- Automatizer rules are automatically apply upon exit of the screen or
+ autogeneration of a rule with the 'k' command
+[B]- Add experimental support to the automatizer for marking "bad" rings and
+ amulets -- neil
+[m]- Distinguish average, disarmed, and empty chests in the automatizer -- neil
+[B]- Let summoners summon again (patch by masmarangio) -- neil
+[B]- Remove duplicate warning of an empty quiver (patch by masmarangio) -- neil
+[O]- Let Demonshields and Demonhorns be treated as armor -- neil
+[m]- Can include string terminators in help file tags i.e:
+ *****foo.txt*7[see:\] it works;)]
+[m]- Can save screenshots to help file format, this is only usefull to
+ documentation writters and thus the option only appears when wizard mode
+ is activated. It uses the new verbatim mode &&&&& at the line beginning
+[m]- The helpfile typo corrections just keep coming! Added Udun school help,
+ and demonologist school help, thanks Mef and masmarangio. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Some more spelling errors corrected. Updated warriors skills in the
+ help files -- masmarangio
+[m]- Skill updates for more character classes in the help files. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Automatizer tutorial added. -- fearoffours
+[G]- God quest relic is now inscribed to prevent automatizer 'accidents'
+ -- fearoffours
+[O]- Wands/staves are now described this way: a wand of foo[bonus|max]
+ Bonus is the bonus spell levels you get, and max is the limit of spell
+ levels for that wand. It means even if you have Magic Device at level 50
+ you cannot get a level 50 spell from a wand with max 30. Naturally the
+ max(and bonus) increase with the depth you find the wand/staff :)
+[P]- Players in monster form can now use barehanded combat, instead of
+ reverting to monster attacks. -- neil
+[O]- Fix and reduce the wand and staff pricing -- neil
+[B]- Make the automatizer work independently of the player's body -- neil
+[m]- Clean out some unused variables and some other valid warnings -- neil
+[B]- Don't spoil things in the dump -- neil
+[m]- Updates of the character races help files -- masmarangio
+[B]- Maiar can't choose a god anymore -- masmarangio
+[I]- Added a message if you don't have powers but press 'U' -- masmarangio
+[B]- Staves are properly fireproofed now. -- fearoffours
+[m]- God quest gets more clues to the location, and they're printed in the
+ 'Ctrl-Q'uest screen. I'm too nice. -- fearoffours
+[I]- Added the extended command #quest (or #Q for short) to get quest list
+ because some prts catch the CTRL+Q combo
+[m]- Added contextual help for wands/staves, also added a section in the help
+ about it. --fearoffours
+[m]- Some small help file updates (Muar becomes Durin's Bane) -- masmarangio
+[m]- Added full mindcrafting spell info in the same form as other schools of
+ magic. Removed help on the Music skill, as this will not be included for
+ 2.1.0. Added some other help stuff. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Correct Damage/Round display for bare and bear combat. -- neil
+[m]- Help now has an alphabetical index! -- fearoffours
+[B]- Melkor wants you to sacrifice corpses, not raw meat -- neil
+[B]- Fixed an off-by-one error in loadsave.c that caused savefile corruption
+ if the number of monsters or objects saved was maximal -- masmarangio
+[m]- Removed help on the Druidistic skill since Druids are normal Priests now.
+ Minor changes to the skill example to match human warriors.
+ Updated Option help file, some other minor changes -- masmarangio
+[O]- Allow Wooden Rods to be sold at the Magic Shop -- neil
+[B]- Corrected the price of enchanted boomerangs and instruments. -- masmarangio
+[B]- Corrected the used multiplier while 'I'nspecting ammo.
+ Fixed the damage of throwing items / boomerangs -- masmarangio
+[I]- 'Compare weapons' works only with melee weapons, item selection changed.
+ Expanded the description of a god at birth. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Removed Tank Points and firestones. -- neil
+[m]- Removed PERNANGBAND monster flag and renamed as many Pern monsters,
+ artifacts, and other references as I could find -- neil
+[M]- Firebirds (formerly firelizards) and Thunderlords are B, not d and D
+ -- neil
+[B]- Fix some artifact activations -- neil
+[B]- Fixed (temporarily) item activation and description. Some items could
+ activate for the unified activation, and display the other activation, so
+ further changes are needed. -- masmarangio
+[I]- Removed the silly 'You are shooting with a flute' message. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Renamed instruments in luckspoi.txt, comment changes -- masmarangio
+[I]- Added OBJ_FOUND_SELFMADE for items that were created by the player.
+ Alchemist should also use it (not changed yet). Replaced the plain
+ description "in the Town" for items fond on the surface -- masmarangio
+[O]- Monster traps are disarmed by GF_KILL_TRAP and GF_KILL_DOOR -- masmarangio
+[m]- The description of ACT_DEST_DOOR includes traps, better description of
+ deactivating music instruments. -- masmarangio
+[M]- Increase Thunderlord rarities -- neil
+14/12/2002 -- T.o.M.E 2.1.0 aka "No Surrender, No Retreat"
+[B]- Artifact spoiler was messed up
+[m]- some small help files updates (Melkor, GoI, races) -- masmarangio
+[B]- some Orc Cave crashes fixed -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed the Mushroom Quest: mushrooms are taken before creating the rewards,
+ and these are created even with a full inventory -- masmarangio
+[B]- Grammar fix for breathing messages -- neil
+[B]- Changed order of level feelings, removed unused feelings. -- masmarangio
+[B]- A Rod of Drain Life is needed for vampiric artifacts instead of the Wand.
+ Renamed one ego light of Boldness (now of Fearlessness). -- masmarangio
+[m]- Updated and reformatted the essence spoiler. -- masmarangio
+[O]- Removed the double pval for Mana-items (40%)(+2). The description of
+ Mana and Life items is now with percents. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Small updates to m_demono.txt -- fearoffours
+[m]- Added mindcraft in magic.txt and a paragraph in m_mindcr.txt -- masmarangio
+[B]- Adjusted the melee damage shown in the status screen. -- masmarangio
+[B]- Spelling errors corrected. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed bashing the trigger doors in the Thieves Quest -- masmarangio
+[B]- Allow Amulets of the Magi and *Defender* weapons to be sold -- neil
+[B]- Fix alchemist creation of ego staves, etc. (patch from "oops") -- neil
+[B]- Don't let gold into the inventory -- neil
+[B]- Temple doesn't want unblessed edged weapons -- neil
+[B]- Properly handle obvious flags on non-*ID*d objects (fixes things like
+ resistances grid and selling Blessed weapons in the temple) -- neil
+[B]- Squelch at different times, to avoid destroying the wrong items -- neil
+[m]- Removed some compiler warnings. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio
+[I]- Work / fixes in spoiler creation (items, essences, menu) -- masmarangio
+[B]- Automatizer: <symbol> works with graphic modes -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed pval3 for artifact staves and wands in apply_magic -- masmarangio
+[m]- Corrected some typos and some comments. Thanks to markrax -- masmarangio
+[m]- Spell description edit -- neil
+[B]- Exclusive skill fix (patch by markrax) -- neil
+[B]- Yet more copyediting by markrax -- neil
+[m]- Corrected most of the typos found by vrak. -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed a display bug when passing through walls, thanks jup
+[B]- Copyediting of lib/edit/* -- markrax
+[B]- Copyediting of monster description books (lib/file/book-1[0-9].txt)
+ -- markrax
+[B]- Copyediting of misc. files in lib/file/ -- markrax
+[B]- Copyediting of most files in lib/help/ -- markrax
+[B]- Copyediting and description tweaks to tables.c -- markrax
+[B]- More minor copyediting -- markrax
+[m]- Minor externs.h code cleanup, remove dups -- markrax
+[B]- Let keypad 5 key work in X11 target -- markrax
+[I]- Add columns, tweak UI in character info sheet -- markrax
+[I]- Updated the artifact spoiler creation -- masmarangio
+[m]- Corrected some errors in a_info.txt -- masmarangio
+[B]- Display the arm slot when not wearing a two-handed weapon -- neil
+[I]- Cleaned up some code in the character info sheet -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fix drop message for junk artifacts (patch by jup) -- neil
+[m]- Copyediting of lib/edit/k_info.txt -- markrax
+[m]- Copyediting of lib/edit/al_info.txt -- markrax
+[m]- Added ENGLISH.txt file with ToME textual conventions -- markrax
+[m]- Standardized on "Middle-earth" spelling -- markrax
+[m]- More grammatical fixes (mostly "it's") -- markrax
+[m]- Removal of many Americanisms, grammatical fixes -- markrax
+[O]- Centered Map around Minas Anor -- masmarangio
+[I]- Allowed the user to abort when asked to engrave on a grid. Also, don't
+ let the player engrave on a grid with no mana. Thanks to Pav of
+ for this patch. -- takkaria
+[m]- Updated and relocated style guide -- markrax
+[O]- CURSED two items with HEAVY_CURSE, thanks jup -- markrax
+[O]- CURSED Ring of Durin (had HEAVY_CURSE), thanks jup -- markrax
+[B]- Let *Identify* of your pack work the same as an individual *Identify*
+ for the purposes of alchemists -- neil
+[I]- Updated the broken spell spoiler creation (works for the bookless powers).
