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+#####R=== Debug Commands ===
+Debug commands are entered as an "underlying command" (a single key)
+plus a variety of optional or required arguments.
+The debug commands are used for debugging and experimenting. The game
+will not be scored if you use debug commands.
+~~~~~100|Debug|Command List
+#####R=== Command List Summary ===
+ *****debug.txt*1[a Autorestore] *****debug.txt*2[A Show all stats]
+ *****debug.txt*3[b Teleport to target] *****debug.txt*4[B HP to zero]
+ *****debug.txt*5[c Create object] *****debug.txt*6[C Create artifact]
+ *****debug.txt*7[d Detect all] *****debug.txt*8[D Teleport to the wilderness]
+ *****debug.txt*9[e Edit character attributes] *****debug.txt*10[E Change grid's mana]
+ *****debug.txt*11[f *IDENTIFY*] *****debug.txt*12[F Features]
+ *****debug.txt*13[g Create good item] G (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*15[h Change life rating] *****debug.txt*16[H Hostile monster creation]
+ *****debug.txt*17[i Identify] I (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*19[j Jump to other level] J (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*21[k Check attributes] K (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*23[l Learn about objects] L (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*25[m Magic Mapping] *****debug.txt*26[M Gain corruption]
+ *****debug.txt*27[n Summon named monster] *****debug.txt*28[N Summon _friendly_ named monster]
+ *****debug.txt*29[o Edit object attributes] O (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*31[p Phase door] *****debug.txt*32[P Panic save]
+ *****debug.txt*33[q Get a quest] Q (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*35[r Gain reward] *****debug.txt*36[R Create a trap]
+ *****debug.txt*37[s Summon monster] *****debug.txt*38[S Change the feature of the map]
+ *****debug.txt*39[t Teleport] *****debug.txt*40[T Teleport to a town]
+ *****debug.txt*41[u Complete map] *****debug.txt*42[U Become undead]
+ *****debug.txt*43[v Random artifact/ego item] V (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*45[w Wizard light the level] *****debug.txt*46[W Wish]
+ *****debug.txt*47[x XP boost] X (unused)
+ y (unused) Y (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*51[z Zap monsters] Z (unused)
+ ! (unused) ^A (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*55[@ Increment monster level] ^B (unused)
+ # (unused) ^C (unused)
+ $ (unused) ^D (unused)
+ % (unused) ^E (unused)
+ ^ (unused) ^F (unused)
+ & (unused) ^G (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*61[* Lose special powers] ^H (unused)
+ ( (unused) ^I (unused)
+ ) (unused) ^J (unused)
+ { (unused) ^K (unused)
+ } (unused) ^L (unused)
+ [ (unused) ^M (unused)
+ ] (unused) ^N (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*67[- Create object] ^O (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*69[_ The path to the god dark] ^P (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*71[+ Gain a fate] ^Q (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*73[= Align monster] ^R (unused)
+ ; (unused) ^S (unused)
+ : (unused) ^T (unused)
+ ' (unused) ^U (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*75[" Create spoiler] ^V (unused)
+ , (unused) ^W (unused)
+ < (unused) ^X (unused)
+ . (unused) ^Y (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*81[> Lua script] ^Z (unused)
+ \ (unused) | (unused)
+ ` (unused) ~ (unused)
+ *****debug.txt*91[/ Summon monster] *****debug.txt*92[? Help]
+ ^\ (unused)
+~~~~~111|Debug|Command descriptions
+#####R=== Command Descriptions ===
+ The following command descriptions are listed as the command name
+plus the "underlying command" key. Then comes a brief description of the
+command. Some commands use the "repeat count" to automatically repeat the
+command several times, while others use the "repeat count" as an "argument",
+for example, commands which need a "quantity" will use the "repeat count"
+instead of asking for a quantity, allowing the use of "0d" for "drop all".
+Commands which ask for a quantity will convert any "letters" into the
+maximal legal value.
+#####R--- General Commands ---
+[[[[[GAutorestore (a)]
+ Restores all your stats. This includes HP, SP, hunger, lost levels, etc.
+[[[[[GShow all stats (A)]
+ This brings up the Character status menu, where you can view
+ all the stats about your character.
+[[[[[GTeleport to target (b)]
+ You first need to have a monster targeted, then you can use
+ this command to teleport next to the monster.
+[[[[[GHP to zero (B)]
+ Bring your health down to zero.
+[[[[[GCreate object (c)]
+ Allows you to select and create a new object where you stand.
+ This brings up a menu where you can choose what type of object
+ you want created.
+[[[[[GCreate artifact (C)]
+ Allows you to select and create a new artifact where you stand.
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ a_info.txt to put it on the ground where you are standing.
+ For example : 03^AC will create the Arkenstone of Thrane (+3)
+[[[[[GDetect all (d)]
+ Sense ways out/monsters/objects/traps.
+[[[[[GTeleport to the wilderness (D)]
+ From a dungeon this will teleport you to the wilderness level
+ and if used in the wilderness it acts like teleport.