+ LUA schools should be added -- masmarangio
+[m]- Parchment titles capitalised. Spacing of artifacts and some americanisms
+ and errors in a_info.txt, tables.c, and other files corrected.
+ -- masmarangio
+[O]- Added description from Sangband to the Shield of Gil-Galad -- masmarangio
+[B]- tried to prevent printing of alchemy items in spell spoiler -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed two alchemy bugs: Same sval for Rings of Critical Hits and the Ring
+ of Durin. Corrected the sval of Rings of Constitution -- masmarangio
+25/12/2002 - Mery xmass!
+[P]- Boulder throwing skill :) For Ents .. Don't get used to it as I don't know
+ if I'll let it in
+[B]- Destruction cannot kill quest monsters
+[B]- The lost temple (god quest) dungeon really cannot be generated in
+ inaccessible places now. -- fearoffours
+[I]- Unidentified objects are marked in slate(the inventory letter)
+[m]- Updated the skill gain in skills.txt, corrected some spelling errors.
+ Added Boulder-throwing to the help files -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed note file problem under windows -- masmarangio
+[m]- Corrected some americanisms and spelling errors -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed an alchemy error with fireproofed staves, removed tabs from c_prt
+ calls -- masmarangio
+[P]- Added dynamic subrace. This means that "things" in the game can somewhat
+ change your subrace. This is used by the 3 new Vampire corruptions, which
+ when combined will permanently turn you into a full blown Vampire.
+ The Vampire subrace has been removed, it might come back as a template for
+ the corruptions, or not. All others undead subrace will have the same
+ fate. This means that soon you'll be able to turn into an undead rather
+ than start as one. The penalties will be tweaked too so we don't end up
+ with every char being an undead.
+[B]- Fixed a branding bug that allowed to modify artifacts and ego-items.
+ -- Kusunose
+[m]- Updated corruption_spoiler_generation (includes index tags, don't show the
+ Lose message for not removable corruptions) and corspoil.txt -- masmarangio
+[I]- Stores/homes inventory letters are colored just like inventory/equipment
+ thanks to Pav
+[m]- Music system performance improvement -- neil
+[m]- Added help on pets to dungeon.txt and some clarification about Spell-power
+ affecting only the 11 primary schools of magic. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Added to Spell-power the other affected Schools (Udun, Demonology, Gods),
+ as well as naming Sorcery in the Udun School help file -- masmarangio
+[O]- init1.c: added two times OBJ_FOUND_SPECIAL -- masmarangio
+[m]- al_info.txt: removed double acid essences in amulet of resistance, grouped
+ entries for ring of extra attacks, renamed some entries -- masmarangio
+[m]- wizard1.c: Added IS_CVS to header, create artifacts at 25, not 35, added
+ index in Essence Spoiler. essences.txt: new spoiler file -- masmarangio
+[m]- cmd1.c: removed a compiler warning. caves.c: simplified a test -- masmarangio
+[m]- Info on spell-power and multi-school-spell interaction, typo fix in
+ m_mindcr.txt -- fearoffours
+[B]- object2.c: Initialised Artifacts with LEVELS in apply_magic -- masmarangio
+[O]- generate.c: OBJ_FOUND_MONSTER for final artifacts / objects -- masmarangio
+[B]- al_info.txt: Svals of Ring of Sustain Con and Dex exchanged -- masmarangio
+01/01/2003 - Happy new year !!!
+[B]- store.c: Fixed bug with prices of wands, indentation -- masmarangio
+[I]- Better fountain command interface. -- Kusunose
+[B]- al_info.txt: Added Ammo of slay animal. Amulet of regeneration with new
+ sval. Ego Weapons of Life added -- masmarangio
+[B]- find_ignore_stairs, set or unset, failed to handle some quest related
+ stairs properly. -- pelpel
+[B]- cmd7.c: Fixed bug with TR4_ART_EXP not set correctly -- masmarangio
+[O]- cmd7.c: Added OBJ_FOUND_SELFMADE for created items/artifacts -- masmarangio
+[B]- Don't allow a change from weapon combat if a cursed weapon is wielded
+ -- neil
+[m]- wizard1.c: Changed position of IS_CVS, added double ego items in essence
+ spoiler. essences.txt: reflects this -- masmarangio
+[B]- wizard2.c: Some bound checks to prevent crashes -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd7.c: Fixed reduced capacity of ego rods -- masmarangio
+[B]- object1.c: Added a "It cannot be destroyed" msg in place of "it has blah%
+ chance of breaking upon hit" for artifact ammo. thanks lemming for fix
+ -- fearoffours
+[O]- e_info.txt: Added indestructible and cursed amulets to simplify alchemy
+ -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd7.c: Allow creation of artifacts from single ego items; don't change
+ artifacts and double ego items if you don't wish to create an artifact.
+ Simplified amulet handling and other code fragments -- masmarangio
+ that I've long been aware of... -- pelpel
+[D]- Changed the marker(#172) to look like open floor(#1) -- masmarangio
+[B]- Updated Amulets and Rings in defines.h / defines.txt -- masmarangio
+[B]- al_info.txt: Amulet of Adornment without pval. cmd7.c: skill >= 25
+ needed to create artifacts, not > 25 -- masmarangio
+[B]- Warning about leaving a trap detected zone don't cost energy -- masmarangio
+[m]- First update of commands.txt -- masmarangio
+[B]- spells2.c, self_knowledge(): f4 through esp were not initialised before
+ referenced. -- pelpel
+[B]- cmd7.c, extern.h: changed the variable "tocreate" in alchemist_items_check()
+ from bool to int -- masmarangio
+[B]- xtra1.c, apply_flags(): Added bounds checks for antimagic. -- pelpel
+[B]- xtra1.c, apply_flags(): changed the type of bit field variables from s32b
+ to u32b, for obvious reasons. -- pelpel
+[G]- Princess now offer 3 reward and the player selects one
+[B]- cmd7.c: Fixing three bugs in Alchemy: Extracting from double ego items and
+ from stacks of staves, as well as generating all leeched empty items.
+ Problems may still arise when you leech a stack of objects from the floor
+ and essences get dropped over them. Boomerangs can be enchanted now.
+ -- masmarangio
+[B]- generate.c: Moved the room creating loop (fix from 15/12). Something better
+ should be used than this brute force method -- masmarangio
+[B]- Minor spelling and grammar fix -- neil
+[B]- Changed the type of dungeon_flags to u32b, as in types.h -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd7.c: Instruments can be enchanted now. -- masmarangio
+[G]- Applied the Artifact Activation patch -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fix activations -- neil
+[G]- Alchemists can no longer make artifacts granting Precognition or Immunity
+ to Nether -- neil
+[B]- Avoid some bad periods in monster descriptions -- neil
+[P]- p_info.txt: Updated, compacted history-chart. Trolls, Orcs, Elves with new
+ entries, some other small changes. Deleted the unused races -- masmarangio
+[m]- Added Activations to essence spoiler, new help file created -- masmarangio
+[B]- Reset the pval of extracted rings and amulets, prevent creation of cursed
+ empty items -- masmarangio
+[B]- Make ego staves / wands of nothing extractable, disallow empowering of ego
+ items / artifacts that are not wearable (e.g. staves) -- masmarangio
+[I]- squeltch.c: Ask for overwriting rules file and display saving message in the
+ same box -- masmarangio
+[m]- Added a (conservative and preliminary) port to OS X + gcc + makefile.
+ The four *.icns files are faithful conversions of the traditional Angband
+ icons that have long been used by Mac ports, even before Ben.
+ makefile.std itself is not updated. Please read comments in main-crb.c.
+ -- pelpel
+[m]- Module support. It means that people can write ToME "modules" which will
+ go in lib/mods and contain "variants" that use the same game engine but
+ different lib/foo files. The module selection screen only appears when
+ the game detects more than one module. The new -Mfoo command line option
+ allows to bypass module selection
+[m]- 'Death' Message of a Nazgul: Choose pronoun 'she' or 'he' according to the
+ sex -- masmarangio
+[G]- God quest wont trigger for Lost Souls until they reach the surface
+[m]- Turn off some ToME things when using a non-ToME module -- neil
+[B]- Fix the monster description messages even better -- neil
+[B]- Better honor the NO_TARGET flag -- neil
+[M]- Give Farmer Maggot the NO_TARGET flag -- neil
+[B]- Fixed (hopefully) the wrong activation bug -- masmarangio
+[m]- (Mac, Carbon) Modernised file system interface (currently only turned on
+ for Mach-O Carbon port), improved Mach-O Carbon support, incorporated my
+ 32x32 tiles support code for V3.0.2, and more gcc porting note -- pelpel
+[m]- Let the player see which game module he selected in the character
+ selection screen -- neil
+[B]- Fixed one wrong sval in al_info.txt -- masmarangio
+[m]- Added makefile and some auxiliary files for developer CD gcc compilation
+ of Carbon port -- pelpel
+[m]- (OS X Carbon) Changed the format of graphics tiles from PICT in the
+ resource fork to plain PNG files, only for gcc compilation at the moment
+ -- pelpel
+[B]- Alchemy: The song of music instruments, the type of explosive ammo and
+ the level of sticks are not changed by enchanting / leeching the items.
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- Expanded the description of Antimagic, small index updates -- masmarangio
+[I]- wizard2.c: Initialised the lua command (^A >) with the help file index
+ generation -- masmarangio
+[m]- (OS X Carbon) Cleaned up my recent updates. It's fairly stable now.
+ To do: move to .nib based menu/dialogues, pulling sound out of resource
+ fork, and better sound code. -- pelpel
+[B]- cmd7.c: Allow extraction of the charges of Sticks of Plenty -- masmarangio
+[m]- preliminary SCANDIR support for gcu, gtk, xaw borrowed from x11 -- neil
+[m]- Modules can control the number of levels over the player level a skill
+ may have allocated now, using max_skill_overage. -- neil
+[m]- HOOK_FIRE added -- neil
+[m]- Changed the help files about vampires; classes, races etc. are listed
+ in alphabetical order in birth.txt -- masmarangio
+[m]- Races & subraces get a starting object list in p_info, less hacks in birth.c
+[I]- Automatizer can now be used to auto-inscribe items, thanks to jepler
+[I]- Automatizer can now display rules in a more english like maner, xml mode
+ is also available, switch by pressing 'x', thanks to jepler
+[G]- Summoner can extract totems from skeletons / carapaces. -- masmarangio
+[B]- Trap of Wasting Wands (affects also Staves) change the Wand/Staff to the of
+ nothing type. Deleted SV_WAND(STAFF)_NASTY_WAND(STAFF), since in the new
+ stick system the worthless sticks don't have the first svals -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed a fountain filling bug, simplified the item_tester -- masmarangio
+[B]- (Mac, OS X) Tilewidth/height code ceased to work because menu API started
+ to return Unicode crap instead of holy ASCII -- pelpel
+[m]- HOOK_EAT added -- neil
+[O]- New artifact: The Sling of the Thain -- neil
+[B]- empty chests are generated as known (i.e. they were opened) -- masmarangio
+[B]- do_cmd_rest flushes input if the player can't do so for some reasons
+ and flush_failure is set.
+ Note: flush() doesn't seem to work as it used to do... Any changes have
+ been made to inkey, or some code touches its various control variables?
+ -- pelpel
+[m]- (Gtk) Added support for the "bigtile" mode. Please start the game with
+ "tome -- -w" if you don't like to see horrible glitches... This is not
+ Gtk-specific problem by the way. Scrolling the map and hitting ^R fixes
+ it too, if you prefer menu command -- pelpel
+[G]- Trees are now passable by wraith beings. Monsters that fly will pass trees.
+ Dead small trees will be dead small trees. Monsters tunneling will also
+ destroy trees
+[P]- Extra HP bonus(from quest, melkor, ...) is applied before sorcery penality
+[B]- (Gtk) Fixed problems with wide tile mode when it is used with backing
+ store. Seems more like the problem is in z-term (it only updates every
+ two columns of the dungeon map...), but it works now -- pelpel
+[B]- (Mac) The asynchronous sound player unlocked and released sound data
+ without confirming its completion. Wrote an alternative implementation
+ that holds data until a channel it is played is reused, to avoid using
+ interrupt-time code (which is quite complicated business in 68K).
+ Because this means that a fairly large amount of data can be locked in
+ memory for a long time, I reduced number of channels used to
+ 4 in Classic and 8 for Carbon -- pelpel
+[G]- Trees/grass can only grow one some terrains(yes that DO exclude lava;)
+[I]- z) slot is hidden until needed -- thanks to Scott Bigham
+[I]- Some cosmetic changes and improvements to char dumps -- thanks to Scott Bigham
+[B]- Monster traps: Changed the code so that the new wands and staves are
+ functional in device monster traps. This is commented out with #if 0 since
+ the code must be tested. Perhaps a lua solution is better ? -- masmarangio
+[B]- Deathmolds could use their racial power without spending a turn!
+[B]- 'U' powers didn't remove Disruption Shield
+[m]- (Mac, Windows) Added an in-game menu command to view current scoreboard.
+ Taken from the latest [V] (Win port only there), minus the use of
+ display_scores_aux, which I regard first-degree Mega-Hack -- pelpel
+[G]- Wielding the One Ring now has real disadvantages, you've been warned :)
+ What ? I didn't mention what disadvantages ? Oh yes, I didn't.
+[G]- Bump required level and difficulty rating of Minas Anor quest, as the
+ trees changes have made it just a little harder. -- neil
+[I]- Hopeless attempts to dig will be noticed to the player -- thanks to jepler
+[B]- Potions of Cure Water are no more extractable by Alchemy
+[P]- Bard class is back(was called Harper before) with a new Music skill.
+ Instruments carries the spells, and they work a bit like Psi foci in
+ psiband. An instrument (+2) can only play songs that are marked (I) or
+ (II) not (III) or (IV)
+[B]- Ordered the music songs according to the needed pval, then level.
+ Fixed the svals of artifact instruments, changing the Flute to a Harp.
+ Added a better description of Bards. Please check it ! -- masmarangio
+[B]- An Alchemist can now fireproof spellbooks -- masmarangio
+[m]- Bard and Music docs are done. Please check em. -- fearoffours
+[B]- A possessor (the creature, not the class) can only possess whole
+ corpses and skeletons, not pieces of meat -- masmarangio
+[B]- Make wielding more than one demonshield (or demonsword I suppose) work
+ -- neil
+[B]- Possession something while encumbered to the point of having 0 mana
+ allowed free use of body spells without failure
+[P]- Mana is now function of the Magic skill and either INT or WIS, whichever
+ is higher
+[B]- Possibly the relic in the god quest couldn't have been generated.
+ Wasn't me honest guv. -- fearoffours
+[G]- The lost temples for god quests now have harder monsters to make the piety
+ gain rather more substantial and obvious I hope. Deeper monsters appear
+ as player clvl increases. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Help file corrections on Music skill. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Some menus exits when 'e' was hit on some comapilation.
+ Note: '\e' for escape is compiler dependant extension so do not
+ use it. Thanks kobayasi for fix. -- Kusunose
+[B]- All known staves and wands are displayed as 'Globe of Light' in
+ the Known Object list. Thanks kobayasi for fix. -- Kusunose
+[m]- Make HOOK_QUAFF take an o_ptr, and let HOOK_EAT return the identify success
+ -- neil
+[I]- Useless but fun, when a wield monster takes damage instead of you
+ the monster will be named. If you named it(with the #foo inscription)
+[B]- Chaging the melee style did not update bonuses. Thanks to kobayasi for
+ the patch. -- Kusunose
+[B]- <sval> in automatizer worked even when the player was not aware of
+ the object. It was possible to use this as a free ID. Thanks to
+ kobayasi for the patch. -- Kusunose
+[B]- Cancelling the reward skill sellection could crash the game. -- Kusunose
+[I]- Boomerangs now display damage with 'I'nspecting, thanks to Scott Bigham
+[B]- Inspecting or Identifying something shouldn't infect you with the
+ Black Breath -- neil
+[I]- Genocide and genocide like effects that require monster race now allow
+ targetting of a monster to select the race. Gfx users can now correctly
+ genocide :)
+[I]- d/s and g/p work in both home & stores. Pfft.
+[m]- Fixed a typo in The Dragon Helm of Turin Turambar -- WeZ
+[G]- Fixed the teleport-level ability of Deathmolds, so they
+ can teleport out of a dungeon, instead of getting a
+ message saying there's only air above them. -- WeZ
+[P]- Probability travel level teleport ability & teleport level spells
+ wont work in some dungeon
+[G]- A new quest! An ultra ending! "Falling Toward Apotheosis"
+ After banning Morgoth spirit in the Void, you can pursue him
+ there to forever end the darkness. But beware, it is more than
+ likely that you will die. But for the few that succeed, the fame
+ will be great!
+ Note: you can only do it if you choosed the way of Good and thus
+ destroyed the One Ring. An evil ultra ending is planned and will
+ come a bit latter.