+[[[[[GEdit character attributes (e)]
+ Edit character attributes including Str, Int, Dex, experience, gold, luck, etc.
+[[[[[GChange grid's mana (E)]
+ Alter how much mana a grid has.
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify the amount of mana
+ that you want.
+[[[[[G*IDENTIFY* (f)]
+ Like a Scroll of *Identify*.
+[[[[[GFeatures (F)]
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ f_info.txt to put a feature on the ground where you are
+ standing.
+[[[[[GCreate good item (g)]
+ Create a random good item where you stand.
+[[[[[GChange life rating (h)]
+ Change your life rating.
+[[[[[GHostile monster creation (H)]
+ Summons a Pack of Creatures of the same kind. Will only work
+ if MONSTER_HORDES has been defined at compile time.
+[[[[[GIdentify (i)]
+ Like a Scroll of Identify.
+[[[[[GJump to other level (j)]
+ Jump to other dungeon level. This does not work in the
+ wilderness as it is treated as all one level.
+[[[[[GCheck attributes (k)]
+ Displays your characters attributes.
+[[[[[GLearn about objects (l)]
+ Make you know about all objects. Not sure how this works.
+[[[[[GMagic Mapping (m)]
+ Like a Scroll of Magic mapping.
+[[[[[GGain corruption (M)]
+ Allows your character to gain a corruption.
+[[[[[GSummon named monster (n)]
+ Summon a monster that will appear next to you.
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ r_info.txt to summon a monster.
+[[[[[GSummon _friendly_ named monster (N)]
+ The same as n but the creature will be your pet. Try this
+ with number 861, Darkgod is now your pet.
+[[[[[GEdit object attributes (o)]
+ Allows you to alter the attributes of any object that you
+ have in your backpack.
+[[[[[GPhase door (p)]
+ Like a Scroll of Phase Door.
+[[[[[GPanic save (P)]
+ Save and quit the game, which is the same as doing a ^X.
+[[[[[GGet a quest (q)]
+ Get a quest.
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ 1 to 25, as defined in defines.h ( the QUEST_XXX items ).
+ For example : 04^Aq will get you the thieves quest.
+[[[[[GGain reward (r)]
+ Some high being grants you a reward.
+[[[[[GCreate a trap (R)]
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ tr_info.txt to put a trap on the ground where you are
+ standing.
+[[[[[GSummon monster (s)]
+ Summon a random monster, next to where you stand.
+[[[[[GChange the feature of the map (S)]
+ This allows you to change the "special" field of the current
+ grid. This special field is used to store things like quest
+ ids, dungeon entries, and so on, not to be used unless
+ one knows what it's doing.
+[[[[[GTeleport (t)]
+ Like a Scroll of Teleport.
+[[[[[GTeleport to a town (T)]
+ Teleports you to a specific town.
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify a number from
+ wf_info.txt for where you want to go.
+ standing.
+ For example : 02^AT will teleport you to Gondolin
+[[[[[GComplete map (u)]
+ Displays the complete map of the dungeon.
+[[[[[GBecome undead (U)]
+ This is supposed to make you undead (as in the Necromantic power).
+[[[[[GRandom artifact/ego item (v)]
+ Create a random artifact/ego item where you stand.
+[[[[[GWizard light the level (w)]
+ Looks like the same as u.
+[[[[[GWish (W)]
+ Makes all your wishes come true.
+ Read the *****wishing.txt*0[wishing spoiler] to see how these work.
+[[[[[GXP boost (x)]
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify the increment,
+ if you do not specify a parameter it doubles your XP,
+ otherwise it increments by the specified amount.
+[[[[[GZap monsters (z)]
+ All monsters in sight range vanish like Mass Genocide, only with no
+ HP price.
+[[[[[GIncrement monster level (@)]
+ Level up a monster.
+[[[[[GLose special powers (*)]
+ Returns your powers to a normal level.
+[[[[[GCreate object (-)]
+ Allows you to create a new object where you stand. You must
+ specify an object number from k_info.txt.
+[[[[[GThe path to the god dark (_)]
+ Do not use this as it is used by DarkGod as a test for Lua
+ and will CRASH the game. You have been warned.
+[[[[[GGain a fate (+)]
+ Unearth more of your prophecy.
+[[[[[GAlign monster (=)]
+ Use the "Command count", aka 0, to specify one of the following
+ alignment types:
+ 0 monster becomes enemy
+ 1 monster becomes neutral
+ 2 monster becomes friendly
+ 3 monster becomes pet
+ 4 monster becomes companion
+ You then point at an enemy and press space.
+[[[[[GCreate spoiler (")]
+ Brings up a menu that allows you to create a spoiler file.
+[[[[[GLua script (>)]
+ Allows you to run a Lua script.
+[[[[[GSummon monster (/)]
+ Summons a random monster next to you.
+[[[[[GHelp (?)]
+ Displays the main help file.