+[P]- Dwarves get a bonus to axe mastery, as they rightfully should
+[O]- Cloak of Air. Generates an air bubble around you so you can breath.
+ Just in case you need it ..
+[G]- Another new quest! An old mage in Minas Anor needs help, too. -- neil
+[B]- Non-enemy monsters now won't hold up victory in the Spiders and Library
+ quests. -- neil
+[B]- Various Library quest fixes -- neil
+[O]- Lebohaum activation is now true to the original material..
+[P]- All mages start with 0.1 less mod to Sorcery. Specialists dont have sorcery.
+ Runecrafters dont iether, nor Alchemists. Thaumaturgists do.
+ Specialists also get a bit better Spell-power
+[I]- Only show enemies in the uniques list -- neil
+[m]- The various ?_info.txt files can now include otehr files with the <:file.txt
+ command. This allows people to split up too big files
+[I]- X11 port can now do text selection copy&paste with the mouse, thanks to kieron
+[B]- Mage staves, rod tips, and magic tomes are now "good" items. This should
+ fix the problem of Saruman, Sauron, and others dropping nothing but rods.
+ -- neil
+[I]- Show "ironman_rooms" setting in the character dump -- neil
+[P]- The adventurer quest skill reward will now only provide a modifier of 0.3
+ if you dont have the skill, but if you have it it will improve the modifier
+ by 0.1 if it is below 0.5
+[I]- Automatizer rules now have an module attribute, defaulting to "ToME". The
+ module name is case sensitive, as always. <rule module="ToME" name="Die"
+ type="destroy"> will only destroy items when you're playing the ToME
+ module. -- neil
+[B]- Fix grammar error pointed out by "JanaRaissa" -- neil
+[B]- Prevent instrument-wielders from firing things, as pointed out by
+ "Chudus" -- neil
+[B]- Those who can breathe water or don't need to breathe at all should not
+ drown in pools of water, as pointed out by "Zonk" -- neil
+[B]- Fix Rods of Simplicity for those who need it most, as pointed out by
+ "Zizzo" -- neil
+[O]- Dragon Scale Mail now has more options for egos and random artifacts
+ -- neil
+[B]- Fix god quest temple placement error pointed out by "Fringe Worthy"
+ -- neil
+[I]- Somewhat nicer char screen, thanks to lemmings(I think ;)
+[B]- No more (broken) pattern vaults -- neil
+[m]- Ability to add timers in lua
+[B]- Fix spelling: PARCHEMENT -> PARCHMENT. Automatizer rules and other scripts
+ that use PARCHEMENT will still work, though. -- neil
+[M]- Companions and pet uniques can now be killed
+[P]- Trolls cannot get the troll blood corruption
+[P]- At Monster lore skill level 12 one can turn a pet in a loyal companion.
+ Note that you are limited in companion number
+[P]- Reduced Necromancy spell failure damage
+[P]- Skill multipliers of Rogues and Assassins are higher now. -- neil
+[B]- Fixed alchemy making of xtra shots/might
+[P]- Some skills have more chances to be taugth than others by fumblefinger
+[P]- Melkor Curse spell autocast chance formula changed
+[O]- Wishing for dual ego items works
+[P]- Spellbinder spell will reveal more info about itself when cast while
+ already active
+[P]- Increase Mage's Weaponmastery Multiplier by 0.1 -- neil
+[P]- Experimentally double Barehanded Combat martial arts damage dice
+ to make Monks more attractive -- neil
+[O]- Goods stolen from stores now get a 100% discount. -- neil
+[P]- One can now steal from more places -- neil
+[B]- Everburning torches, Feanorian Lanterns, and Dwarven Lanterns of Fading
+ couldn't be filled -- neil
+[B]- The Crumpled Scroll of Mass Resurrection no longer revives special
+ monsters who won't ever appear again anyway. -- neil
+[B]- Gauntlets that contain spells no longer hinder spellcasters -- neil
+[I]- Some junk removed from the character resistances grid -- neil
+[G]- Bree house is not available from start anymore, you have to get it
+ as a reward from the thieves quest
+[G]- The Lothlorien and Gondolin homes aren't free anymore, either -- neil
+[G]- The Minas Anor and Khazad-dum homes must be won, too -- neil
+[I]- Reworked 16x16 gfx by
+[B]- Fix the case where some birth items wouldn't stack -- neil
+[B]- Disarming a trap on a stair should not destroy the stair -- neil
+[B]- Player invisibility shouldn't hinder monsters attacking targets other
+ than the player (patch by Jeff Epler) -- neil
+[B]- Mana and Life drains should not cause infinite rest loops -- neil
+[O]- Handmade items like arrows and totems are fully identified -- neil
+[m]- Max skills internaly increased to 200
+[G]- Random quest are now disabled when persistent dungeon levels are enabled.
+ -- neil
+[O]- The artifact that had aggravation and a stealth bonus no longer has
+ that useless stealth bonus -- neil
+[O]- It's now much harder for sentient weapons to get the Acid realm -- neil
+[I]- '+' command(alter terrain) wil ltry to open doors instead of tunneling
+ them
+[P]- Shots now pierce when they used to ricochet in random directions -- neil
+[P]- Piercing shots are now togglable -- neil
+[G]- Singing happy drunks will freely accept alcoholic beverages from you.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- Class helpfiles updated to reflect some changes in skill allocation.
+ -- fearoffours
+[I]- Turned on by default the linear stats display
+[m]- Chris Hadgis submitetd the first documented package of the ToME API!
+ More comming :)
+[I]- Maxxed stats now show a "!" in the character screen and dump, too -- neil
+[P]- If you play something experimental, it now shows up in the character
+ dump. Alchemists and Death Molds are marked as such for now -- neil
+[P]- Necromantic magic got a new spell: Necromantic Teeth
+[B]- Stone Prison spell would create floor where it shouldn't, possibly
+ trapping you in places like the Eol quest. -- neil
+[G]- Angband now blocks the magic of the Thunderlords' Nest -- neil
+[B]- Fix activation descriptions patch by Chris Hadgis -- neil
+[I]- ToME should try harder to use proper thematic flooring when appropriate
+ -- neil
+[B]- Stone Prison should not be able to turn walls into floors. -- neil
+[B]- Sound effects shouldn't give knowledge the player wouldn't otherwise
+ know (like the generation of the relic) -- neil
+[B]- Don't show silly chance to break for exploding ammo -- neil
+[m]- lib/patch directory to contains auto-loaded patches.
+ Each patch must be contained in it's own subdirectory and
+ must contain a patch.lua file with a patch_init() function in it
+ that must return the patch name and version
+[P]- Abilities. Abilities are like skills, but are booleans. That is
+ you either know them or not, there is no scale. One can learn
+ abilities by spending skill points in the abilitie screen(press 'N').
+ Abilities can have prerequisites to be meet before one can learn them.
+ (Like some can need a stat level, a skill level, ...)
+ Some classes get abilities for free at certain level. Like warriors
+ will get Spread-blows ability at level 25 for free(even if they dont
+ actually meet the prereqs).
+[P]- All classes now get 4 max blows. But there abilities that can increase
+ the max. Warriors gets them for free at birth, and other classes also
+ get some so they are not less powerful than before the change. This
+ will however help people create warrior-mages for example.
+[m]- Internal change: Magic Realms are gone. -- neil
+[I]- No more spell list window flag. It hadn't done anything since ToME 2.0
+ anyway -- neil
+[m]- Total savefile compatibility break. Hopefully we can do better from now
+ on -- neil
+[I]- The player now gets warned during race/class/subrace selection that a
+ class is experimental. -- neil
+[B]- Innate monster friendliness shoudln't take precedence over summoned pet
+ or companion status -- neil
+[B]- The Helm of Knowledge and Automatizer pickup now get along -- neil
+[m]- Initial helpfiles update for Abilities. -- fearoffours
+[I]- Princess quest reward selection is not cancelable
+[P]- New skill: Geomancy, works in combinaison with the 4 elemental skills
+ to produce various effects from the raw elements around teh caster
+ (grass, sand, ...). Elementalists becomes Geomancers now.
+ Thanks to Fubar Obfusco for the detailed idea
+[P]- Runecraft is not gainable from fumblefingers until it is reworked
+[m]- More help updates - Artifact Creation ability, plus addtions to FAQ and
+ skills.txt and others. Thanks to Michael Beatty for some suggestions.
+ -- fearoffours
+[I]- Autoroller now uses linear stats when requested
+[I]- Object window will now display the 'I'nspection of the last manipulated
+ item
+[B]- Resting ignores HP or SP if a drain on HP or SP is induced by an object
+[O]- Beat down the power of randart rings yet more -- neil
+[m]- Geomancy help. -- fearoffours
+[O]- heavy Xbows of Siegecraft, thanks to Fang
+[B]- The automatic drop from wilderness should no longer be abusable. No longer
+ can you hit < when you're hungry, cut, poisoned, or sensitive to light during
+ the day -- neil
+[P]- Far reaching attack ability. When using a long polearm you can attack monsters
+ 1 or even 2 grids away(at the cost of a reduced number of blows)
+ Idea taken from Adamant
+[O]- Ingeborg S. Norden's artifact bolts added -- neil
+[P]- Trapping is now an ability instead of a skill. Rogues, but not Assassins,
+ start with it -- neil
+[m]- Help updated to reflect new abilities. Deathmold question added to FAQ.
+ -- fearoffours
+[P]- Undead Form is now an ability
+[m]- Documentation for Undead Form added. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Added skill tests abilities to .prf files thanks to Scott Bigham
+[B]- Thaumaturgy attacks will travel more than one grid when not targeted
+ at a monster thanks to Scott Bigham
+[I]- Inscription and discount clauses for the automatizer thanks to Scott Bigham
+[O]- Boomerangs now have just a 1% chance to break, have their chance to hit
+ improved by Boomerang-mastery, get sold in shops, and are a bit less
+ rare -- neil
+[G]- The god quest is a (little) bit more forgiving about the direction the
+ dungeon lies in, and you also get an approximation of it's distance.
+ -- fearoffours
+[B]- Thaumaturgy spells could be too weak -- neil
+[B]- Demonologists couldn't use the Demon Summon spell -- fearoffours
+[P]- Thaumaturgy spell levels now range from 1-50 instead of 1-100, so now
+ one won't get spells with impossible failure rates, as suggested by
+ Jules Bean -- neil
+16/06/2003 -- T.o.M.E 2.2.0 aka "Born to the Purple"
+[B]- Fix manwe spell Avatar
+[B]- Silly silly bug in god quest fixed. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Mimics starts with a cloak
+[B]- Using the @ key in skill menu wont crash
+[B]- Cannot copy uncopiable spells
+[B]- Dripping Tread will put feats on the last grid, not the current one
+[m]- Clearer descriptions for spells which require more than one school
+ -- fearoffours
+[P]- Geomancer tweaks: Geyser's mana progression now matches its damage
+ progression. Geomancy now gives much larger bonuses to its child
+ skills, so Geomancers are now intended to max out the elements. -- neil
+[B]- Potions of Cure Water are inscribed for you to prevent mishaps with
+ the automatizer -- neil
+[B]- Don't let people travel with extra limbs, to prevent them losing
+ weapons by mistake -- neil
+[B]- Allow hypnosis of companions, make hypnosis failure messages more
+ useful - neil
+[m]- Mimicry help. Magic help now has it's own menu, other minor help
+ updates. -- fearoffours
+[m]- "Investing in the <foo> skill? You might be interested in the <bar>
+ ability." links in skills.txt --fearoffours
+[B]- God quest bug genuinely fixed now -- fearoffours
+[P]- Bear form will now starts at -5 speed but end at +5
+29/06/2003 -- T.o.M.E 2.2.1 aka "There All the Honor Lies"
+[B]- Prevent forbidden staves from being generated
+[B]- Really fix the God quest this time, we hope
+[m]- Mac OS X Module support
+[m]- Solaris compile workaround from Kevin W. Thomas
+[B]- Fix broken status in auto automatizer rules -- neil
+[m]- Valid XHTML in the HTML screenshots now -- neil
+[B]- HPUX support -- neil
+20/07/2003 -- T.o.M.E 2.2.2 aka 'And Now For a Word'
+[P]- No more involuntary corruptions
+[B]- Fixed crash on 'l'ook in rare conditions, thanks slappy0042
+[B]- Fixed inflation of ammo damage display, patch by 'Zizzo' -- neil
+[m]- Help updates - spectres lose hp when passing walls, thieves cannot shoot
+ arrows (very well), non-geomancer mages have a 0.00 modifier to Geomancy.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- Help updates - typo in rm_spec.txt and High-elves have good wisdom
+ -- fearoffours.
+[B]- Tulkas piety gains now match the documentation -- jules
+[m]- helpfiles - Clearer geomancy skill values for non-Geomancer Mages, a note
+ about effect of stealing from shops in skills.txt, and some FAQ additions
+ about FF and random quests. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Manwe, Eru, Yavanna, and Tulkas will not yet you start following them if you
+ are wearing the One -- neil
+[B]- Set number of charges correctly when a wand is stolen -- neil
+[m]- Scott Bigham's tome-autoabil.diff: Adds a new automatizer class
+ <ability>, which is true when you have the given ability -- neil
+[m]- Riscos support thanks to Antony Sidwell
+[m]- Savefiles are now stores in ~/.tome/save[/modulename] on multiuser systems
+[m]- Apply patches based on those from FreeBSD ports -- neil
+[O]- Beaked Axes, Battle Axes and Lochaber Axes are recognized as polearms
+ again. -- neil
+[O]- Misleading "polearm" description removed from non-polearm
+ Quarterstaff -- neil
+[m]- Added help for 'repeat last command' to command.txt. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Fixed autopickup of ammo crash under some circumstances
+[B]- Fix monster list mimic bug
+[B]- Tree Roots incorrect bonuses fixed
+[B]- Fixed incorrect display of some skill bonuses
+15/09/2003 -- T.o.M.E 2.2.3 aka 'The Quality of Mercy'
+[B]- Detect doors and traps displays as costing 3, not 5 now. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Maeglin quest reward wording altered (saves confusion for sorcerors).
+ -- fearoffours
+[I]- Adam Bolt's Tiles are now "New Tiles", as others have worked on them and
+ stuff. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Typos in One Ring parchment and Necromancy help fixed. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Typos in ultra-good ending, lost-sword quest rewards and flag description
+ fixed. -- fearoffours
+[O]- Restore spaces to artifact descriptions -- neil
+[B]- Axemasters now start with a Hatchet -- neil
+[B]- Fix "analyze monster" activation -- neil
+[B]- Fix library quest breakage of Melkor curses -- neil
+[B]- Fix failure rates for abilities in possessed bodies, patch by 'Slappy'
+ -- neil
+[B]- Monsters detected ONLY by telepathy were not removed from visible monsters
+ list after they had gone out of range. Thanks Slappy for fix. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Recharged junkarts would not always give a notification message. Thanks
+ Slappy for fix. -- fearoffours
+[O]- Changed descriptions of some junkart activations. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Completion of Necromancer quest could be triggered incorrectly.
+ -- fearoffours
+[D]- "The lava burns you", becomes "you move across the lava" to accomodate
+ IM_FIRE and flying characters. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Applied Ken Dubuc's patches to parsers to make them line ending independant
+[m]- Savefiles on multiuser systems are now in HOME/.tome/2.2/save, to comply
+ with the new 3.0.0 naming scheme that is coming.
+ People upgrading from 2.2.x to 2.2.4 should move their savefiles there
+[B]- Monsters don't appear to disappear for a turn if you polymorph them -- neil
+[m]- Setting module to "all" for an automatizer rule makes the rule apply
+ to all modules -- neil
+[B]- Flying semi-wraiths shouldn't be hurt by flying over trees -- neil
+[B]- Recalling to new lost temples could have crashed the game. -- fearoffours
+[B]- God quest directions could be grammatically incorrect. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Items containing spells should be browsable again -- neil
+[B]- Random artifact mimicry cloaks should now show up correctly -- neil
+[B]- Random artifacts that can contain spells will not come with
+ Globe of Light anymore -- neil
+[B]- Certain non-random artifacts that can contain spells will not come with
+ Globe of Light anymore, either -- neil
+[B]- Pack overflow/weapon disappearing bug fixed, with big thanks to Kevin
+ W. Thomas for telling me where to look -- neil
+[m]- Wizard mode is now turned off at birth -- neil
+[B]- Trap of Divine Wrath would benefit you -- neil
+[B]- Blood of Life would revive necromancers in undead form -- neil
+[B]- Hostile monsters won't get free kills of friendly monsters anymore -- neil
+[B]- Eggs work again -- neil
+[B]- Wishing for ego rods works -- neil
+[B]- Temples now accept blessed boomerangs -- neil
+[O]- Non-functioning artifact instrument activations removed -- neil
+[B]- If you learn anti-magic, you stop following any Valar -- neil
+[P]- Wood Elves and Hobbits weren't getting the extra might bonuses
+ they were entitled to -- neil
+[B]- typo in v_info.txt -- fearoffours
+[m]- Help updates: macros and macro recorder, dwarf racial ability, more on
+ dodging, link to m_mimic.txt from skills.txt, object inventory letter
+ colouring significance. -- fearoffours
+[B]- Old Mage's quest wouldn't always disappear from quest screen when fully
+ rewarded. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Helpfiles updated to reflect that corruptions are permanent and there is
+ no corrupted sub-race. --fearoffours
+[B]- No more shafts in certain places -- neil
+[B]- Percing shots will not grossly inflate in damage anymore -- neil
+[B]- No genocide in home quests -- neil
+[B]- Silent Switching can no longer take off permanently cursed items -- neil
+[B]- Fix memory error in command handling -- neil
+[B]- Hypnotizing and restoring levelled monsters now works correctly -- neil
+[B]- permanent_levels marked experimental because it is broken -- neil
+17/11/2003 -- T.o.M.E 2.2.4 aka 'A Bug's Life'
+[B]- Fix monster possessor crash -- neil
+[B]- Fix random quest skill requester -- neil
+[B]- Fix crash when picking up ammo into your quiver that can't be fired
+ with the launcher you are wielding -- neil
+[B]- God quest fix -- neil
+[B]- Disintegrating walls should not bother Yavanna -- neil
+[B]- Yet another try at fixing levelled carried monsters. Their attacks
+ are affected by their level now and their hitpoints are handled better.
+ I should have said this for the last release, but un-hypnotize any pets
+ before upgrading from 2.2.2. Otherwise compatibility is fine. -- neil
+[B]- Semi-wraiths should not be hurt by climbing over mountains -- neil
+[B]- Fixed Flame of Udun spell
+[B]- Diggers are not weapons and should not be displayed as such -- neil
+[O]- Some items that give damage bonuses will be more clear about it -- neil
+[M]- Drain attacks can't drain the one artifact wand, staff, or horn -- neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.2.5 aka "Death of a Bug"
+[B]- Prevent recall to Lost Temple before getting the quest -- neil
+[I]- Pressing Escape gets you out of the pet dismissal list -- neil
+[B]- Automatizer now accepts TV_TOTEM -- neil
+[m]- Helpfiles: bearform combat help, music typos, barbarian revisions.
+ -- fearoffours
+[B]- Some vaults incorrectly named -- fearoffours
+[B]- Wight quest crash fix by 'amaurea' -- neil
+[B]- God choosen at random was broken -- masmarangio
+[B]- Typo in q_one.c (or -> of)
+[B]- Don't use a turn when cancelling a possessor action -- neil
+[B] - summon_true crashed the game with a summon skill < 1 -- masmarangio
+[B] - test_object_wish: aware status is saved and restored -- masmarangio
+[m] - Typos in the description of arrows, shots, bolts; punctuation in the
+ mushroom quest -- masmarangio
+[m]- Helpfiles: corrected starting equipment of mindcrafters -- masmarangio
+[m] - Backport of old helpfile updates: no Geomancy for Alchemists and Rune-
+ crafters, updated luck spoiler, corruption spoiler in crpt_aux.lua, a
+ link in skills.txt, an example in automatizer.txt.
+ monsters3.c: changed 'golem' to 'creature', since the Mind Steal Spell
+ also allows to control a monster. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Typo (massage -> message) from the forum -- masmarangio
+[m]- Capitalisation in the names of junkarts -- masmarangio
+[m]- mindcraft_info: Corrected and expanded the info for mindcraft powers
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- Small corrections in luck spoiler, description of Manwe's Blessing and
+ m_mimic.txt -- masmarangio
+[B]- God quest will no longer give inaccurate or misleading directions. It
+ also will now give directions from two static features, and an
+ approximate, relative distance from each of those points.
+ -- fearoffours
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.2.6 "Won't Get Fooled Again"
+[m]- Missing space in the description of Vecna -- masmarangio
+[B]- Eating some corpses produced a division by 0 error -- masmarangio
+[B]- Wearing an item of life (-100%) reduced the mhp to 0, causing a
+ division by 0 error in cave.c -- masmarangio
+[B]- Corrected the spell selection for monsters:
+ defines.h: Added RF6_S_ANIMALS in RF6_SUMMON_MASK.
+ melee2.c: Updated comments in monst_spell_monst and make_attack_spell.
+ Removed the spells RF4_MULTIPLY, RF4_S_ANIMAL, RF5_SCARE from spell_attack.
+ Corrected the spell numbers of RF6_TELE_AWAY and RF6_TELE_LEVEL in
+ spell_escape (formerly RF6_DARKNESS and RF6_TRAPS were used).
+ Corrected the spell numbers of RF6_TELE_TO, RF6_DARKNESS, RF6_TRAPS,
+ RF6_FORGET in spell_annoy (formerly RF6_RAISE_DEAD, RF6_S_BUG, RF6_S_RNG
+ were used).
+ Added RF4_S_ANIMAL and RF6_S_ANIMALS and limited the spell number to
+ 160 + 31 in spell_summon. -- masmarangio
+[O]- The activation of an items with the ACTIVATE_NO_WIELD flag is described
+ without the line "if it is being worn. " -- masmarangio
+[B]- Barad-dur doesn't exist, it is still Mordor. Corrected god quest directions
+ to reflect this. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Corrected some typos (mostly from the forum, thanks to Carg85)
+ s_yavann.lua: spell 'grow grass' description: 'a grass' -> on grass
+ q_haunted.c: cave -> building
+ a_info.txt: some missing spaces in the description of artifact bolts
+ corrupt.lua, corspoil.txt: 'teeth allows' -> 'teeth allow'
+ k_info.txt: missing space (Golden Horn of the Thunderlords)
+ s_stick.lua: 'a thunderlords' -> 'a thunderlord'
+ d_info.txt: 'the the land of Rhun' -> 'the land of Rhun'
+ -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed the speed of Bearform combat -- masmarangio
+[m]- Updated luck spoiler -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fix for Flame Imperishable from the forum -- masmarangio
+[B]- You should now receieve a message about failing the god quest at the
+ correct moment, and not when in a random dungeon. -- fearoffours
+[m]- The Old Mage's quest will erase from your quest screen when fully rewarded.
+ -- fearoffours
+[B]- Further measures taken to ensure god quest relic is created appropriately.
+ -- fearoffours
+[B]- Scumming for god quests (by losing and regaining xp) is now prevented.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- Backport of mostly old helpfile updates: wrong school in m_divin.txt,
+ comments in spells.lua, deleted hint about shoes in r_hobbit.txt,
+ ability.txt, ab_info.txt: updated Ammo-creation and Far-reaching attack,
+ c_axemas.txt: starting weapon is a hatchet,
+ magic.txt, skills.txt: Updated schools improved by Spell-power,
+ corspoil.txt: Updated the info about permanent corruptions,
+ birth.txt: removed corrupted subrace, vampires are a normal subrace,
+ m_air.txt: Updated description of Noxious Cloud -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fixed device trapkits loaded with rods -- masmarangio
+[B]- Exploding ammo used in trapkits will explode after hitting a monster.
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- Corrected Alchemist, Assassin, Axemaster, Rogue helpfiles -- masmarangio
+[B]- Mage staves were without the WIELD_CAST flag -- masmarangio
+[G]- No more nuke traps -- neil
+[m]- skills.txt: Corrected information about Spell-power -- masmarangio
+[B]- Between quest crash fix, also for Thieves and Trolls quests -- masmarangio
+[m]- Capitalisation: Metal Boomerang, Lay of Protection.
+ r_pettyd.txt: magic items -> magically enchanted items -- masmarangio
+[B]- god.lua: The relic could be created in a wrong position -- masmarangio
+[O]- object1.c: Added descriptions for SENS_FIRE (thanks to Scott Bigham)
+ and IMMOVABLE, removed IM_NETHER from the resistances -- masmarangio
+[m]- bounty.lua: Added a period -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd7.c: Preserve the spell stored in random spellbooks --masmarangio
+[O]- Show "to damage" and "to accuracy" messages for yet more confusing items
+ -- neil
+[B]- xtra1.c: Lucky characters (current luck > 0) don't get death fates;
+ fixed a typo in luckspoi.txt (from the forum) -- masmarangio
+[m]- spells2.c: Typo (vulerable -> vulnerable) -- masmarangio
+[m]- skills.txt: Fixed broken link -- masmarangio
+[B]- generate.c: Fixed arena levels by refilling the level -- masmarangio
+[m]- Added new help file for the debug commands -- iain_mac
+[B]- Correctly cap the spell levels of wands (patch by 'Sumendar') -- neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.2.7 aka "Stoke Me A Clipper"
+[P]- Class no longer influences the internal Angband 'skills' of Disarming,
+ Magic Devices, Saving Throw, Stealth, Searching, Perception, Hand-to-Hand
+ combat, Missile Combat, and Throwing. ToME skills instead have the same
+ effect for all classes. -- neil
+[G]- Added the new Mimic shapes and updated the old ones -- masmarangio
+[G]- Destroying items manually now takes no time -- neil
+[B]- dungeon.c: Light should consume fuel at a rate of 1 / turn -- masmarangio
+[P]- Water Bite no longer has a damage cap -- neil
+[B]- A store (e.g. the mathom house) can contain up to 255 items (in defines.h
+ STORE_INVEN_MAX limited the number of items to 24) (Note: the limit is
+ stored in a byte in loadsaves.c) -- masmarangio
+[m]- a_info.txt: Updated names of artifacts in the comments -- masmarangio
+[m]- object.pkg: Added psychometry() for easier mindcraft testing.
+[m]- birth.txt, index.txt : Corrected and added abbreviations
+ gen_idx.lua: removed non-existent file and sorted file list
+[G]- Added the spell Sterilize and Staves of Sterilization from ToME 3.0.0.
+[D]- Added the first new special level from ToME 3.0.0, Galleon in Helcaraxe
+ -- masmarangio
+[D]- Added the special level Factory in the Illusory Castle -- masmarangio
+[G]- Added the spell Inertia Control from ToME 3.0.0 -- masmarangio
+[m]- Updated luckspoiler -- masmarangio
+[m]- Typo in s_fire.lua, from the wiki -- masmarangio
+[m]- rm_skeleton.txt, rm_zombie.txt: They cannot restore life force, and zombies
+ are not resistant to nether -- masmarangio
+[P]- Except for infravision, all innate class or racial effects on skills are
+ gone. All skills have equal effect for all classes, and races now give
+ starting skill bonuses. -- Neil
+[B]- s_meta.lua: Inertia controlled spells are not casted in wilderness mode.
+ s_mana.lua: Inertia level of Disruption Shield is 9 (needed spell level 45)
+ m_meta.txt: Added a list of controllable spells -- masmarangio
+[P]- Mages are more geared toward a mix of Magic and Combat, while Sorcerors
+ have more options than pure Sorcery -- Neil
+[B]- p_info.txt: Archers and Rangers gain the missing Spirituality skill
+ p_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Cloak (new cloak in player.lua)
+[m]- Helpfile updates for all character classes. -- masmarangio
+[B]- p_info.txt: Thunderlords start with Stealth -16.000 (from the wiki)
+[B]- cmd7.c: Fixed Alchemy recharging bug (thanks to Scott)
+[B]- al_info.txt: Removed the old Mimic Potions -- masmarangio
+[m]- util.pkg: Added lite_spot() and note_spot() for modules -- masmarangio
+[B]- monspeak.txt: Added some lines for Groo to fix a bug -- masmarangio
+[B]- files.c: Corrected display of Climb flag, immunity to Nether, negative
+ pvals < -9. Added Sentient, Clone, Spider ESP flags. -- masmarangio
+[m]- g_melkor.txt: Added fire resistance for worshippers of Melkor
+[B]- files.c: Added flags from the gods and spell schools to the character
+ screen. Added also flags from wielded symbiotes. -- masmarangio
+[m]- p_info.txt: Removed the useless skill Prayer for Maiar -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd4.c: Quest list without random quests in DL > 98 -- masmarangio
+[m]- help file documentation restructuring, copying appropriate rewrites from
+ wiki. -- fearoffours
+[B]- randart.c: An item with pval > 0 (e.g. an Elven Cloak) can gain parts
+ with a max_pval = 0 (e.g. resistances and immunities) -- masmarangio
+[m]- Various minor changes to helpfiles, reflecting current changes to
+ documentaiton on the wiki. --fearoffours
+[O]- Removed portable holes as have been useless for as long as merchants have
+ been removed from game. --fearoffours
+[m]- k_info.txt: Fixed name of the commented out portable holes -- masmarangio
+[m]- Fixed some typographical errors, mostly from the wiki:
+ cmd1.c: [The monster] fall -> falls, deleted space (Bug # 80 from the wiki)
+ k_info.txt: Added & for Climbing sets (Bug # 81 from the wiki)
+ q_one.c: You felt -> You fell (Bug # 94 from the wiki)
+ monster2.c: It tries to breed but he fails: he -> it (Bug # 98 from the wiki)
+ bldg.c: Changed wording of the soothsayer (Bug # 106 from the wiki)
+ tables.c: Minor changes in the One Ring quest (Bug # 117 from the wiki)
+ q_invas.c: jumps out of the between -> appears, deleted spaces,
+ added single quotes in direct speech (Bug # 119 from the wiki)
+ q_between.c: Deleted space, changed comments -- masmarangio
+[m]- book-4.txt: Capitalised 'Ring' (Bug # 135 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
+[B]- ow_info.txt: missing C: lines reduced the purse to 0 -- masmarangio
+[B]- object1.c: don't wield bolts with instruments and pebbles with boomerangs
+ (Bug # 127 from the wiki) -- masmarangio
+[B]- object1.c: mention_use and describe_use list all available slots, check all
+ weapon weights and distinguish between instruments and bows (Bug # 87)
+ object1.c: Res Chaos implies Res Confusion (for the character screen)
+ xtra1.c: Magical breath implies Water breath (from the wiki) -- masmarangio
+[B]- Z and Cth monster options removed, as in ToME 3. This fixes, among other
+ things, the Death Orb issues. -- neil
+[m]- options.txt: Also removed the options from the help file -- masmarangio
+[B]- a_info.txt: Corrected two typos (Bugs # 140, 146 from the wiki)
+ k_info.txt: Changed description of Bastard Sword, added RES_CHAOS to the
+ known flags of a Blade of Chaos (it's mentioned in the description)
+ files.c: Terminated highscore strings with \0, changed total_points
+ slightly to prevent an overflow error (Bug # 139 from the wiki)
+ v_info.txt: Corrected the x size of vault 99 and 104 -- masmarangio
+[D]- dungeon.c: Level of the Death dungeon is the minimum level from d_info.txt
+[B]- dungeon.c: Set dungeon_type to wilderness when recalling out. This should
+ fix the various Moria recalling bugs (Bug # 95)
+[m]- cmd6.c: replaced the recall activation code by recall_player -- masmarangio
+[m]- monster1.c: missing spaces in description (Bug # 169) -- masmarangio
+[m]- Modules need to define three new variables to control the chance or
+ random artifact generation. random_artifact_weapon_chance,
+ random_artifact_armor_chance, random_artifact_jewelry_chance control
+ the chance for different types of items. -- neil
+[B]- spells2.c: Redraw trap status after passwall (Bug # 51)
+ store.c: Removed '))' when displaying a large store -- masmarangio
+[m]- mods_aux.lua: Added default values for random artifact generation;
+ updated the skill values -- masmarangio
+[B]- al_info.txt: removed recipe for Scroll of Spell (Bug # 179), added recipe
+ for Staff of Sterilisation (Bug # 77) -- masmarangio
+[m]- cmd6.c: protect evil -> protection from evil, s_stick.lua: town -> surface
+ q_betwen.c, q_invas.c: speak -> speaks (from the forum) -- masmarangio
+[m]- tr_info.txt: Spelling of Lite (Bug # 182), Armor, Paralyzing -- masmarangio
+[B]- cmd6.c: Added timeout for junkarts in the activation description (ugly fix)
+ tables.c: Replaced ACT_CURE_POISON by not used ACT_CURE_POIS -- masmarangio
+[B]- Once a god quest is failed, you will not receive any more god quests.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- The (Ctrl-Q) Quest screen now shows which number god quest you have been given
+ and an additional line in your character dump shows how many have been
+ successfully completed. -- fearoffours
+[m]- Help updates from the wiki - lots of it Maylith's work, esp FAQ updates.
+ -- fearoffours
+[m]- Corrected the description of the Disarm, Call the Elements and Channel
+ Elements spells (without changing the code) (Bug # 175) -- masmarangio
+[B]- bldg.c: Research item (Bug # 191) and research monster are now paid
+ correctly -- masmarangio
+[B]- spells2.c: Diggers cannot be enchanted with scrolls -- masmarangio
+[m]- tome-faq.txt, index.txt: Typo (Bug # 196) -- masmarangio
+[m]- s_info.txt: Antimagic: generates -> generate (Bug # 198) -- masmarangio
+[B]- files.c: Fixed displayed barehanded damage (Patch from Scott, Bug # 195)
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- powers.c: replaced the recall power code by recall_player
+ q_troll.c: Fixed typos from the wiki (Bug # 208) -- masmarangio
+[m]- tables.c: Removed harpers and some other small changes (Bug # 212)
+ cmd6.c: Added "and" in the description of ACT_ROHAN (Bug # 213)
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- m_demono.txt, s_demon.lua: armor -> armour class (Bug # 217)
+[O]- k_info.txt: Changed comments and descriptions of the items, mostly from
+ the wiki (Bug # 176) and added missing descriptions (IdeaArchive)
+ Added article (&) in the name of armours (Bug # 81),
+ The spelling of some item names was changed: Scroll of Enchant Armour,
+ *Enchant Armour*, Curse Armour, Summon Monsters, Basilard
+ Added COULD2H to the Claymore and MUST2H to the Espadon.
+[m]- dun3.18: description of DimGates: fills -> fill (Bug # 223)
+ -- masmarangio
+[B]- files.c: Remove / restore CAVE_VIEW before / after saving the game.
+ This solves a long standing bug with the lighting of the dungeon
+ since the temporary arrays that hold the position of the viewed
+ grids are not stored in the save file (Bug # 19). -- masmarangio
+[m]- init1.c: The parser adds missing spaces at the end of the
+ description of artifacts, like it did for objects. -- masmarangio
+[m]- Race, class and race modifier help files updates to reflect changes
+ in skill bonuses. -- fearoffours
+ Some changes to random artifact and scrolls of artifact creation
+ (See Bugs # 206, 222, 226 on the wiki):
+[m]- externs.h: Moved some functions listed under spells2.c to proper sections
+[m]- k_info.txt: Added "mundane" to the description of the scroll
+[B]- cmd6.c: the selection of artifactable items can be escaped now
+ randart.c: *ID* the object before listing the powers, some re-ordering
+[B]- spells2.c: Re-add diggers to item_tester_artifactable, and limit the
+ selection to normal items due to complains (no ego items or artifacts)
+[O]- ra_info.txt: Added a STR-increasing part without combat bonuses for diggers
+[B]- ra_info.txt: Fixed two W-lines with 4 entries and added a missing C-line
+[O]- e_info.txt: Diggers cannot be of Earthquakes anymore (there are combat boni
+ involved) - perhaps an own ego type should be added... -- masmarangio
+[m]- q_ultrag.c: Quest texts changed as reported in Bug # 210 -- masmarangio
+[B]- k_info.txt: Reduced throwing damage of totems to 1 -- masmarangio
+[P]- Priests disarm as well as Warriors do now -- neil
+[B]- st_info.txt: Fixed the changed item names in the stores (StatusReport3)
+[m]- spells.lua: Sorted the Conveyance spells by level (Bug # 233)
+ -- masmarangio
+[m]- Helpfiles reflect changes to skills (priest disarming and racial
+ spirituality update). -- fearoffours
+[m]- library.lua: Added OBJ_FOUND_REWARD to the tome (Bug # 237) -- masmarangio
+[B]- Fix for disappearing artifacts (especially guardian artifacts) during load / save
+ thanks to SimonSorc
+[O]- No more blessed boomerangs -- neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.3.0 aka "One more try to get Mages working"
+[B]- Fix loading and saving of skills, I hope. Unfortunately this breaks save
+ compatiability, though. The saves must be deleted again. -- Neil
+[B]- Fix negative skills -- Neil
+[B]- Don't use weaponmastery combat when weaponmastery skill is negative -- Neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.3.1 aka ""
+[I]- If easy_disarm is off, don't trigger known traps while walking normally.
+ Added a new extended command "blunder" to let players trigger traps on
+ purpose. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Lots of documentation, spelling and grammar fixes, including:
+ * the now-outdated race/class ability tables, replaced with skill tables
+ * the missing documentation for the set of extended commands
+ * far too many others to mention here
+ -- gwooledge
+[I]- Added sanity and speed to the character screen (and hence the text dump).
+ Consolidated HP and SP into one line to make room. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Don't allow trap doors on quest levels or on chests. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Allow shopping to use the correct keys in roguelike mode. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Update view after high-powered globe of light. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Push a certain potion type a little deeper into the dungeon -- Neil
+[I]- Make piety display light blue when praying, to make it easier to tell
+ when you're praying. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Don't display ordinary resists when there's also an immunity to the same
+ element, in an object description. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Don't allow use of stairs (any < or > movement command) while rooted
+ to the floor (by the Yavanna spell). -- gwooledge
+[I]- Display the (colored) character for uniques in the Known Uniques list (~2).
+ -- gwooledge
+[I]- Add "Check abilities" extended command/macro. This gives roguelike keyset
+ players a way to access the ability screen other than "\N", although it's
+ still one more keystroke than "\N" is.... -- gwooledge
+[B]- Try again to keep traps from wrecking a certain plot element -- Neil
+[B]- Fix module file handling for multi-user installs. Now character sheets,
+ automatizer file, and the rest will be read and written in
+ ~/.tome/2.3/modulename as they should. -- Neil
+[B]- Try harder to save persistent levels when recalling out -- Neil
+[B]- Fix all sub-racial skill bonuses, along with Maia racial skill bonuses
+ -- Neil
+[O]- Prevent random artifact bolts from giving extra blows -- Neil
+[O]- Correct the types of certain artifact trap sets to match their weights
+ and descriptions. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Clean up some offensive messages, patch courtesy of 'The Fury' -- Neil
+[I]- Include the resistances grid on character sheets dumped on death.
+ This makes them consistent with the ones generated before death, and
+ is more informative and useful for post mortem analyses. -- gwooledge
+[P]- Warriors no longer get a secret special three bonus blows spread over the
+ 50 character levels. The three blows are now tied to Weaponmastery.
+ Module authors should adjust accordingly, or their warriors may get three
+ blows they didn't have before. -- Neil
+[O]- Potions of Cure Insanity were too cheap. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Examining a totem will recall the monster it summons -- Neil
+[I]- Examining a corpse will recall the monster it was -- Neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.3.2 aka "Unrealized Reality"
+[G]- Lost sword quest rewards always give a minimum skill modifier of 0.3.
+ -- gwooledge
+[D]- Edit one vault to open up some inaccessible rooms -- Neil
+[B]- Alchemy: disallow repowering double-ego items, unless the character has
+ the artifact creation ability. Based on patch by Andrey Egoshin.
+ -- gwooledge
+[B]- Lost sword quest skill reward probabilities were computed incorrectly.
+ Fix suggested by Dan Rosenberry. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Miscellaneous documentation, spelling and grammar fixes. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Don't let a player trick the Valar by getting drained and re-gaining
+ levels -- Neil
+[I]- Update AC display after fixing armor in the buildings. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Don't allow Runecraft and Thaumaturgy spells to go explode inside walls
+ and seep through -- Neil
+[I]- Fix damage display for Thaumaturgy ball spells. -- gwooledge
+[O]- Removed pointless slays, brands, and bonuses on Pick of Erebor -- Neil
+[B]- When consuming magic essences, don't stop prematurely. Based on patch
+ by Andrey Egoshin. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Upkeep cost for partial summons was not always charged. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Some staves were being generated with the wrong tval, causing several bugs
+ including (but not limited to) staves being unrechargeable. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Saving throw was not calculated correctly. -- gwooledge
+[P]- All new partial summon upkeep formula -- neil
+[B]- Disallow negative experience alchemy abuses. Based on patch by Andrey
+ Egoshin. -- gwooledge
+[O]- When examining books, demonology equipment and instruments in stores, show
+ both the object's powers and its spells. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Nonliving and undead pets won't be angered by lack of breathable air.
+ -- gwooledge
+[D]- A certain early trap should be less deadly (and appear a bit later).
+ -- gwooledge
+[I]- Honor exp_need option when displaying object experience. -- gwooledge
+[I]- Restored and updated some missing help files. -- gwooledge
+[G]- (Mass) Genocide damage is applied all at once to avoid bug #228.
+ -- gwooledge
+[B]- Don't use the "POSIX" setuid calls on Mac OS X, as they apparently break
+ compilation -- neil
+[O]- Junk should stack just like skeletons. Patch by StarweaverBlue.
+ -- gwooledge
+[M]- Kavlax should be many-headed. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Certain monster spells were hard-coded for the wrong number of equipment
+ slots. -- gwooledge
+[B]- Incorrect operator used in cave generation code. Effect unknown, but it
+ *might* possibly fix some of the Orc cave crashes.-- gwooledge
+[M]- Regular (non-Joke, non-Cth, non-Z) monsters should not breathe nuke,
+ because it has a side effect we don't want in ToME -- Neil
+[O]- Mac OS X builds now put all the game data into the bundle, storing all
+ user data in the user's Library (some preferences in
+ Library/Preferences/net.t-o-m-e.tome.plist, the rest in
+ Library/Application Support/ToME. -- Neil
+[I]- Handling of Command key modified in Mac OS X UI. It should be accessible
+ in macros now if it wasn't before -- Neil
+[B]- Don't allow uniques or quest monsters to just disappear to the move of
+ another monster -- Neil
+14/12/2005 - ToME 2.3.3 "Realized Unreality"
+[B]- Remove buggy trap of Stair Movement -- Neil
+[B]- Fix typo in one monster's flags - Iain
+[I]- Fix window position saving on Mac OS, patch by John Love-Jensen
+ -- Neil
+[B]- Fix word wrapping in character sheet, patch from "ZizzoTheInfinite"
+ -- Neil
+[V] T.o.M.E 2.3.4 aka "An Unexpected Party"